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Sex is the ultimate human experience and life is too short for you NOT to enjoy sex to its fullest. Sex Mastery X2 was carefully created to allow anyone over the age of 18+ to enjoy better sexual experiences.

Sex Mastery X2 was designed to unlock the unlimited powers of your subconscious mind and focus it on turning every sexual encounter into a mind-blowing, ecstasy filled experience. After all, in recent studies of the brain, neurologists have discovered the “mental circuits” responsible for pleasure. Sex Mastery X2 gives you direct access to both you and your partner’s “pleasure circuits” leading to a heightened, incredibly intense pleasure response that only gets better the longer you use the program.

You will rapid improvements in sexual stamina and longevity, resulting in longer, more fulfilling lovemaking sessions. Sex Mastery X2 contains the same technique mastery scripting found in our other “Mastery X” programs, meaning you’ll automatically and intuitively pick up on sexual techniques that enhance pleasure for both you and your partner and be able to recall and execute that techniques at will.

Let’s Discuss!

The name says it all. Let’s discuss how this title performs especially when compared to the regular title.


Yeah my man that’s the spirit!! Haven’t tryed the ultima version yet!!


Is this a new product or if you purchased sex mastery in the past this new ultima version will be in your downloads now ?


New product, sadly not a free upgrade :frowning:


:confused: ah damn. I didn’t even know there was a ultima version to sex mastery until I saw this post


It’s half price right now, for what it’s worth


Has anyone purchased this, yet? How has it worked out for you?


I just used it before sex, I’m tired as hell right now, but it was great. Lasted a good while in one session, delayed ejaculation, no floppy di(s)k. Was in total control. I will say this has been a chick I been fucking for years so meh but I definitely will be using this before i met with any women


We also need a thread for Primal Seduction Ultima.

@WhiteTiger have you tried PSU yet?


Yes I have. I can tell you that you will think about getting laid. I retexted the latina girl I saw few months back.

I am listening to diamond and PSIT 1 loop every day. My libido is high, I am high, I don’t know what is happening hahaha


Okay I ran 1 loop of all the new ultima (SMU, PSITU, DU) next to my khan St3/ef st 2 stack since. Saturday I’ve fucked Sunday, I went 3 rounds with a woman after JUST leaving another woman’s house. Then today the first woman wanted some more today and literally after I was leaving another girl called to fuck in the backseat.

I will say I’ve got history with all 3, I’ve cycled these 3 women for year but it’s never been back to back to back.

I start Khan st4/EF st3 on 1/1/21. I remember my first run with khan on st4 I had to stop early because I was literally horny all the and pussy was waaaay to high up my priority list…

So knowing that I’m gonna do it again lol. St4 and the 3 new ultimas. This is about to get wild.


Saint promised everyone a while back that SC would be offering free upgrades to all those who purchased the previous versions.

@SaintSovereign please explain your reasoning behind not offering a free upgrade ?


He answered here.


NO THIS IS THE SAME PRODUCT SEX MASTERY 2 with new technology added it is therefore an upgrade, thus should have been offered free to loyal customers who bought the previous version.


The healing portion on Sex Mastery was removed and change the script for Ultima.


@Salchichon i appreciate you chiming in and attempting to answer my questions. However if SC are saying its a different product why not give it a different name ?. It sounds like they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes.


I’ve already explained it. Ultimas are not “upgrades,” it’s a different product, period. They aren’t used the same, they aren’t scripted the same, they’re not built the same, they’re not an “upgrade.” Ultimas are boosters, the evolution of the stacking modules and supercharger lines. If I made a Sex Mastery X supercharger to pair with the Q version, would you expect that for free also? No, because it’s a different product. Ultimas are different products.

Whether we change the name or not is irrelevant. Ultimas are not upgrades and will never be considered an upgrade.

Now, let me make myself clear: we’ve always hooked our customers up with more free subs and experimental tech more so than any other subliminal producer. We’re the only producer that rewards our customers for posting on the forum with up to 25% off of everything for life. I suggest people stop with the rhetoric that we’re suddenly immoral because we’re not giving away our hard work for free when it doesn’t even qualify for a free upgrade. With Q+ is out, all Q titles will be upgraded for free, likewise with Ultima+.

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal

Since when has SC ever pulled wool over your eyes or tried to?


I think there is a lot of value in all SC offerings; maybe it’s worth defining “updates” in a way that cannot be questioned, just to avoid these unpleasant(for everyone) discussions.


I am very grateful for the prelaunch ultima discount! I own all male products
and to re-purchase them in every future
build will add up. LOL

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal