Main Disc. Thread - Survival Instinct ZP v2

Now available! For those who have purchased in the past, the upgraded version will be available in your downloads within an hour or two of this message (or sooner, keep refreshing).


I’ve got a cycle of this one under my belt. I’m finding it a bit challenging for me. I have tried it in the past years for a cycle or two at a time. But since the upgrade this one is really hitting on some things for me. So I may just listen at 3 minutes at a time with this one. I’m not even sure why it’s challenging and hitting me pretty good, but in my book that’s a good thing, that means it’s challenging some old junk programs.


I’m noticing some good things from this one. I definitely will continue to listen for the long-term.

Yesterday I was at work and throwing trash away, there were these plastic tie down wraps from a pallet or something, like they can flail as they’re being moved around, and I can’t even remember the last time I dealt with these. But while I was in action my mind was aware of past situations where similar things happened where I got something in my eye like that because I wasn’t aware of it, and it gave me some temporary eye discomfort. Well I just had that awareness as I was in action and so avoided that situation just I guess by pure awareness and in the moment presence of mind.

Also another time I almost dropped something and was able to catch it and make the adjustment and just literally kept on without missing a beat. Like there was no OMG! That could have been terrible! I didn’t have have any narration besides being aware that that wasnt’ happening and I maintained composure as if it wasn’t any big deal at all.

I start my third cycle in a couple days so I’m just doing my best to stay patient as the results will continue to unfold for me. I plan on running this most if not all of this year.


Why did you decide to run this program? What are your goals?

It’s an interesting title to run I must admit.

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I’ve been reading up on modules I would want in a custom. So I was playing with ideas for a Survival Instinct/Sanguine custom maybe.

Well today at work a few different times I’ve had instances where I got to use my reflexes. So in a way I could be guiding the subliminal- because I was toying with it being a healing title at first. But there’s Chosen From Within now. So I was looking at the physical modules Blink for speed and Thunder for reflexes. So it was like I was getting a taste of what that is like. It’s not like a daily thing where I use my reflexes but they’re still there!

Also I was getting to use my balance and I forget the name of that module where the icon is someone walking on a tightrope. So I would think these kinds of things are already in Survival Instinct but my reading up on them and thinking about what that might be like are what brought me some experiences of those things. Having reflexes and speed is something I’ve always enjoyed having, so I’d want those modules so I can keep those abilities as long as I can so I can use them as needed.


I am planning to help promote this product soon.

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I’m contemplating running a few cycles of Survival Instinct. It seems to be a badass allrounder as it provides physical healing, calmness, leadership, physical shifting, safety, awareness, frame of steel, and intuitive guidance. Seems to me that SI is a broad alpha title without gunning for the stereotypical ‘alpha’… The Deep Silent Alpha, maybe?

This is very profound, as a mental state of fear or insecurity can cause a lot of chronic stress, which also leads to health issues down the line…

I wonder what would happen when paired with E.HoM. Might make for a terrifying combination and synergy when deployed in social situations…? :open_mouth:


That’s either Elegance or Equilibrium, I think the latter

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I know you posted this what… three years ago? How did it work out for you? :smiley:

This is a very intriguing title indeed. I wonder how “dense” it is when you think about everything it does… Not just the obvious safety aspect - It also has physical shifting, mental fortitude, stealth-like aura, frame, leadership, calm, composure, alpha*, stress reduction, intuition enhancement, increased learning, leadership, fearlessness, courage, physical healing, toxic/negativity removal… is there anything it cannot do?!

I’m contemplating a few cycles of this up next, mainly for frame and composure, mental fortitude, stress reduction, physical healing, getting into that workout routine, and doing everything I can to improve my overall health.

Or SI and PCC… both give me that Machiavelli’s The Prince- kind of vibes. I’m also curious about how Survival Instinct and Stark would work together, for that Gentleman Military Officer archetype.

Or… Survival Instinct, Stark, and PCC for that matter. Makes me think of Xanatos tbh :smiley:

@Simon @Lion anything to report regarding improved eyesight from SI? :smiley:


Hey @Athanaxos! Haven’t used SI for a long enough time since Paragon came along. Although I might have to read its objectives again and rethink on whether to try it out again or not.

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I’m not sure if this is the best title for dealing with and/or removing toxic people but combined with everything else it has, I think it’s a great all around package. I’m using it as a foundation to patch up some weaknesses in terms of moving from surviving to thriving in all areas of my life.

I’m going to continue with this one for sure. Planning on giving it a full year. But at this point I think it’s been 3-4 cycles. I just got through some recon and before that I was considering it’s time for some healing again. But then I went through some recon, it was definitely more clear to me than in the past, as I’ve been through the cycle a few times. So I can see what’s going on there.

I’m still planning on going to some healing. I’m thinking it’s time to try out Khan for some further work on that inner solidity to where I don’t react to toxic people and that kind of attention drops away or I can deal with it like it’s no problem. So I’m planning to stack SI with Khan and I’ll be starting at Stage 1.

I just think with summer coming up, it’s prime time to do some spring cleaning so I can also have some fun once I get to that stage 3 and beyond of Khan. By that time I’d plan to bring on Wanted or even Daredevil.


I’ve realized that Survival Instinct is my non-negotiable this year. The whole package is really something I’d like to build my base on this year.

So I decide to drop Wanted and Sex and Seduction. It turns out my focus won’t be on dating this year, the most immediate focus will be on finding a new job. So I’m going to be adding in Chosen From Within in 9 days and then in a couple cycles I’m going to bring on Inner Circle.

Once I actually considered what my non-negotiables were for the next few months it kind of made giving up Wanted and S&S easy. That’s not my focus and probably won’t be until I further establish my financial situation. For me I think of big part of that is dealing with things that kept me putting up with things I should never have from people and work situations for too long. Also getting around the “right” people will be massive in giving me a sense of stability and security in terms of having a job if that’s the route I end up having to take for now.


I’ve decided to buffer from stopping Wanted and S&S. So I did my standard 5 days of no listening and then I started up the next cycle only listening to Survival Instinct until I hit 14 days of not listening to the other 2 titles. At that point I’m going to add in Chosen From Within.

I’m noticing some low level anxiety on Survival Instinct solo. Kind of a fear of the unknown I guess. So I am content to continue on without stopping or adding just yet. I think it’s a sign that it is just what I needed and so as some things are worked out, I may be going through some slight anxiety again. But sometimes that seems to be necessary to get to really executing the subliminal objectives in my own best way I suppose. Just part of the process to go through some discomfort to get to the higher levels of where we want to be.

I think that first loop of Chosen Within is really going to hit the spot though.

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I want to apologize for making this into my unofficial journal thread. I just want to make some quick notes about my experience with this title. I’m planning on using it the rest of the year.

So I’ve been on it solo for two listens now. It’s been in my cycle for 4 cycles I think. So last night and today I was noticing like a coolness on my left buttock. I was just thinking that it was because it’s cold in my basement. But it was a new thing. Today I’m reminded that when I was on Dragon Reborn and even before, when energetic blockages or maybe even stuff stored in the body, is unlodged and freed up, that you can get these kind of sensations in the body.

I’ve had a back problem as one of my physical weak points. Just some shifting of the hips to where I’d need to go to a chiropractor. Well one of the symptoms I’d get is kind of like sciatica pain in the right side. I had that last week as kind of a flare up. Right now as I’m typing I’m noticing this coolness sensation in the right side of the back now, above the hip bones in the lower back.

So I’m thinking this could be part of that healing up of old injuries scripting that is part of Survival Instinct. As far as I know it doesn’t work on energy systems but there are schools of thought that say unresolved emotions can contribute to things like back pain, and that’s something that can be debilitating and painful thus decreasing one’s survivability level potentially. John Sarno has work on this kind of thing.

The anxiety has dropped away that I was experiencing in days previously. At the time I took that as a potential sign that maybe some physical healing was going on and so I got that anxiety because resources were prioritizing the physical maybe.

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