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*Rebirth has been upgraded and is now available in Ultima format . Ultima is the pinnacle of subliminal technology. Get results in as little as ONE loop in the first few days. Read more about Ultima here . Note that Ultima titles are ONE file — a masked subliminal with an embedded ultrasonic subliminal.

Rebirth will help you rise from the proverbial ashes, completely reborn and ready to take on the world. Rebirth urges your subconscious to cast away any preconceived notions of who you were in the past, and helps you create a new internal model of who you are and your place in the universe. With Rebirth, you will reframe your views with blinding speed, allowing you to sculpt your new identity with ease. Rebirth stacks well with ANY of our titles, and will greatly boost the results of your entire subliminal stack.

Rebirth will help create the perfect environment for you to achieve any inner changes you desire, and will to show you what you need to work on and how. Note, Rebirth can be an unforgiving taskmaster. Breaking yourself down and becoming reborn is no easy task, but in many times, it’s a necessary process to help you grow toward greatness.

Painful memories will lose all color, turn grey and fade away, as if they have happened to you in another reality. Negative emotions will fizzle out, losing their hold over you, giving you back your power. The influence of toxic people will disappear from your life.

Any and all negative beliefs that didn’t originate from your own mind will become obvious, allowing you to easily shed the shackles placed upon you by society. No longer will you need to suffer the pain of the past — you can now be reborn.

What would you do if you had the opportunity and the power to shape your beliefs and your innermost depths in any way you desire?

Are you ready to rise akin to a phoenix?

If so, order now.

And YES, as usual – if you’ve already purchased Rebirth, it’s a free upgrade. It should already be in your account.

Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima

Yas you guys are fast ey !
Before we can play two loops you release the next one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sounds interesting, I am leaning towards trying this one today. Seems to come at the right time.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


wow i am gob smacked young Saint :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to running this with my stack, my AKG K52 are on the way.
Is it still any beneficial to run on my normal earphones?


Good lord! That’s great news :slight_smile: Thank you Saint!!


Will run one loop before my custom


I wish I could run all Ultima titles because they are all very interesting but I’m afraid of a too heavy reconciliation . Why are you doing this to us Saint? :joy:


Based on reading the description, it seems like Rebirth Ultima is the most powerful title among the stack modules / supercharger line.
If our current perceptions, thoughts, emotions, behaviors that are limiting (Limits Destroyer addresses this), negative (Sanguine addresses this), weak or meek (Godlike Masculinity addresses this) are preventing us from achieving our ultimate goals, then why not just be reborn so that all of these no longer exist?

@SaintSovereign: Is Supreme Rebirth from Primal Seduction part of Rebirth Ultima?

Main Disc. Thread - Ultima

This one has me curious how hard it’s gonna hit. The original rebirth was heavy for me. But it made some massive shifts in me as well.


Just did my first loop of Rebirth Ultima about 20 mins ago. Currently it’s not hitting hard at all.


My LD ultima only hit around an hour after


Don’t expect anything instant until you’ve reached a various amount of loops on Ultima products, besides it really starts to kick in after 3 hours or so.


Lol we will see. If it’s still smooth after a couple hours I’ll be impressed.


Interesting, thanks for the info. Does it matter if it’s 3 loops in a day, or 1 loop each for 3 days? I’m not doing more than 1 loop for now, based on my experiences with the Ultima experiments.


I guess it depends on the program, on Ultima A I could push 3 loops but with Ultima Beyond Limitless I could barely run 2 loops without burning-out, and I wasn’t even running anything else besides that.

I’d recommend 1 loop a day if you’re running a Custom alongside it. Of course overtime when you get accustomed to the Ultima Title you’ll be able to increase loops.


Just a question out of curiosity, all the alpha titles have Rebirth right eg. Stark core? :see_no_evil:


Yes they do…


Yes also in the mandatory core of all customs I believe


How did you know that, my favorite A.I. of SubClub?