Main Testing Thread - Spartan New Dawn Alternative Usage


Spartan + Spartan New Dawn drops TODAY in just a few hours. @Fire is working hard on building the New Dawn version (it’s quite the behemoth). We need people to test an alternative listening pattern that we believe will yield double the results. To participate, you’ll need to choose either Spartan or Spartan New Dawn and run it EXCLUSIVELY for the duration of the test. Here’s the pattern:

Spartan: 7 days on, 2 days off.
Spartan New Dawn: 5 days on, 2 days off.

Make sure you pay close attention to your dreams. Keep a dream journal on your phone if you have to. I use the built in “Notes” app on my iPhone, and I’m sure other phones have this option too.

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Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy

I’m game for it, because I’m super eager to run Spartan anyway for my workouts. How many weeks? Or is it just the one iteration you outlined?


It’ll be ongoing until we determine what the best usage pattern is.


Ok, are you going to dictate for us which version to choose? Or is it up to me? I really have no preference but as soon as I see those files drop, I want to get right into it, testing or not.


The selfish part of me says Spartan New Dawn, because I want feedback. But, test both and run the version that feels better and gets you better results.


I am going to run New Dawn version with Emperor and regeneration new dawn


Am I all right using a Bose Soundwave dock for the Spartan New Dawn or is that not going to work?


That should be fine.


EDIT: I’m in! How long is the minimum listening duration per day?


You can listen for as long as you want – we’d still recommend 4+ hours. It’s the time off that’s really being tested.


OK, I’ll test the New Dawn. So I could not stack it with any other module right?


You may stack it as normal. The only thing we’re testing is the usage pattern for this sub.


Do you want us to set up a separate journal? Or put our experiences in this thread?


Separate journal please. Thanks!

Main Dev. Thread - New Dawn

So is Spartan Masked in PrimalTech v2 ?


It’s a Primal Tech / New Dawnish hybrid. Basically, all the things we know about New Dawn that works was included.


Just stumbled across this.

Which of these patterns is recommended for the new subliminal e.g EmperorQ?


What happened with listening every day @friday ?


My alternate usage for Spartan is simply to have it playing all the time in my basement, next to my workout area.