Lucid dreams subliminal programme

Has anyone had any results from the Lucid dreams title and supercharger. Please share if you have thank you.


Check out these threads.

Thank you.

The one night that I used the lifecharger from the app i had vivid dreams in have to check on the difference of vivd vs. Lucid but if I got results from a 10 minute lifecharger I would imagine the lucid dream supercharger results would be pretty intense. I will be following I’m interested as well thanks for posting.

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I’ve only listened to it once, I think it was November/ early December, and it did not fail to deliver. However, I’m having consisted lucid dreams everyday since Mind’s Eye ZP. Can’t say whether the initial injection of DREAMS ultima had something to do with it,

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Thank you very much for your feedback.

Ive got Mindseye zp and running paragon too only used it for 12 days not seen any results yet but is Mindseye a very good programme to use I wanted to get it for law of attraction manifesting and visualization.

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