Main Discussion Thread - DREAMS


Introducing DREAMS – one of the most ambitious superchargers / guided meditation tracks we’ve created. By using the powers of both your subconscious and conscious minds, it will create opportunities for you to develop the power of your mind, and to dig deeper into what makes you tick.

Using Dreams, you will see your dreams becoming more vivid, more meaningful, all with the purpose of allowing you to explore your subconscious, and realize consciously what you need to work on to evolve your potential further.

Also included with Dreams is a special dream journal document designed to help you mine your dreams for meaning and insights for your life. It’s an amazing, powerful tool that can completely change the direction of your life.

Get more information and pre-order here:


@SaintSovereign i know age old question can i stack this with my emperor\spartan stack and listen to this charger overnight ?


It seems that I was almost 100% accurate about this one: “…all with the purpose of allowing you to explore your subconscious, and realize consciously what you need to work on to evolve your potential further…”

The usage of dreams for personal development and exploring the potential of the subconscious mind.

Can I have it or it was a joke? :slight_smile:

Either way is okey for me, I just asking :blush:


Dmitry I dont think its a joke I have already pre ordered my copy :slight_smile:


Haha — I was dead serious. I need to look over the thread again (I’m out an about right now), but if you really said that, you win a copy.


“Somehow related to dreams, maybe lucid dreams and how to connect Conscious and Subconscious more tightly and usage of dreams for exploring psyche potential.”.

That what I written. Hmm, at your discretion, Saint :slight_smile: if you think that it was close enough (frankly, when I saw the pre-order description I thought that it was exactly what I wanted to try with dreams, so written my guess).

It seems that DREAMS can help not only explore the subsconscious/psyche potential but can be great extension of healing dimension duaring sleep.

The more tightly conscious and subconscious are aligned during sleep the more awareness can be harnessed for different purposes.

Great ending of the day: 1-2x Dreams before sleep and see what happens :slight_smile:


After going back over the thread and confirming that’s what you said… congrats :wink:

I’ll add the pre-order edition to your account when I get home.


WOWWW!!! Thank you very much! :blush: I will report my experience running it :slight_smile:


This a second supercharger for limitless and regeneration :smile: . Will you be releasing something for Emperor or AM?


Dreams is a supercharger for ANY subliminal or self-help effort. It literally, induces vivid dreams related to the issues in your life. You then use the dream journal we provide in order to interpret your dreams and understand what you need to work on.


So does it mean that it will induce dreams that are related to money/entrepeneurship and personal power, when my primary sub is Ascended mogul?..

And will it guide me, through my dreams, on what to do when it comes to money, power, etc?

If so, it should be really great for those people like me, who are uncertain about which actions to take to progress in… well… Whatever we want and need.


Yes, this is exactly what we’re hoping it will do.


@Dmitry – Dreams has been added to your account. It’ll show up upon release. :wink:


Thank you very much, Saint! :slight_smile:


@Fire and I really pulling out the stops on these next few products. The embedded subliminal / included pre-order bonus is “Into Distant Worlds,” geared toward enhancing your ability to – if you choose – experience the lucid dreams of your choice and astral travel to wherever you’d like.

If IDW is successful, we’ll probably make an expanded, full version of it. Keep in mind that we hit the target goal in an experimental test about a year ago, with one participant having a lucid dream experience in which they traveled to Earth’s moon (which we specified in the script, but THEY didn’t know that – was a blind test) and another to enter the orbit of Saturn.

In both tests, we simply gave them a subliminal, said to listen as much as possible, then meditate as they fell asleep. It took about 3 weeks for the target goal to be achieved.

On another note: We’re finally getting to the point where Subliminal Club can start working toward it’s defining mission – to explore and advance human potential. Expect to see the return of the Weapon X platform very soon, in New Dawn, in masked and ultrasonic formats.


does this also include dream recall? Without dream recall none of the other goals of this supercharger can be achieved…


This night, I had dream that I drinked something which induced real lucid dream. Hmm, ordinary dream becomes a lucid dream. Very intiguing.


Of course it does.


Does that include Gaming mastery getting an upgrade?


Yes, why wouldn’t it?