Main Disc. Thread - Primal ZP

Now available! If you purchased Primal ZP in the past, the new version is already in your downloads!


can you please give some details on what can be expected with this?

how is primal ZP better/different then Primal ?

and how is Primal ZP different then Primal Seduction ZP?

This might be a good title to run for exactly 1 stack cycle to integrate it quickly and get up to speed on sexuality.

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That’s what the sales page and this entire journal website is for. Do some digging. These two titles have been around plenty long that you can find info.

Better? That’s subjective. Different? PS includes S&S :wink:

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Okay now this is a weird coincidence, I was just thinking since I plan to keep running stark I could add primal instead of primal seduction to add that sexual edge that I’m looking for, not that stark doesn’t have that but I find that I’m much more eager in approaching and talking to women with the intention of getting laid on primal and primal seduction.


I, too, was thinking about a Primal Stark, just for the extra sexual edge he is lacking compared to Emperor. Hmmm…

@SaintSovereign why would one run Primal instead of skipping straight to PS?


Primal - inner sexuality
Primal seduction - outer sexuality


I kid you not, primal stark and ME have been on my mind today :rofl:

I think I might run primal today instead of chosen, to test the waters, but I might end up keeping it.

Mainly because of the pure raw, animalistic confidence I felt the first I used it as a Qv2. I felt like hungry wolf at the gym :rofl:


Some men enjoy the wild and carefree aspects of Primal and do not want to involve themselves with techniques which is the Sex & Seduction part of Primal Seduction.


Exactly, and this is the reason why this is also more stackable with WANTED, because PS doesn’t mesh with WANTED as well.


Oh yes. Perfect combo. Haven’t tried it yet but I can see them working very well with each other. Wild and Nonchalant. Freedom and Frame.

Awesome :ok_hand:

EDIT: since Khan was initially based on Primal scripting, hopefully my Khan + WANTED stack will bring those qualities out as well. ZP is different in some regards ofcourse so am interested to find out what happens.


I feel surprisingly chill and easy-going from primal ZP. May be the ZP scripting helping to enhance this feeling. I don’t mind this cause of the grand sense of relaxed confidence I have surging through me right now. I’ll have to see how this plays out socially later on.


I’d say it’s both.

If you REALLY want to focus on your inner game, get primal solo. If you want the mixture and can wait for your inner game to fully bloom, run PS, which covers both.

As always, broader subs might take longer for certain results to occur.


I feel like a great iterative approach may be to run primal for 45 days then graduate to PS after that.

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Yes it is.

The same way one goes like this:

Ascension → Ascended Mogul → Ascended Mogul + Limitless → Ascended Mogul + Limitless + Sex Mastery → Emperor


Primal → Primal Seduction → Primal Seduction + Daredevil → Primal Seduction + Daredevil + Mogul → Khan


Mogul? Libertine might be more appropriate. I suppose you wanted to capture the wealth aspect of Khan.

And thankfully we can do 3-stack runs because I plan for a faster progression than this :slight_smile:

Yes. And also since Mogul is mentioned in the Khan sales page.

I remember really liking the feel of this sub, just that raw sexual inner feeling, totally shameless and powerful. Not going to play this due to Khan already being crazy intense in this department for me. Although highly recommend this sub to any guy that feels he lacks in showing sexual intent or desire freely for women.


here’s my first impression of Primal ZP.
seems like my mind told me that I don’t need it.