My Ascended Mogul Journal


I have recently purchased ascended mogul and am really excited about what kind of results I can get from it.

I ran the program at night and when I was asleep on my mobile phone initially using my earphones then my mobile phone speaker.

It was strange that my body started to ache slightly and I became very hungry as I continued to listen to the program. I could not really sleep and was in and out of dreams, but this was partially due to me sleeping late for the past few months due to anxiety.

In any case, I have many issues I want to work on, including low self-confidence, anxiety and over indoctrination by religion and family.


Welcome! We’re happy to have you here.

Yes, that’s normal on our subliminals. There is a new demand for more energy, hence the hunger. It will smooth off. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you here, and thanks for buying Ascended Mogul. You’re in for quite a ride, but if you stick with it, we GUARANTEE (literally, we give a 30-day guarantee) that you’ll like your results.

Don’t be alarmed by these initial “side effects.” Ascended Mogul immediately goes to work to improve every aspect of your life, including your physical health. Those little aches and pains are the result of your subconscious following the instructions to heal your body, as well as begin producing the auras / pheromones, etc.

Sleep issues are also common in the beginning, as well as vivid dreams, and/or nightmares. Remember, your brain processes the information from the day while you’re asleep, and with Ascended Mogul, you’re pumping A LOT of information and instructions into your brain. Naturally, at first, the brain will react slightly differently, but as it becomes accustomed to the higher information load, these things will subside. Ask any of our testers or long-term subliminal users.

Anyway, glad you’re aboard and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to post or contact us at [email protected]!


P.S. moved the journal to the proper category, “Journals - Major Programs.”


A bit more about the dreams I had during the past two nights. While I was sleepless until maybe about 3 am, when I started dreaming, I seemed to dreaming of small scenes that kept on repeating, and I found myself mentally exhausting myself in the dreams to come up with a different scene.

On another note, along with the drowsiness during the day due to insomnia and the tiring dreams, the body aches still continue - had a headache yesterday - and I overall feel like crap.


How many hours are you listening to the subliminal per day? Remember, it’s just like going to the gym. Start out small, then gradually increase the hours until you find your sweet spot. Also, if you’re coming from a low place, it’ll take awhile to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Do you mind sharing the subject matter of the dreams? Sometimes, this helps to determine what the subliminal is working on and how you can overcome those issues quicker.


Ever since I bought the subs, I spent about 8-10 hours per day running the subliminals - I think I should reduce the number of hours per day to maybe 2-3 over the next week.

With regard to subject matter of the dreams ,I can’t really remember now but I remember vividly seeing a pattern of light pink leaves forming in the air outdoors while some event was happening, and I kept on wanting to change the pattern of the leaves but in my dream, I was frustrated about why I could not change the patterns. I would be in and out of the same dream the whole night trying to change the patterns formed by the leaves but they would not change.


One thing that has at least happened over the past 6 days I started using this has been that I have been able to stay away from porn, which for me is a huge achievement as well a good indicator of how well the sub is working.


You can thank Mark Malkuth (@Fire) for that. He advocated for, and scripted a very effective, powerful anti-porn module for Ascended Mogul.

Your dream suggests that your subconscious recognizes that the script is attempting to cause change in your life – positive change that you WANT, but it’s having a hard time accepting that the change could occur, despite your tremendous efforts to do so. Keep going, keep pushing ahead toward a brighter future.

Remember, Ascended Mogul works better when you’re actively working toward a goal(s). It’s designed to “go into overdrive” when you’re pursuing something you really want. So, whether that’s a career upgrade, return to school, creative endeavour, sports – work on it, and you’ll see better results.

Requesting for Advice

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I started using Ascended Mogul.

I think the key achievement so far that I have obtained from this subliminal is that I have been able to completely stay away for porn since Day 1. No other subliminal has managed to help me go this far.

Otherwise, the alpha and financial effects are not visible yet - in fact my financial conditions have not improved, though I guess they get even worse.

I did realise that I had become a little bit more assertive and recently, was able to sense people reaching my house door before they actually did.


If you realized that you’ve become more assertive, then the alpha effects are indeed visible. It may take a bit while longer to manifest, depending on where you’re starting from. Myself and many of the other users here have been using subliminals for a few years now. Our minds are primed for them, and we have a lot of negative beliefs already taken care of. So, remember – instead of trying to “force” yourself to “see” something, just let it run in the background as much as possible (can’t stress this enough) and go about your business.

Also, the financial programming in Ascended Mogul isn’t designed to make money fall out of nowhere. It boosts your current income streams and tunes your mind into the vibration of wealth – meaning, you’ll see more opportunities, have more opportunities, etc. BUT, you still have to act on those opportunities and the subliminal will help.

Not sure what your current financial situation is, but start applying for better jobs, looking into online business, etc. and watch how quickly things begin to manifest and change in your direction.

Really interested in this effect of sensing people reaching your door. How did that feel / how does it seem to work?


I’m going to begin the " set it & forget it " method this afternoon. I mentioned previously how I have a tablet I hardly use. I’m going to connect that to a pair of computer speakers I have & let Ascension Mogul run on loop all the time day & night. Granted I’m not here during the day but my wife is so she will receive benefits as well. She knows I’m going to play a subliminal all the time , she just doesn’t know what it’s meant to do.


Recently, a friend of mine who was very strong in his views of certain issues sent me a message where he seemed to be criticising for me thinking the way he thought about something based on his experience. I felt somewhat irritated and wanted to defend myself, but I remember that at the point I was thinking, " It wasn’t easy for me to build up my storage of energy through keeping away from porn and increased physical activity in recent weeks. I not going to waste my energy arguing with this guy."

I have this consciousness and awareness now of how precious my energy is, and even though I don’t feel like superman, these days I don’t really wish to expend my energy unnecessarily by arguing with people over meaningless and significant stuff.


I would say right now that the main benefit I have received from Ascended Mogul would be having stayed away from porn - since Day 1.

It’s been close to a month now since I ran this program, and even though I have had urges, the sub has helped me to keep my urges in check.

To me, keeping porn free for 30 days is already a big achievement as I couldn’t last more than 12 days without porn the last few times I tried to quit.

I am fine with the other benefits of Ascended Mogul coming slowly and later. First I must fix my porn addiction and I believe that has been an obstacle to my ability to control and discipline my mind.

I have also been a bit more physically active though not on my own accord, but in any case, it is good to do some exercise after not exercising for so many years.

It is also interesting that for some reason, I have become very interested in how other people think - other people as in people who engage in all sorts of deviant behaviour, or religious fanatics, or skeptics, or simply people who love to debate and argue about stuff. What exactly drives these people to take certain courses of action?

I really hope hope there will be a subliminal that allows me to get into the minds of anybody I like and really understand the person’s thinking process.


Suggest this in the “Sex & Seduction Development Thread,” it’d be interesting to see if we could make this happen.

Part of understanding yourself is understanding the world around you. You’re most likely exploring aspects of other people that somehow correlate to your own psyche, so that you can better understand how you need to grow.


Not sure if it’s due to the Emperor sub , but on a few occasions while listening to it, my limbs and body started to shake violently for a few seconds.


Haven’t had any other reports of this occurring. However, if it IS the sub, it’s simply your body reacting to a subconscious fear being cleared.


I have tried out Emperor and Emperor X for the past few days. I think I will carry on with Ascended Mogul for the next two months.


Any particular reason why? Also, did the symptoms with your body persist?


Didn’t feel anything different while using Emperor or Emperor X plus the anti-porn program did not seem to work as well as when I was just using Ascended Mogul.

Haven’t had those symptoms with my body after the first time running Emperor.