Main Disc. Thread - Sage Immortal ZP

ZP version now available for those who have ordered.


Thanks for saving my spot, guys.



This is going to be pretty amazing. Given what Sage Immortal is about, combined with the nature of ZP…

For Saint

Sent in support ticket

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Maybe you affected me through some form of telepathy, because I wanted to write something, but something told me not to :blush:

Excited for this one though after my first run of QZP.


wow very good!

@SaintSovereign The Sage Immortal masked file is using the old legacy mask, not Solace.


Yes, I just listening 2-3 seconds. Old Masked. Maybe some other titles also old Masked?

I posted that comment after the thread had already been born for almost 30 minutes and as I typed that reply to the thread I lost internet connection coming through the mountains and thought I lost my moment because the thread said 2/2 by the time my post was submitted :sweat_smile:

T’was merely myself I was afraid of.

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I have to wait until the next day of play to use it, cuz I already used Chosen and Wanted ZP :slight_smile:


Anyone else getting the old heavy rain mask instead of Solace?

Yeah, Spartan and Sage both have it. Saint replied to someone less than an hour ago saying that he’ll rebuild Spartan, so I imagine he’s aware of Sage Immortal’s as well.


Oh, I missed that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sage Immortal has been updated with the proper mask (Solace).




I’m running Sage Immortal now. I’m leaving this draft open to edit on a real time basis:

Within the first minute, I am feeling prickly sensations in my forehead area.

2:15, feeling warmth suffuse my left arm on the bladed side, somewhat focused on my pinky and ring finger.

5:40 felt something warm-like in my lower back, spinal area. No theory on that. I also keep feeling like a very localized ‘burn’ under my left arm pit. Not like a fire, but more like an Indian rub burn, to a far lesser degree. Felt it again, nothing I’m unduly alarmed about.

8:40 felt the warmth and other sensations in my left arm again, hm.

As I closed my eyes to meditate the remainder of the time, I felt a surge of energy from deep within me that raised my chest and moved my back off my seat, with the accompanying idea of ‘pushing through’. Back to meditation.

12:00 There’s a weight as I have my head back in the passenger seat emptying my mind, on the middle of my forehead. Like a ball. To describe the sensation, it’s like the ball is pressing on my forehead and has sunk in a bit. Nothing serious, I’m not sure how to describe it other than that. Accompanied by more prickles.

And, complete. Absolutely smooth experience. Wanted gave me more trouble than Sage Immortal, which i didn’t expect. Like I have been on the Wanted thread, I’ll edit this singular post with updates.

Edit: well, this post is large enough. I’ll start a new update post with updates. Not sure if this is useful at all for you @Brandon but i remember you wanted me to tag ya.

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Update: As soon as I submitted the last one and put my phone down, I had a realization that my mind had just cleared in a flash. Whether this will last remains to be seen. It felt like energized clarity so, hopefully Sage boosts me rather than causing me to drag until I sleep :slight_smile:

Update 2: since I’ve listened to SIMZP, I have only felt increases in energy. Optimism, up there. Calm, too smoove. Music, makes me move. Others, no obstacles. Limits, what are those? Universe, we up bois.

Update 3: besides just a slight bit of Cognitive sensations, I had no ‘negative’ effects from SIMZP (SG don’t work for me, sorry)

Update 4: December 4th - I feel tremendous love emanating from my heart center. I had a thing in the past with religious institutions that caused me to feel negative about them but even passing a church just now, I felt not even a skip. Building momentum.


Can one run Sage Immortal ZP with insufficient time on Alchemist? I think I have only run 1-2 months of Alchemist St1 in the past.

I have no Alchemist experience :man_shrugging:t4:

If you ran DR, probably yea. The requirement is alchemist or 1 year of spiritual work. I’ve done 8 months of DR and years of meditation and exploration, I’d say that’s good enough for Sage :slight_smile:

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Does anyone else not feel anything during a loop of this? I find that mind boggling.