Main Disc. Thread - Primal ZP

This was my first SC sub and after reading the description, I can see why I bought it. It’s getting harder and harder to chose a stack from the growing list of ZP subs!


I did today my first loop of Primal ZP

I am in a very good mood
I have fun

I could realese some traumatic experience.
I have the notion that there is abundantly enough for me in this world.
My balls are bursting confortable
I like to have raw sex
I see Sexuality as healthy


That tutorial parallel you made, was this made in the mindset of already being successful in dating, or beforehand and once you started to listen to the sub you quickly developed the mindset and in turn you started to gain what people call PCC vision ( which from now on I’m gonna use my own coined phrase, social vision) but from the sex and seduction part of PS

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Since before.

Remember, primal is strong, but it still is kind of a foundational sub, and I’m someone who had 9 months of commitment with WANTED (first Qv2 then ZP), so it kinda felt like I was trying to download the same “sexuality expression” that I already had a(n objectively) better version of.


I like it very much

Primal is pure sexual fire


what exactly does this mean?

can you please give some actual practical effects you have seen?

what exactly is “sexual fire”?

what exactly does that mean in practical terms?

is anyone currently running this solo?

what results have you seen?

It hasn’t been out for a week, what type of response do you even expect to get…

i see effects from most products within 3 loops and usually within first 2.

this includes the last version of Primal which i used and saw results within the first 3 loops.

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Yeah, I agree. My next variant of my current custom is planned around HS/Wanted/Primal cores


Its energetic sexual fire

Its energy in Form of fire

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i still do NOT understand.

are you saying it has increased your sexual energy/horniness?

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You can’t understand that with your head/logic

Its energy in yourself that burns like a fire.

Sexual fire


Primal does actually create a fiery heat in your stomach.

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Primal almost seems like a healing sub to me?

Healing all the masculinity issues instilled by society? Can anyone confirm? Just being truly yourself as a man? openly?


I would agree with that, and anything that suppresses your natural sexual instincts adds to the shame and pressure you put on yourself.


I’m pretty sure that the original version specifically had scripting dedicated towards healing (as per the store page), so you’re definitely right about that.


The description on the sales page seems like it could be read in that way:

Primal sales page:
The subliminal that will guide you on letting go of all inner beliefs that are useless in your dating and sex life, the subliminal that will guide you on how to do whatever you desire, on how to act however you want, and in the process, achieve the sex life you have dreamed of.


Ancient post…



Not to be confused with gonorrhea, which causes burning during urination. LOL