Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless ZP v2

Now available! For those who have purchased in the past, the upgraded version will be available in your downloads within an hour or two of this message (or sooner, keep refreshing).


@SaintSovereign Thank you so much. I have a question. I know optimism is a major part of a lot of the subs. Is it a part of every sub? Say I run this. Will I be optimistic about how intelligent I am?

I just noticed that QL is still labeled as ZP V1

Great. Currently starting ST1. Next listening on Monday.
Current stack:
First cycle
Day 1: Emperor Black+ Quantum Limitless St1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Custom with Stark & RICH plus other modules

Great timing. Thanks!

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The script is still running. When your order updates, you’ll see v2 listed.

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My mistake. I should have read the entire post

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How is it going jcast?
Do you like it?

Holy shit.

Thank you for this one.

This is going to be awesome. ZPv2 is GOATED.

I’ll update y’all on Wednesday when I run my QL loop.

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Are you going to run this soon? @Alphamale

I ran it an hour ago
Recon hit after sometime
And ZP v2 seems so smooth
Cuz the ZP perceptual shift is so subtle.
You barely feel if you ran the sub

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ZPv2 is both subtle and in your face.

It is genuinely the best update SC has ever done to their tech. It is shockingly amazing.


Yeah, kind of

It’s going OK. Probably too soon to really notice much although I did knock out quite a bit of my coding course this morning besides doing some chores and errands. I really want to stack this with Emperor Black and Executive or Limitless Executive. Be ridiculously focused and get so much done. I think I have decided to hold off on any mental or emotional healing until our living situation changes for the better. It just feels like I make progress but not really because of how toxic this place is


It’s funny you say that, I’ve been running Emperor Black with QL stage 3 so far and it’s been great for ‘zoning in’ and under control. But Emperor Black has made me want to heal more than any other sub I’ve ran prior, so I’ve actually started Regeneration as a result.

It’s been going well, but I think I want to ramp things up a little more with Dragon Reborn stage 1. Regeneration is nice and subtle, but I’m wondering if a punch in the face in the form of DR might be something I need.


Refardless of the fact that I admire and respect your journey.
I recommend you not lose sight of your goal for now.
What I mean, for example me myself want to apply for studying abroad. That is my goal.
So it’s detrimental for me to add WANTED, but good to add RICH crypto, since I can day trade and study. So all is good.
My current stack: QL ST4, EB:TOG, RICH crypto.
I think the mlst important thing for someone is to get financially independent. From that point you can navigate reality with much more self-assurdness.

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Yeah I definitely agree with that.

Thank you, this is important to think about definitely.

I have short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and I feel that the point of healing is tie up loose ends that may prevent me from further growth in the future. Mentality is crucial to success, and I want to be sure that my mentality is ready for anything and everything.

Consistency is the key to success, and mentality is the key to consistency. This is what I want to address in order to accomplish my long-term goals.

Maybe I should hesitate about playing DR, a part of me think Regeneration is doing its thing so I should just continue but another part is telling me to embrace the fire of the dragon because it’s still a good time to do so. I’m still building up for my personal launch next year, so DR would be great foundational work for that.

Still a lot to reflect on.

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Sorry for possibly silly question, but what do you mean by '‘subtle’ exactly?

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Yes, after all you are the one who has a much better view of his circumstances. Not others.
One thing which will come with EB is wisdom.

For example perfectionism, EB literally integrated that part of my shadow. Like nowadays when I am unproductive, I know that I will get productive when recon fades and I am ok and not depressed by the fact that I am unproductive at the moment. Bur EB will kick you ass anyways :joy:.

When something is subtle, more keen attention and observance is needed to notice it.


That is hilarious and fascinating, because perfectionism for me was also the first trait that I identified as requiring healing when I started Emperor Black.

Whether or not I’ve integrated perfectionism into my shadow self, is hard to say, mostly because I still have yet to fully understand the concept of the shadow self enough to be able to claim anything about it.

With that said, I can definitely say that Emperor Black confronted me immediately with the toxic nature of perfectionism, within the first week of running it. Very fascinating stuff.


Wish you all the best

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For example this.
This an IELTS writing exercise, like gives you a paragraph and tells you to answer these questions. Before EB, I was like why are these guys telling me to learn this, you should be able to know the best ways to learn alpha not relying on a book. But I just said to myself when the thought popped up a minute ago: so what? These guys put years and years to learn how a student can learn IELTS writing by doing which exercises and you not knowing that does not reduce from your value.
PS: Maybe also QL had affect since I “accepted” the new way to study.