Main Disc. Thread - Executive ZP v2

Upgraded version now available! If you’ve purchased it in the past, the upgraded download will be available within an hour of this post!


@SaintSovereign There are 2 files called The Executive ZP V2 ?

I just checked, there’s only one in the backend. Can you send me a private message with a screenshot?

I don’t know why this sub doesn’t get that much love, its the ultimate productivity sub


@AnswerGroup I tried building a custom with The Executive, which in the build process is called “Executive Ultima Core,” but I wasn’t able to complete the custom.

I got a red error message at the top of the screen that “Executive Ultima Core was removed from your cart as it is not available for purchase right now.”

Even though I already own Exec.

So obviously it’s not being registered by the build process.

Submitted a support ticket as well, thanks!

id #19327

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Tagging @RVconsultant ^

Someone please tell me WHY IS THIS SUB SO SLEPT ON??


I don’t think it’s slept on I think people just prefer Limitless Executive because it has the executive, plus extra intelligence scripting.

I like the way one person put it, Limitless Executive gives you all the productivity of Executive, for work, but when you’re not working that Beyond Limitless boost is amazing for relaxing, reading, hobbies, meditating, impulse control so you don’t scroll before bed, etc.

I’ve usually ran LE because I wanted the verbal fluency and multiple streams of thoughts for sales, but now I’m looking to add in Executive for that DEEP development of action taking tendencies.

Thing is, Exec causes a lot of people recon because that action taking is so foreign to them - LE lightens the load, either because the brain boosting makes it easier to take action, or because the action-taking scripting is slightly less intense than traditional Exec


I notified staff.

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yeah for me atleast, the intense action taking and lighter script has been able to make me process it much faster

Its literally giving me AM-Emperor Level Work Ethic which is amazing cause I have Stark which already has the brain boosting


@Fire @SaintSovereign Is this right? Is Executive much shorter than Limitless Executive or are they the same length?

First of all, I was saying LE is easier for me personally and the scripting feels easier to process than the Exec.

Second of all, I’m not commenting on the overall scripts, I’m just commenting on the “The Executive” scripting INSIDE of limitless executive.

I don’t know for sure, but the “The Executive” scripting inside of The Executive probably hits deeper than the one inside LE. LE is two subs in one so IIRC it’s both scripts, hitting almost as deep for both but not quite.

It’s only The Executive part that gives me recon, personally, so even if LE is 1.5x the size of The Executive, it doesn’t feel that way for me

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Yeah I was wondering how hard it would hit compared to just having the executive alone,

Ran LE today and was able to focus for like 2HRs straight lol this sub just puts me in genius mode

Executive has me completing all the tasks and whats necessary, eliminating whats not needed

LE has me completing the tasks and doing more than whats necessary


Did this get resolved?

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yes thx :slight_smile:

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I want to make sure… Did this get resolved?

I’m not sure, I went back to the drawing board on the custom and the only way I’d be able to find out again is hitting “order” on a custom I am not 100% sure on.

I may have to rethink how I use subs when it comes to running 3 subs at a time vs running 2 or 1. I thought I would post this here since this thread looks lonely and I’m running the executive in a stack with AM and DR LD.
Certain subs I can feel quick like ascension for instance because the script is small compared to the bigger subs. I been running AM, the executive, and DR LD for about 2 weeks now and for the first 10 to 12 days I was wondering are these subs even doing anything ? I wasn’t feeling that push to be productive or ambitious like I was expecting. But then it started to hit. I’m slowly feeling that push to be productive and not waste time on my ps4 or watching YouTube vids etc. Since I’m running 3 subs it’s going to take time for my brain to process everything and start implementing the script. It’s likely going to take another cycle after or even a 3rd to rev the engines up for this stack to take off like I want it. Which is probably why im probably going to stop running 3 subs and switch to 2 or 1 so I can rev up the power of my stack sooner rather then later. By running less subs in my stack I’m going reach the results I’m looker for quicker vs running a 3 stack and having to run that stack a few times just to start feeling something