Main Discussion Thread - Daredevil


I am burning out and want to tone down my work. I will go outside frequently for a while now. I want to increase my social status and sexiness. But I should keep my financial momentum.
I haven’t used them yet, that’s why I am asking :slight_smile:
I read that Emperor helps with money too so maybe I should run it with Daredevil & PS?


Emperor, Daredevil and PS togther might be a bit too much. I know that both Emperor and PS are subs with quite a big script. I’m not sure about Daredevil. It will probably work but the results will come very slow which makes it quite demotivating.

I personally would chose 2 of those 3 subs and do the other one at a later time. But this is of course my opinion, I do personally believe less is more with subliminals.


@Orion – I’d recommend skipping Daredevil for now. It’s very “social” focused, and there’s social training in PS. Use Emperor + PS, but choose a “dominant” goal. For example:

Emperor x 6
PS x 2

OR vice versa depending on your goals.


Thanks for the suggestions! @SaintSovereign @afc22


I am interested in buying Daredevil. However, I would really appreciate if you guys would add the module list in the next days so that I can choose my stack more carefully


Saint, when would it be appropriate for someone using PS to add Daredevil, and when would it be unnecessary and an overkill?

I think this is an important question. Many here will benefit from your answer.


You can probably stack Primal Seduction and Daredevil whenever you want – the two compliment each other. It may take some of the edge from PS, especially Iron Throne, so expect to be more socially focused rather than sexual.

Adding Emperor into the mix, however, is way too much and you’ll either get no results at all, or find yourself mired in depression and the such.


I’ve been stacking Dare Devil with Primal Seduction for about a week now (ran primal seduction since released solo) and my experience has been pretty similar to what you mentioned. My social skills have sky rocketed without question, in fact I’ve never “noticed” a subliminal effects so prominently. The first couple days were slow and than I was observing my interactions yesterday and was honestly shocked. I was talking louder, felt wittier/sharp, less filtered in what I say, and had people telling me how confident I am in myself. I agree however that I did loose a bit of the sexual edge, but for me this has actually improved my results with women because I feel less needy and focused on trying to seduce women, and instead am making friends with everyone in the bar, inviting people to do things and let the women chase me. This stack works especially well for me though because I work as a bartender/server so I’m constantly in an environment where I can practice my social skills and see tangible results. Somebody who is trying to get laid strictly off of cold approach is probably better off running pure PS.