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Open one :smiley:


Have you also concluded something from the tester’s dreams?


@friday - Q Modules request topic opened!


If you choose to make a custom Q subliminal, is it recommenced to use only that subliminal and not run it along side other major programs? Or say if you like everything in StarkQ but want to add some more focused modules, would you recommend to use StarkQ and then make a focused custom Q that doesn’t contain StarkQ modules?


custom subliminals that already bought will receive an upgrade?


I think saint above somewhere said upgrades for customs won’t be free


If not free what price will you charge?


if it’s x10 better custom may not be so bad for the price


Not sure. Somewhere around $100 (don’t hold me to this, we have to calculate) if you’re not having anything added, just sent through Q to make it stronger. We may run a one time discount for those who have purchased customs before Q was finished to get theirs upgraded.


Damn it @SaintSovereign I was going to say not $700 but possibly 699$


@Joe Indeed based on my experience dont use starkq if you planned to be stuck between four walls for the next month or so.

I was hopeing that i could use it to improve my coding ability however limitless and emperor Q work better.

The desire to go out and connect with people is increased but if your stuck in the lock down it just fucks with your head. I was angry and depressed for days. So i abandined it.


im doin pretty well on stark as long as i stick with a daily routine, I think Idleness doesn’t sit well with it.


I wonder what KhanQ st4 and EoGQ st4 ran together would be like if the person did it for a few months


Reconciliation is clever. Finds all kinds of ways to get a person to stop running a sub, and you fed the beast. Dig through it, it’ll always pass.


Ive been running StarkQ for a month in isolation and its been amazing, great results. Theres many ways to take action and for me its been an oportunity to take care and expand an on-line work comunity, take care of my body, my health.
I transformed the way I do business completely and I feel totally in sync with my purpose.


Just received an interesting report…

As mentioned before, we maintain a group of private / offline testers who usually receives the more experimental / “dangerous” titles. This done for two reason – one, we know these people and are close friends and two, they sign very powerful and binding NDA’s and other releases.

We decided to let them test the “maximum” setting for Q using StarkQ. One of the testers just told me that in the first night, not only did he have vivid, lucid dreams ALL night long, something strange happened in the morning. He claims to have “woken up” to his girlfriend asking him a question, before falling back asleep. Then, he’d wake up again to her asking the exact same question, but with small details changed. He said this happened 4-5 times until he finally woke up “for real”.

My gut inclination says this is related to StarkQ’s heightened manifestation scripting + the power of Q…

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What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?

Did he reply to his girlfriend when she asked him the question?


Just love starkQ, During the first four days it was as if I was in NZT, my dreams have been so clear and interesting.


Yes. And the situation was quite unique, something that didn’t feel dream like. His girlfriend has a Monroe piercing and apparently, it fell out while she was sleeping. She woke up him in order to ask if he had rolled over on it.


Oh, and by the way… the “maximum” setting is complete arbitrary. We could make it even stronger. I’m sure at some point, it would just stop working.