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You used to have excellent results with Wanted and PS

Am i wrong?

It’s already been pointed out, but that definitely sounds like overexposure.

If you’re in an overexposed, overloaded, angry, frustrated and high recon state… then of course, you won’t be very approachable.

If I listen to LBFH for a year, 2 loops everyday (nobody ever do this)… you can damn sure bet that I won’t ever feel any positivity for the entire year. I’ll also be overexposing and making my recon even worse. How will I reconcile beliefs, process scripts and express them in a succinct and stable manner if I am overexposing?

So, yeah… I don’t know your listening habits but if you’re listening to 15 minutes then try 5 or 3. Go less… You can also listen less frequently. There is also the 30s micro-loop option.

There’s no reason to be so pessimistic when you can get amazing results, transformations and begin kicking ass simply by changing your listening habits.

It’s not like the subliminals are doing absolutely nada for you, because you’ve shared clear results in your journals, lol.


Has anyone tried WANTED + Primal ZPv2 together?


On sunday (after 5 days washout from DR) I started listening to Primal + LBH 15 minutes each.
Last night (monday) I had sexual dreams, quite rough and violent to be honest.

At the end of my year of DR I “naturally” stopped being interested in porn, I don’t know how many days I haven’t watched since I don’t count but I’d say almost 2 months.
Also, last time I had sex was 3 weeks ago.

Despite this I have never had during this period this kind of dreams.

EDIT. I must had that yesterday I was quite tired and had headache in eveninig, maybe 15min is too much?

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It goes DOWN in the Netherlands! :joy:

“Excuse me, sir? May we attend to your nethers?”


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Just did my third listen of Primal yesterday… Last night I dreamed of being at a gas station, I got out of the car to let the gas station attendant do his job.
Outside there was a kind of village festival (at a gas pump lol), I took a walk and suddenly at least a dozen women started “buzzing around me” like bees on a flower.

Primal is witty!


I’m quite amazed honestly.
Even in waking life I’m receaving a lot of attention from women, smiles, glances etc…
This after a week.

Let’s see how this unfolds


Is it just me or is this kind of wild?

maybe I’m reaching, but it seems like you’ve basically manifested a scenario where naked women are asking to have sex with you.


From my journal after running the sub for the first time last night:

I listened to Primal last night and I already can tell that it’s kicked in as I feel even more relaxed and careless in social situations. On top of that, I’m getting urges to be primal and violent that are totally under my control. They feel quite pleasant, I must admit.

Last night I dreamed about joining a fascist organization and being a part of something much greater than me and much more… primal and powerful.

It seems to me that Primal has started communicating with my shadow and maybe even is trying to unleash it.


From my journal:
As I expected, Primal has enlivened my life since my social interactions are way less serious and way more playful. Also, the attention I had been getting from my female students has increased significantly. I feel way '“lighter” than I used to when listening to EB:ToG. My mood is excellent and… it’s great to feel like “human” again. Also, my masculine essence has got denser. The essence in the form of calmness and solidity. Being just “a rolling stone” deep inside.


From my journal (I played Primal only once so far since I will be playing it every four days):

Primal seems to be the most natural phase of the whole subliminal evolution after one is done with emotional healing and unbinding from the artificial limitations imposed on lots of men. Primal is indulging in the purest essence of masculinity and progressing to GLM seems to be the most obvious next step in order to refine what was given back to the one thanks to Primal.


I stopped listening to EB:ToG a couple of days ago and it still drives me to many insights and conclusions. This time it’s related to running Primal and the whole idea of alpha and beta males. I say there are no alpha and beta males but men with minds and men with raped minds. Mentally healthy man is what society calls “alpha” and mentally “unhealthy” man is what it calls “beta”. Humankind hasn’t been working in the alpha and beta way (in the biological/primal sense) for centuries. Primal is the way to sanity.


You think that after one loop or after one cycle??

One loop. Naturally, we need to take into account my whole subliminal journey and the fact I just finished a two month EB:ToG run.

I’ve purchased Primal. I’m taking a cycle off of my custom. I’m going to run Primal in its place. I’m really looking forward to the ride. More fun and just to stir things up a bit after 6 cycles on my custom.


Primal is something else bro you will love it.

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I decided to hold off. I want to get in 4-6 cycles of DRLD first. Then I’m thinking Ascension or Genesis and then Primal!


Noooooo I was gonna follow your progress, now everything is ruined :frowning:


Stewie is the best


That’s a good plan. Also sympathies to @Deadpool :slightly_smiling_face: