Main Disc. Thread - True Social ZP

Now available! For those who have already purchased True Social ZP in the past, the new version is already available in your downloads!

We often get a lot of questions about the difference between True Social and Daredevil. True Social lacks the “sexual edge” of Daredevil, making it much more appropriate for the workplace and lowering the mental load / propensity to induce reconciliation due to the presence of sex / romance related scripting.



This one is going to rock!!

I can’t wait to have some instruction tocuse booster and run this before going out :star_struck:

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What’s different about this from Ultima? When I think of ZP I think of a much more fully fledged title.


Looking forward to trying this! My next cycle may be Rebirth, Daredevil, and True Social.

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The one benefit this would have, is actually for a certain type of people I know, who rely on drugs and/or alcohol in order to feel at ease when it comes to their social anxiety, or just to be able to socialize.

It’s not as easy for them to be able to socialize freely, without having to rely on those “stimulants”. So in a way, this could be used as the fastest social anxiety destroyer :wink:


That’s me :raising_hand_man:


Probably use this when you use St2 of khan, so that you “build” that true social-ness.

But then again, do you really need it with Khan :rofl:?


First time I ran Khan I boosted it with libertine and True Social at stage 3…That’s how I ended up fucking my neighbour while I passed in front of her appartment to go walk outside :joy:

Believe it or not mate, it’s a snowball effect!


Lots of zp subs being dropped today


Wanna try this badly but I’m staying patient for primal and EOG.

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Now that Saint clarified that Daredevil is the more sexually-themed of the two between that and True Social…I’m wondering what Khan 3, Libertine and Daredevil would do :wink:


What are these baseless assumptions mehn :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I haven’t even touched weed for a year now :rofl:

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Nothing but the truth, ma mehn

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This looks promising for increasing my talkative, flowing streamer mode. A side question on the ultima of this release, can I follow the three ZP title schedule/recommendation and use the ultima before I go on stream, or is that too much? Sorry if this has already been asked, I didn’t find it.

PS: So for instance StarkQ, GMX and Chosen is my current ZP stack. And on days I stream I also run a ultima before the stream. So this could basically mean I am running StarkQ and GMX in the morning, and in the night when I stream I run TS Ultima.

Otherwise I was thinking perhaps switching GMX ZP for this ZP title instead. Haven’t decided yet.

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If you dont mind me adding my 2cents. I kinda feel like GMX is pretty essential for any gaming streamer. The vast majority of big streamers got big due to playing on an incredibly high level on their games. Thereare also other ways ofcourse, but it may be hard to stand out otherwise from all the other streamers.



Thank you very much

I appreciate your input, and I am up for dicussing this as I am currently debating it with Jarvis as Invictus like to call his mind.

That is partially true. Many big streamers are big because of their skills, or reputation in a skill based game. But many are also famous for their personality, and not their skills.

Now if I want to compete on “skills”, I also most likely have to play alot, which is not feasable for me having a full time job etc. So therefore I am thinking the personality route might be best. Even though GMX helps me improve fast, there is no way I can compete with people playing 12 hours a day and pros. Then again maybe I can. Maybe it makes up for the less gametime I have, but I have a hard time believing it. I want to be a streamer, not a pro. Just some of my thoughts.

Now I wouldn’t mind a mix of the two, personality/charm and skills. But I am unsure of how to make it work. One could say StarkQ is enough for personality/charm with Chosen, but I am uncertain.


It is crazy that True Social ZP was the title I was most looking forward to before the start of the preview, but LibertineZP and my Wanted Khan custom has changed me so much that I no longer have any need to run True Social lol

In my experience, True Social has a “star-like” / “VIP” aura so it still might be fun to test it out though just for that.


I would be curious to see your comparison on how Libertine and True social differ in terms of social effects!


Thats fair, the two really big things in this case are you need to be able to grind a hellofa lot (wich you kinda need regardless). And youd have to work hadd on making as many connections with other streamers (and the viewers ofcourse) as possible. Most of the big streamers that arent near pro level that i know off got big by simply beingna streamer for a really long time already, and having a lot of connections with the current big streamers.

I do think its quite hard to go this route since standing out is a real challenge. You could definitely fall into the footsteps of someone like critical though and get hella populair simply for being a legend.

In this case it might even be good to go overkill with the social? Like: daredevil + stark + true social perhaps?

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