Main Disc. Thread - Sex and Seduction ZP

Available now! If you’ve purchased S&S in the past, the new version is available in your downloads:


FIRST! This and PS are among my favorites :slight_smile:


What did you liked about this sub mate?

@BlackTiger check this out!
@Simon You planning to try out this version of SS?

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I’ve yet to really run this one solo. Always went for PS. But what I like the most is the idea of it forming that internal seducer “mentor”. Similar to the Council of Advisors idea I put into the roadmap.

Taking on more/newer skills and the willingness to execute/use them is where real growth is. Expanding the comfort zone. The person with the largest comfort zone will win every time I think.


Ok ok, I’ve never really felt guided with SS, to be honest I just realised after the fact that I did “this” and “that” to turn on the girl or attract her xD

I wasn’t thinking about it. Just talking to the girl in a context of a date or bar and it’s like if I do or say small things differently which snowball into big attraction (or sales capability!)

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My understanding is that the “guiding” is done unconsciously/automagically. Not a conscious awareness of someone being like “Say this” or “Do that”.

Though I will admit that would be interesting too. Like Al in Quantum Leap. A hologram only I could see or hear, would be fun.

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What have been the general results of this sub? Anyone experience some cool stories incorporating this in their stacks?

Well, my dates on SS were doing great :eyes: and my sales were also great… But it’s been a long time I have ran it.

Basically you can read the girl’s bodylanguage, you can communicate clearly… Know what to say when to say…


That’s what it was supposed to do, lol. Subconscious modeling of what works, what didn’t and then you’d just do it automatically, preventing the conscious mind from disrupting it.


It was more regarding the mentor analogy used by palpatine. Like it’s all subconscious and done automatically.

Edit : And I’ll definitly run it before a date :+1:

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Not immediately. But it will be my default ZP dating title, whenever my main sub is not Khan or Emperor.



You might want to remove the competitors name from your last reply. As you might be breaking one of the forum rules.

Its one of the most powerful subliminal products ever created by SC and now we have it in ZP… Saint bless him :slight_smile:

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He’s a hypnotist. Not a producer of subliminals unless he’s gotten into that stuff. I’ve not looked into his stuff in years.

He makes subliminal products mate.


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Had some really great sex about half an hour after running this sub. I wasn’t expecting anything like that, and I did nothing to seduce him.

Then today at the gym, someone whom I’ve seen a few times over the last few months and never talked to before was walking in. He saw me and immediately proceeded to walk toward me without seeming to think about what he was doing. I wasn’t alone though, so I had to stop him with my body language. Too bad, I would have loved have to talked to him, even just out of curiosity.


@SaintSovereign this product is the best thing since sliced brown bread. It resonates so well with me why is that ?


@irw please check out my new story in seductress. thread :slight_smile: James loses his willie and screams in terror :slight_smile:


You are so funny! I hadn’t seen you on the forum for a while now and was wondering what happened to you.

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