Main Disc. Thread - Emperor: House of Medici v2

Now available! For those who have purchased it in the past, the download will be available in your account within two hours (or sooner, please refresh).


@SaintSovereign : You mentioned that HoM is scripted differently than other subs. Any significant differences we should expect from HoM ZP v2 vs HoM ZP v1?


I love this type of question. As much as SC advice against exciding more than 3 ZP. It will be good to have a table with scale or density of certain titles for potential experimentation at user’s responsibility.

Can we have something like that from the producers?


@Salchichon : I highly doubt that @SaintSovereign would ever give us a comparative density scale because people would start using it to try to circumvent listening and stacking instructions.
As long as he gives us the info specifically for this sub, I’m good.:joy:


Many characters!

That’s true.

And another reason for not creating a density scale is that such a scale would probably be deceptively straightforward and easily misinterpreted.

In order to create a density scale, one would have to focus exclusively on the script and the build methods. In other words, the focus would be purely on the subliminal tech itself. But this would exclude one of the most important variables in the process. It would overlook an element that ultimately determines the final density of the subliminal listening experience:

You. The Listener.

The subliminal combines with the characteristics, environment, and history of the user to create the final processing density.

This is not just a technicality. It’s a highly significant factor.


The novel Ulysses by James Joyce is generally regarded as dense reading.

The story of The Three Little Pigs is generally regarded as light reading.

What if, as an English speaker, you get a copy of The Three Little Pigs that is written in ancient Sumerian cuneiform?

It’s still going to be dense for you; even though for a fluent reader of Sumerian it would probably be pretty light.

When it comes to our various domains of growth (in other words, the domains addressed by various subliminal programs), we all have ‘native fluencies’ in different areas.

A script that one person finds dense to process will be experienced as light by someone else.

As such, the proposed scale would only be able to address objective script density and build density.

Receiving such a table, many users here would simply overlook the multitude of other important factors (i.e., factors other than script and build strength) that can influence Processing Density (which, in the end, is what we care about). The table would be quoted on this discussion forum and misused as a final, conclusive standard of the experiences that people SHOULD be having.

It could lead, therefore, to more confusion than clarity.


I’ve been waiting for this one to drop. Goes into my stack rotation for my next listen on Monday. So psyched to try V2 of this sub out. Thank You @SaintSovereign!


Thank you for the upgrade on this title.

I am going to try it out ASAP. ASAP being Tuesday.




Is anyone going to run all three Emperor single stage titles as a stack?

Emperor Black
Emperor HOM


@honeymonster was running that stack (Triple Emperor) at one point


This is a very interesting stack. However, HoM was recommended after having an important source of income if I remembered correctly.

I mean, looking for the long term goals of HoM.

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That’s no longer the case. Look at the sales page.

However I recommend having a good financial base before you start or having finished EOG or at minimum having run EOG stage 1 multiple times.

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I sometimes wonder if it’s a process depending on your level of growth like other titles. I didn’t understand for quite some time why it’s recommended to run Ascension and possibly Emperor prior to running Dragon Reborn . It clicked with me this morning as to why.

I think that if a person isn’t in a place mentally, emotionally, and financially to have the ability to take the time that is needed to run that title .


@Salchichon : Subs work way better if the goals resonate with you. There are multiple wealth subs here. If you like and agree with what the objectives of a specific are, taking action will be easy. That’s the reason why I never run Stark. Fame and is celebrity status are things I want to stay away from. I’d rather strive and try to create massive wealth while being low key and growing my relationships at the same time. HoM is perfect for that.


I am currently running Emperor Black and Emperor:House of Medici.

Trying to avoid some of the Emperor scripting right now, but I ran it for like 6-8 months. So it’s most likely still working alongside my current stack.


HoM and EOG are going to remain in my stack for the next 12 months. In December 2023, I’ll see where it got me. Now the only thing I have to worry about is taking consistent action and finding a third sub that complements well those two.

Emperor black? Or emperor would be a nice addition …. It really depends on your goals …. You could it for a quarter each

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I think I’ll be rotating between Emperor, Lineage and maybe True Sell. I also designed a custom that I still have to get built.

Absolutely agree with you. Finding the right subs that reflect or enhance your current strengths makes for a much less tumultuous ride. I was running HoM, and Emperor as my primary stack last cycle with a sprinkling of Stark and Libertine once a week. I quickly realized that Libertine’s aura boost, while nice, wasn’t what I wanted. So I swapped that out. By the end of the Cycle I also realized that Stark wasn’t for me. It felt counter intuitive to running Emperor…

I am currently on my third cycle of Emperor, second cycle of HoM and now first cycle of EoG Stage 1. This stack resonates for me and with my current goals. I also find that all of the titles are complimentary to each other. Also, HoM has a fantastic social aspect to it that I feel is much more deep and profound than what I felt while running Stark.

I could be wrong as I swapped Stark out after a single cycle, but, as I am new to these subs, finding the right balance of what I identify with easily has become somewhat of my guiding post. My goal has always been to lock in a few subs that I will run for an extended amount of time. Less for me to think about while also getting the most mileage out of the programs and seeing the greatest amount of inner growth.