Main Discussion Thread - Ascended Mogul v2


Got another new year surprise for everyone! Ascended Mogul v2 is now available! As with the other updated titles, Ascended Mogul v2 has all the upgraded technology, including PrimalTech and Dominion build. And now, for the first time, Ascended Mogul is available in both ultrasonic AND masked formats! It’s a free upgrade for those who have already purchased it. Enjoy!


Awesome, thank you

Can’t wait for emperor to be upgraded… is emperor ex going to be upgraded as well?


Is it true that @Fire put an anti-porn script into Ascended Mogul? Since porn can be used as a distraction from challenges in life, especially when subs seek us to change constantly, I think it’s a very wise idea. I just wanted to verify this though


If I recall, only to the extent to stopping porn use that affects your results.


Do Ascension v2.0, AscMogul 2.0 and Mogul 2.0 contain Limitless and Evolution modules as well ? :slight_smile:


Good Question Dimitry I was also wondering whether the limitless module is included in ascended ?


The “stack module” version of Limitless is in every subliminal. There’s no way we could fit the entire standalone in it, though. Evolution? Not sure – @Fire?


If I am not wrong I thought the emperor has whole script of Limitless inside the script
Am I wrong?


You’re correct – Emperor is the exception because we started developing PrimalTech around that time, which allowed us to streamline the scripts and “fit more in there” without resorting to multistage subliminals.


So other subs are upgrading to Primal tech
Is there going to be new script for those old subs?
Such as putting whole limitless script or other


Please update the description in the product page, because it still says the current version is 1.1


Thanks for reminding us :wink:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
By the way, I have send an email to support team. Asking about payment method.
Have you had the chance to read it yet?


I noticed that AMv2.0 Masked version is 40 minutes while the Ultrasonic version is 76 minutes.
Is there any different?


I asked this question before about Mogul, which has a similar situation. The answer from @SaintSovereign is: There is no difference.


So basically you could listen to Emperor, AM, or Mogul more with masked than ultrasonic. That certainly does make a difference


It seems all Masked versions are 40 minutes long. Even the stacking modules, which are 30 minutes in ultrasonic, are 40 minutes when masked.

I love Ultrasonic though, so I’m sticking to it. But if you guys report the masked working well for you, I might reconsider.


I am not sure what to make of all the masked versions being 40 minutes long while the ultrasonics have varying but longer lengths.



Thanks for clearing this up AMASH!