Main Disc. Thread: Paragon Complete Ultima (Formerly Primarch Complete)



Note: Paragon is NOT a substitute for a qualified medical professional and healthcare. Go to your appointments, listen to your doctor, be mindful of your health. Click here and please read the medical disclaimer in its entirety before purchasing or using this title.

The first fully focused physical shifting and healing subliminal is here. Introducing…

Paragon Complete Ultima.

Paragon Complete is the one and only subliminal you need if you desire to heal yourself, reduce symptoms and lessen pain.

An incredibly tall task for any subliminal to claim to be able to do – but here at Subliminal Club, we believe in breaking the limits of what is possible.

Developed over many months and boasting incredibly impressive physical changes, Paragon utilizes our newest, cutting edge physical shifting technologies to hone in on any ailments you might have, track down its source, and steadily work on healing the core of your illness, while lessening any discomfort you might have due to it.

During development, Paragon continuously kept astonishing us more and more – and not just us, but the doctors involved in its testing! Yes, for Paragon, we went as far as to specifically recruit nurses and doctors alongside our usual testers, as well as normal people with no previous subliminal experience.

The testing has been incredibly complex, extensive, spanning many months and many illnesses, so we will talk of two cases only.

The first case, and the most uniform, is treating headaches and migraines. Our testers (a couple of nurses included) who suffered from incredibly painful migraines were in disbelief after running a single loop of Paragon and resting – their migraines dissipated rapidly, and they were lulled into a restful sleep.

The second case was a short case study of a tester who was diagnosed with a very alarming, complex cyst of 1.9cm on a kidney, with high chances of it being cancerous and an operation likely needed. The tester asked us to test the latest Paragon version with name embedding – we obliged and rolled him into our Paragon testing program. The tester listened to a month of Paragon before having another in-depth check up and scan with the same doctor.

The scans returned with a reduced size of 1.5cm and changed diagnosis – a simple cyst, benign (no risk of cancer). The doctor mentioned he never saw such a swift change for the better, and no operation was needed anymore.

There are two things you need to know before running Paragon.

First and foremost, Paragon is NOT a substitute for your doctor and healthcare. Go to your appointments, listen to your doctor, be mindful of your health. Even with such impressive results, physical shifting can be very dependent on a multitude of factors. Paragon is NOT a magic pill that will cure you of your illness, no matter what it is. It is NOT a magic pill that will cure cancer, mental illness, stroke, etc.

Use it as a supplement to your healthcare, and be mindful of how much you listen to it… which brings us to…

Second – Paragon can knock you out. It can be quite taxing on the system, and it can lull you into sleep very quickly. Some of our testers that are medical personnel described it feeling like a dose of morphine in how it makes you want to sleep and rest. This means, be careful of where you listen and of how much. Too many loops and you will be too tired. Oftentimes, a single loop was found to be enough to stop a headache/migraine dead in its tracks (some reported as quickly as 5-10 minutes into a loop), while for physical shifting in the kidney cyst case study there were multiple loops a day, from 3 to 6, which resulted in tiredness throughout the day for the tester.

With Paragon Complete Ultima, you have an incredibly powerful tool with you that will serve you for the rest of your life. Use it whenever you have pains, soreness, injuries, an illness, or even feel a cold encroaching. Use it wisely, use it responsibly.

If you are ready to become the Paragon of health…

Order now.


Congrats on the new release. Sounds like a big step forward.

Really hope that you can make a sleep aid ultima to be used right before bed based on this technology at some point. I assume this shouldn’t be used as one?



Thank you.


Okay, people, so…

Health Codex
Harmonic Singularity

I’m just sayin’

You adding anything else into that hypothetical custom Ultima, @RVconsultant? Serum X? Epigenetics and DNA Modulator?


and it’s finally here. Wow is all I can say.

Added this on my list


Three things…

First thanks for tagging me because I know I don’t see everything on this forum.

Second yes I will add something to your list.

Third this is AMAZING!


Take your pick dude:

Serum X
Epigenetics and DNA Modulator
The Architect

I have complete faith in you picking something that will do you good for yourself.

Why do I think @Joa93 might want to have a look at this?


Thanks for the @ man! Im really happy for the Paragorn release, so much that Im buying it right now.

Im putting my current stack in hold.

The only question is should I run it by itself or with Elixir Ultima. :thinking:


Could wait until it’s in Q store and make a Paragon/Elixir custom


Sounds like a good idea… with other modules like Asclepius.
For now Im doing the regular store versions


Amazing work!

This is a possible something to get my boyfriend involved in subs properly. He’s previously had cancer and all sorts, and is currently ill as he vomits whenever he eats mainly anything.

This combined with support from his doctors would possibly be amazing. Exciting times.


Big Pharma, watch out :sunglasses:

I am definitely grabbing this one in the next couple of days.

Have you had any testing results on female exclusive pains? Also, if not, you could make a sub marketed for that :grin:

Edit: Another question; regarding Recon, would it also be appropriate to use Paragon for that as well, or Sanguine is the go to? @SaintSovereign


@raphael How about stacking it with DR?


This was my second guess for the diamond ultima contest, was going to say a sub that releases all pain and make you migraines disappear makibg the mind crytal clear lol well done subclub


Yes, definitely waiting for @Raphael to log on and discover this.

oh, it was completely hypothetical. Just a thought experiment for fun.

For myself, I’d start out with just Paragon alone. Stacked with my healing custom, and probably played at night.


This was formerly Primarch? I thought Primarch included more than healing…


Did you test it with people who are having myopia / shortsightedness and did Paragon had any effects there? @SaintSovereign


He’s going to be so happy.

@Neurokinetic would this be good for you too?!


It would’ve been better for me 2 week - a month ago :stuck_out_tongue: haha Now I’m doing much better (as far as I know)

Looks interesting though, I’m definitely eyeing it. That said, I was just telling @RVconsultant earlier how I’m swamped with my stack already (6 hours/day listening time) so I’m weary about adding yet another title in.


Pretty impressive, might try it out one day certainly :slight_smile: