Main Discussion Thread - Limitless v2


No, just feeling what it does to me, the reaction of my body, felt sense.


What effects have you guys observed with limitless v2 as you work at studying a subject or getting better at something? I assume thats what its mainly designed for.


I’ve had Regeneration for a while, and last night I ran it with Limitless 2 and Limit Destroyer.

I don’t remember dreams much at all. But I had a clear dream that 2 young guys came into my neighborhood, and I had no defenses up. I was doing my best to be “nice”. I let these guys into my house without questioning them, and they robbed me. This is LOT like my real life. A lot.

This is only the second time I’ve slept with Limitless 2 running. The first was this last weekend. It was memorable too, which is why I ran it last night.

I’m wondering why am I afraid to stand up for myself? To fight for myself? Limitless 2 allows something to flow in my brain.

SubliminalGuy--Ascension and Rebirth Journal

I was always afraid of standing up for myself due to conditioning as a child. My parents insisted i follow there way or be punished.

Those years conditioned me to be nice to everyone which led to my downfall. Unfortunaly its 40 years of old programming i have to overcome. Emperor has helped immensely but i have to keep running it. Or my old ways creep baxk again.


I am running Regeneration while sleeping, along with Limitless v.2. Limitless is New Dawn, Regeneration is PrimalTech, and New Dawn allows change to happen so much easier. It’s like an amplifier for Regeneration, and this morning I PM’d someone here saying (and feeling) I am changing my whole motivation for changing my “nice guy” thinking.

In short, I’ve followed my parental model of correction, which is nothing more than self-hate. That’s all I saw, and it hurts me when I do it to myself. Regeneration does something which I can’t isolate, but self-love does seem to be manifesting. I’m going to keep running it with Limitless v.2.

It’s breaking up old long-held reasons to continue my norm. And limitless is opening my thinking abilities, me now considering other choices. Wow.


Have you guys experienced any dreams about yourself or your psyche? Ive been having more dreams thats for sure, some about my attitude towards others or how ive been negative towards others. Is this a normal thing? and what is happening, what does it mean? Ive been using ascended mogul and limitless v2 for a couple months now.


Is there anyone here who has been using Limitless v2 since the release date?

If so, what changes have you noticed so far?


Well, while I didnt see very significant difference in memory(like that in limitless x), my brainpower surely seems to be a lot more elevated than before. Whatever I read, parallaly my brains creates a whole picture of it which leads to better understanding.


Could you elaborate on this? Memory recall is one of our biggest focuses with the upcoming Quantum Limitless.


Whilst using limitless V2 I felt my ability to articulate myself was enhanced. To be fair I did not use it long enough to reap the full benefits.


Sure. When I used to listen to only limitless x ,Even with weak forms of learning like passive learning and rot, I was able to recall 80% of what I learned a week or 2 ago. I rot memorized like 30 pages of boring chemistry and after of just doing that once, I still felt like most of the info was at my disposal after a month .There were also random surges of euphoria I experienced while studying(which I believe made the info more solid in my brain). I used to listen like 5-6 loops in a day and 2-3 at night.

After I switched to limitless v2, I didn’t see this level of advancement in my memory for some reason. I didn’t feel as confident about my memory as I did when I was running limitless x.

Btw, really looking forward to quantum limitless so that I can break some kind of national record or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting… But I think SubClub scripting is far complex… imo only.

Rather than just stating what to do… I think it asks questions and guides us to the correct answer according to each user.

Again imo only.


Our technology is proprietary, and please remove these affirmations if you haven’t written them yourself.


I know that. I was not talking about they way it was written but rather the functions of the Limitless script.