Main Disc. Thread: Sage Immortal (Core Also Available on Custom Store)

Q Core available here: Sage Immortal Core – Quintessence by Subliminal Club


The masterful sage, tirelessly seeking perfection over reality…

Fearing not the path, for whatever happens, does so for a reason…

Courageously stepping forward towards his dreams, utilizing every breath and moment of time to become something greater.


The Sage Immortal.

An advanced spiritual subliminal is the first title of the closed off Subliminal Club Black department to be allowed into public circulation. Sage Immortal works best when you have a knowing that your path is spiritual, and preferably have already started walking on it.

Either some experience with the Alchemist subliminal or a year of spiritual practices is recommended, as Sage Immortal deals with incredibly deep spiritual work and knowledge that is very rarely seen or even known about. While you could run it without much experience (especially for the inner calm aspect), keep in mind that some things will only reveal to you and become understandable later on.

Some might wonder – how does Sage Immortal differ from Alchemist, the multi-stage title? Sage Immortal doesn’t take a gradual, stage by stage approach of helping you build a foundation and then advancing. Instead, Sage Immortal focuses on three highly important aspects of spiritual practice – the most secret of knowledge that can change your whole concept of reality, optimizing your practice to the highest level while utilizing said knowledge and finding a true teacher, if you so desire, that will help guide you to the highest level of spirituality – and even beyond.

On Sage Immortal you will experience many various forms of deep insight on how to improve yourself and take your development to the next level. These insights will range from the mundane to the most unknown, deep secrets of the universe. Indeed, Sage Immortal will help you unearth the most arcane knowledge of reality through exploration of self and the universe we inhabit.

You will be guided in such a way that you will reach insights into the deepest secrets of your chosen art so much so that what you will learn, others can only call “impossible”. Through all kinds of avenues this will happen – sometimes this knowledge comes to you through the strangest coincidences, other times Sage Immortal will give you direct instructions. Every person’s experience with Sage Immortal is different, as every individual has their very own spiritual path to follow.

One of the examples from testing of the mind-bending situations that can occur while using Sage Immortal includes finding a one of a kind, original, around two thousand year old journal detailing complex, advanced practices never seen before… sticking out of the ground while on a journey to find rare knowledge in another country.

But having such knowledge is not enough – you must put it into action, which is fully grounded in reality. That is why Sage Immortal optimizes every single second of your day-to-day life, all for the purpose of spiritual advancement and self-perfection – to be able to truly utilize the knowledge you uncover.

Every action you take will be flawless and efficient, allowing you to free up time for self-cultivation. This means any goals you might have, Sage Immortal will help you optimize the actions you should be taking on your path towards them.

This is because our physical lives always have an impact on how well we can spiritually develop ourselves. It has become an oft occurrence that uninformed people will spread the idea that the physical is unimportant in spiritual goals… but if you’re tired, stressed, not eating well, not sleeping properly – all these will make it harder for you to reach a higher state and perfect yourself.

Hence Sage Immortal will help you correct any problems you have through pure mastery. This means Sage Immortal will also guide you – you cannot always know how to improve, but your subconscious does. Through a powerful combination of optimization and guidance, you will optimize your life, your training and your spiritual practices while being guided from the smallest actions to the largest strategic moves, allowing you to perfect your whole life as well as your body and mind into a well-oiled machine that will excel in spiritual endeavors.

Just as we each have our own path, so Sage Immortal takes this into account. No matter your practices – shamanism, alchemy, magic, religion-based practices, yoga, Qabalah, manifestation, or even simply a combination of all that you find useful like a true eclectic – Sage Immortal will be your mentor on your journey, helping you master every single aspect, skill and technique and push you beyond what was thought impossible.

Moreover, all of our subliminals deal with incredibly deep questions – not just about “how”, but also very much about “why”.

Sage Immortal takes this further and focuses on guiding you into understanding your own reality, whatever it may be. Tough spiritual questions will be asked from you, pushing you to examine your beliefs in order to best guide you on your path.

Finally, the great sages of history talked about the importance of inner calm, focus and targeted motivation – and this is what you will experience and embody on Sage Immortal… and the greatest sages were said to radiate tremendous inner calm while in pursuit of spiritual mastery – and this will become a powerful inner quality of yours. Most importantly, this inner calm will be a powerful weapon no matter your discipline and path, as calm self-assuredness can oftentimes be the deciding factor that grants you success.

Be ready to dedicate yourself to your spiritual quest, as such a path is not an easy one, and Sage Immortal can cause intense spiritual growth and reveal untold secrets that will not always be comfortable. It will also help you meet one of your true spiritual teachers, one that will align with your desired practices and goals but that will guide and train you to the most powerful and profound levels of knowledge and practice, and correct any mistakes you might be making.

Mastering your body can take years, honing your mind can take decades, and spiritually perfecting yourself… will be a lifelong journey, with many challenges.

And yet for those who feel an intense, inevitable calling to pursue spiritual arts, Sage Immortal will be their faithful companion throughout the years – and make no mistake, Sage Immortal is for those with a true, sincere desire to become something greater. It does not care about flashy occurrences, but about true inner growth that leads you to spiritual mastery.

If your desire for spiritual mastery is true and sincere, then Sage Immortal will help you discover the answers that only you can find.

If you are ready to become the Sage Immortal…

Order now.

Includes Ultima Bonus and access to the exclusive Subliminal Club Black forum (formerly the Alchemist forum). Upon purchase, enter a ticket with your order number and forum name for access!


OMFG… I’m on Alchemist st. 1 and I’ve been thinking about when Subclub would release a single stage spiritual sub for the last three days.

Thank you so much for creating this!




:clap::clap::clap: Perfect Timing

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wow! namaste !

Sounds pretty awesome, not for me personally right now but will help a bunch of people here. Incredible work as always SubClub.

I saw the SubClub Black thing earlier when I was checking out the products, this explains it!

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Lol, we did that on purpose. :wink:
Was wondering why no one had posted about. And usually @Malkuth (I think) makes crazy accurate guesses.


Thank you

I saw new “Main Disc. Thread” and immediately went to shop to buy (and bought) without even researching

I have too many customs now to add anything but main products are such good value…so why not?

Sage sounds cool.


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you


See you in 2023, in a custom sub

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hm…I love to know more about self …reality …manifestation and magick…but to take the spiritual path ?I am not sure I want to do that…does it mean take it as a mission in life?like a lifetime career or something ?or just a lifetime hobby ?there is something I want in it…there is also something I am not sure of it…I dont know what to make of it…maybe I will wait until next year I finish my Alchemist‘s journey


@SaintSovereign @Fire

I’m concerned some people’s enthusiasm might get the best of them.

If someone doesn’t run Alchemist first, what are the possible difficulties they might encounter?


I’ve noticed some people I would have tagged are already here.






I know there are probably other people. I’m sorry if I forgot to mention you.


Having a deep spiritual life can spread into every aspect of your reality for the better, and yes, it can contribute to your financial and emotional success. For example, one of the reasons Subliminal Club is becoming so successful is the fact that we consider ourselves very self-actualized, with a rich inner spiritual and emotional life.

We’re very convicted in what we believe in – for example, taking out anti-piracy scripting in our early days because we were adamant that we’d rather focus on cultivating a strong customer base of honest people and not subject them to scripting that could hinder their progress.

Or, another example, how we refuse to be in the limelight or present ourselves as “above” someone because we want you all to be your own heroes rather than seeing us as something other than intelligent entrepreneurs with a passion for helping others find their inner strength. These things contribute to the “feel” of Subliminal Club, and we really believe that it contributes to our success and rising popularity.

These choices are direct extensions of who we are, and we wouldn’t have discovered that, nor would we have become as convicted if we DIDN’T spend significant time exploring who we are spiritually.

Don’t neglect the power of these types of titles. They really do help you grow internally, which will spread to external results.


is the Ultima essentially the same as the masked, but in Ultima format? or is there something different?



It’s an awareness thing. Those who are new to subliminals are often filled with doubt and unable to see the start of results / the urges that will lead to a manifestation of results. After running your stack for awhile, you begin to grasp how you’re interacting with the titles and how they bring forth results in your life. Sage Immortal has a very strong focus on discovery of self and acquiring hidden, arcane knowledge. If you’re one of the types that has a really hard time “seeing” results, you may run into issues here. But, with enough exposure and taking action, things will begin to happen that you can’t ignore or hand wave away.


Same script in Ultima format.


Just check the sub I was build for my spiritual side in 2023 seems I will have to take out either remote viewing or Astral projection since this title will help with alchemist core