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Oh yeah for sure. I know I need to network and connect more, something I am not putting enough time on at the moment. And the meta is sadly to stream alot, you’re right, but I don’t have as much time and am trying to make the time I do stream to be of high fidelity, high quality.

Regarding the networking aspect, one thing I am planning to do as fast as the restrictions loosen up is head to every event I possibly can and network IRL. For instance Twitch here in EU, Dreamhack etc.
For sure, standing out is hard regardless if you’re a pro or a personality. Unless you’re the top 1%.

Interesting combination to double down on the fun and social aspect. I thought for a while I would do Stark, Daredevil and Chosen ZP, and then True Social ultima before streaming. But now with the explanation that TS is like DD but less sexual, it felt a bit overkill perhaps. Thoughts @SaintSovereign?


Have you been in places to experience that aura? How people behave?


I have not tested the ZP version yet

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I used the older version it worked very well and quickly attracted the attention of people around me. Not tried to the ZP version as yet.


Has anyone Combo’d this with The Commander yet?

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I have.

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It’s highly effective for social interactions. I feel in command and outgoing. Conversation comes easily. Elevates my humor and daring to say anything. Makes me wanted. Feels cool.


Wow! I’ve been reading the forums about the social titles. I’m leaning towards a The Commander/Power Can Corrupt custom that’s going to really get me over what have been my personal challenges in the people world.

Reading about Daredevil makes me want to try that but then True Social as well. Then there are the spiritual titles and I’ve currently got to get a handle on my money situation and more practical in terms of relating with and dealing with people in the real world. I think my days of physical labor jobs are numbered as I’m 40 this year. I like to workout and so physical jobs don’t complement that anymore. Plus I can make more on my own or in a sales job.

I’ve never had a supervisor role yet but ideally I want my own business and just so many choices. I also want the sexual titles as well but going through the healing and then money/social and then I’ll get to the seduction titles. But Daredevil seems like a title to throw in when one just needs a little break from healing and grinding. Daredevil Sage Primal for a nice cycle of who knows, fun, spirituality, discovery, solitude and yet still social and adventurous.

Probably some recon coming up as I’m on a washout. Normally washouts have gone smooth for me and I’m not wanting to switch titles.


But have you with the Q version?

I am running Khan+Stark custom ZP + Wanted regular ZP, somebody told me I look like a known singer star but he cant recall with whom, lol.
Could be parts of TS script included in the above?

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Yea! I remember the original True Social booster. The lady said you walk in feeling like you’re a celebrity or something like that. People see you like a celebrity… Of course I don’t know how the script has been updated since then.


Review of True Social ZP
// 3 uses

  • Every single time I used True Social, I got approached by strangers (two times a lady asking for direction, and once two drug dealers who later tried to beat me up). Approachability Aura is definitely included.

  • True Social works in the way that each social interaction you are having further makes you freer, more unstifled and social. So in the beginning you might not “feel” much, but it is a cumulative effect that builds up with each social interaction. At the end of the day, I felt exactly like I had a few drinks even though I did not drink. Very carefree, and the effects are definitely stronger than on True Social Ultima for me.

  • You become a mastermind at social power plays/hierarchies and building a desired reputation. I have done some crazy social genius IQ 10000 moves, it was less conscious but more passive manifestations where things fall into place for you.

  • People talk a lot about you (behind your back) but in a good way. That’s the fame aura. I wished the aura would be stronger when in conversations though. “All eyes on me” in group settings, not necessarily that you become the topic (that happens a lot) but the center of the conversation (people looking at you, wanting only your attention), could need more scripting.

  • People are nice and very responsive to you, excited to see you, however, expect A LOT of shit tests. You will pass most of them with total ease though. I personally did not break a sweat once.


Awesome. Do you have the feeling that TS contains parts of Inner Circle or some kind of social circle people manifestation?


I would say yes but I am also running a custom that includes Inner Circle.


I am looking for a social-oriented sub, but I can’t discern the difference between Daredevil and True Social. or the social aspect of StarkQ.

I’m looking for one primarily geared towards not only social play and interactions but also public speaking, education, doing debates, etc… Which one would be better for something like that?

Stark for debates, education and probably public speaking.


Yes, Stark would be the better choice.


Can we expect the new description for the executive ZP soon or that has now been significantly delayed? Was originally announced to come on Saturday.

Excellent. Thank you both! :pray:

How many hours before going out would you use TS? Might give it a try today

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