Main Discussion Thread - Limitless v2


Limitless v2 is now available for purchase. As always, those who already purchased the original Limitless will find it under “My Account” —> “Downloads.” I’ll let @Fire field any questions about the program itself.



Yes, module list and “whats new” will be very interesting/helpful. Thank you, guys! :blush:

UPD: Download section shows old named files. Is that correct?


I love you guys.


Beautiful hungry for knowledge.Thank you very much:)


is only Ultrasonic in New Dawn or also masked?


Both Ultrasonic and Masked are released.


great! I thought New Dawn only works with Ultrasonic :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:
How much are you guys expecting Limitless v2 to work better than v1 all else equal?


@SaintSovereign I cannot see it visible in my downloads. Can you please check whether you have linked it for me ?



Same issue: I see only v1 in Downloads :slight_smile:


It’s weird, I have it in my downloads. Right under the first version.


I have only V1 in my downloads too


I am really hoping for a New Dawn Mogul cc @Fire

Then this can rebalance the recent focus on social products, so we have an updated Limitless and an updated Mogul to give up the boosts we need in our hard work towards the life we want and dream of.



In my excitement, I only added v2 to the regular version of Limitless, not the pre-order edition. Fixing that now. Give it 10 minutes, then check.


Was there anything added to Limitless 2? Such as: Supreme Rebirth, or anything like that? Or is this just a good upgrade to New Dawn?


We’ve added 49 submodules, including NDDK. Those submodules don’t have the branded titles because they were created JUST for Limitless v2 and don’t really work as a standalone title / stacking module. The goal is to eventually push toward helping you develop an eidetic memory, and we’re building the groundwork for that.


Nice! How far are we away from the goal in terms of development?


So will V2 eventually be incorporated into Emperor?

I stopped listening to standalone Limitless as it was already incorporated into Emperor and I didn’t want to spread my listening too thin.


BlockquoteThe goal is to eventually push toward helping you develop an eidetic memory, and we’re building the groundwork for that.

Awesome, I was also going to request this in the development thread. Would be a great stand-alone product: “develop a perfect memory”


Unsure. We need more people to test specifically for that. Most people are reporting significant increases in learning, retention and recall, but not to the level we want to achieve eventually. That being said, it’s probably an issue of humanity as a whole not really understanding how the brain (and learning) works. Right now, we’re planning a public test of a subliminal incorporating the Method of Loci. I saw a demonstration from a man a few years ago who – while talking to me in a very engaging conversation regarding Ayn Rand – flip through a packet of cards and memorize the entire thing.

I asked him how he did it, and of course, since it was a marketing conference (Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversions 2014, I think), he tried to pitch me a course. BUT, he said he was using a variation of the mind palace method. Each card had an associated image with it – for example, one of the cards was Hulk Hogan furiously lifting weights – and he strung them together to create a literal “movie” in his head. It was very interesting, but the guy was kinda obnoxious, hahahaha. Said if we wanted to continue talking, I had to have an e-mail list of 100k.