PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available


Hmm, so with all Q titles we should take breaks (and especially this one)? As I’m all of two days into any of this I’ll watch for results.


Is StarkQ Teminus a total different sub or part of StarkQ? Cheers


It’s the same sub, but more firepower.


I almost missed that announcement :open_mouth:

Very excited! And thank you for making this public to all users who bought Stark


I will read the Journals about Stark Terminus, Ive already have a pretty loaded stack. Will try it in a month or so anyway.
Lets see how well it performs!!


Is StarkQ Terminus the same file the offline testers received?


@SaintSovereign any interest in an ultra minimal test? I’m getting good results from my healing stack and don’t want to mess with that right now, but I’d be up for running 1-2 loops, one day per week of Stark-T to see if it has any effect. I figure there’s some value in finding the minimum effective exposure?


Sure, sounds like a great idea.


@SaintSovereign should we move our journals with terminus to the testing section?


Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting to get access to this. Thanks a bunch guys! I’ll be starting this today.

@SaintSovereign if I were to stack it with ultimate artist, would you also recommend to start with only one loop a day of that too, since the mind has already been overburdened with StarkQ terminus?

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6 loops of Stark Q Terminus later…

My head is spinning like a rollercoaster. Not really. Stark Q Terminus feels different, it’s odd.

Stark Q is already the most powerful and effective subliminal I have used since Emperor Q’s testing program. Thank you for this experimental Stark version, I’ve been enjoying Stark like no other subliminal ever.

This morning I woke up from sleep and my brother shouted at me if I wanted to go for a jog, I was literally to tired and decided to lay down for another hour. I was still drowsy and went straight back into dream-state, in this dream I my brother shouted at me at least four times, having the conversation with him over and over. Earlier today I asked him whether or not we had the same exact conversation multiple times and of course he stated that we didn’t, he asked me to go for a run and then went out straight away.

I bet this has something to do with Stark as I saw it was mentioned in another journal. I was still running the normal version of Stark at this point though. Let’s see what will happen on Stark Q Terminus :slight_smile:


You’re a madman :rofl:


I guess I should not try Stark Q T before my long journey ahead from Thursday onwards.


I have been running Stark Q solo for about a decent month now, usually doing 3 loops back to back followed by a break. I wouldn’t actually do this, if I hadn’t previously integrated much of Stark’s scripting.

To me all subliminal’s have a downloading and installation period. The downloading period is what I would refer to the dopamine release which one experiences when the brain is exposed to freshly new scripting never been exposed to. This is very often followed by a month or more of reconciliation waves in which the unconscious mind starts to integrate (installation) the scripting exposed to.

An archetype has been created within the unconscious and this archetype once installed, can be invoked with only one loop. This is why some people prefer older versions over newer ones, because they have already downloaded and installed the archetype within the unconscious.

The longer you’re sticking to a distinct subliminal the more magic is allowed to happen. Having said that, the conclusion here is not to be fooled by the unconscious into the swapping out programs for whatever reason shown to you.


Yes – this is why we’re recommending having more rest days. Q-powered subs are incredibly dense. So dense that I’m seeing evidence that running them full time without resting leads to overload or lack of results. It may be that you only need one loop per day of each title in your stack.

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Since I started with StarkQ Ive noticed the less is more approach to be more effective and when I stacked 3 Q subs, I overloaded and experienced huge reconciliation
Now I feel 1 loop a day is enough.


Holy fucking death. Very cool. I just downloaded StarkQ Terminus and I will run a loop before bed tonight. Thank You @Fire and @SaintSovereign


I’m pretty sure you would get access to both the original and terminus to download as that is how it is for me. I’m not sure if it is different for new purchases though, since it is experimental and they may not want new customers to use it accidentally. Edit I re-read Saints post and he says if you purchase it now you get it too


Question answered in the original topic. Yes, you get access to both.


The unconscious comprehends Stark Terminus way differently, my brain is putting pieces of the puzzle together which it hasn’t before. The Terminus version of Stark is kind of mind blowing, not a toy though, I wouldn’t recommend anymore then 3 loops back to back.

Letting this version sink in and process after every single loop is a recommendation. I can really feel the power and denseness behind the scripting yet it comes around very smooth.