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Yes, to an extent. There’s enough modules that you’ll clearly be able to create an title that’s tailored toward specific goals.


Will we be able to choose little stuff too? For example, I like the clear smooth skin part from seductress, there’s a few things like that I’d like to add to my own build. If that wont be possible then I might have to have a custom sub made, hopefully Q tech can bring the price down enough from the current price of $700 to be affordable.


Yes, you’ll be able to do this with Q, and it won’t cost $700. :wink:


Will we have a thread for module suggestions? Because I have thought of quite a few… :smiley:


How about a sub focused on a very specific goal. By that I mean so specific that some of the modules would be unlikely to be of much use to anyone else.


You’ll have to get a custom, price unknown yet.


Does new beginnings in emperor and stark basically do the same thing as total breakdown?


It does not. Different mechanisms of action.


Will you please elaborate on this up to the point of not giving away trade secrets? Please?? :pray::pray:


Sounds similar to subconscious book reading used in Limitless, and QL Lite is in EV4. Like your subconscious is poring over things you’d read previously. It makes LD sound like it’s got some firepower. I’ve been using LD myself recently, its effects are showing, but I’ve had nothing like that :wink:


Just for the records, it’s LDQ. I haven’t experienced any of this with LD.


How many loops of LDQ did you run?


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2 loops, on Tuesday and Thursday about 6 hours


How does KhanQ st4 stack up against empQ and starkQ in regards to power?


@ Floridianninja
with starkq it is like, double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.

with khan it is like, your big but I have fought bigger.

dont know about empq


Hi, I’m not sure what that means


starkq has pcc, so you are less caveman and more shrewd

With starkq and specifically pcc I have come to the obvious realisation(always felt like this but supressed it) … if you’re not a snake you’re not a snake… But in this world you gotta play with snakes to get ahead… and if they see a mouse you’re food


I no longer use starkq as it seemed to magnify my anger and frustration towards the lock down. Instead I went back to using emperor and am now using emperor Q which is absolutely amazing. I am able to cope with the lock down, focus on other goals to help develop myself.


Very true, with pcc you can see most people are out to use or get something out of you. Same with shark. It becomes easier to see who is your friend


I’ve also been noticing this with StarkQ.

I think the reason for this is that there’s a lot more “social” scripting within StarkQ and you feel upset since you’re spending most of your time indoors away from others. While with Emperor you’re ok with being a lone wolf.

I think what I’ll do is reduce my listening of StarkQ but listen to more loops of EmpQ. Then once we can get out of lockdown I’ll amp up StarkQ again.