Main Disc. Thread - Emperor Fitness ZP

Available now. If you’ve purchased Emperor Fitness ZP (or any of the bundles), the new versions are available in your downloads.


Thank you! Looking forward to using this again. Just started a new Athleanx program. :muscle:


The cure for obesity is here!

Not until HERO comes to the rescue! :smiley:

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Now. You made me doubt about it. I will think while eating pizza… Emperor Fitness instantaneous reconciliation.

Mr. Invictus has arrived :sunglasses:


@SaintSovereign which one would be better for a bodybuilder?

also @SubliminalUser why don’t you use St1 EF for sleep issues?

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Since EF is the only option available at the moment, I would go with that.


Yeah that’s the thing, I’m not a patient person either :rofl:

If I’m not wrong, HERO might come out either April or a similar time as WANTED (mid may), so I could probably do 2 cycle of St3 + St4 till then :thinking:


Me, @GoldenTiger anr @Ingress are banning you from this.


are you starting fitness subs again btw?
also, what do you reckon would be better from the following:

  • St3 then st4
  • st4 straight way
  • st3 + st4
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Yes I am. I’m doing Spartan and Paragon for my first listening day and Emperor Fitness ST1 on the second.

Since you have used ST3 in your custom I feel like you could start off with ST4 and have no issues. Last time I listened to EF I went from ST1 to 3 so I probably could do the same but I wanted to see how effective ZP is by starting from ST1 again.

If you would have food to eat you wouldn’t be so bitchy!

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Okay so yesterday I tested EF st3 at 2 loops, before my workout, here are the things that happened/I noticed:

  • significantly better pumps, all my gym friends commented on it, asking me if I started using a new pre workout :smirk:.

  • I feel NO soreness at all today, and I went harder than usual yesterday.

  • I weigh .6kg more than yesterday (weighed right after waking up and going to the bathroom).

  • muscles seem fuller and feel much denser than before the loops.

St3 is probably worth the whole price of this sub :rofl: I mean, this sub is cheaper than a lot of the PEDs in the black market.

My plan with EF is as following:

  • cycle 1 and 2: bulk with st3
  • cycle 3 (and maybe 4): cut with st2
  • cycle 4 (maybe) and onwards: grow while maintaining a low body fat with St4.

Man i really wish we had some information on HERO. This sub sounds hella appealing, but without knowing what HERO will be about, and how it differs, itll be hard to make any kind of descision for wich one im gonna buy.


Or or or
You can do what I’m planning to:

First I do ME, Stark and EF st3,
Then AsC would replace ME,
Then EF st4 will replace st3,
Leading to my stack basically being AsC, Stark + EF st4,
So basically 2 major titles, and guess what would be the third :stuck_out_tongue:?


So umm
I’m at the gym for the 2nd time today :slight_smile:

I have observed so many things today from EF st3, I’m convinced that my test levels have gone to steroidal levels :rofl:


i remember feeling so strong on st 4 that i kept hesitating to ask here if i would fail a steroid drug test due to it’s power and always felt like i was cheating cuz everyone thought i was on roids


I have a blood test left to do xD

I could run St3 and do a blood test for testosterone :open_mouth:


Okay so imma write all the effects that lead to the aforementioned hypothesis;

  1. Beard is definitely darker and thicker overnight.

  2. Feeling extremely masculine (more than emperor tbh).

  3. Was too sexually aggressive today, my girl fell while we were walking after I had a DJ session with her kitty.

  4. Feeling bigger overnight and my weight went up by .6kg.

  5. My voice is deeper.

  6. I’m extremely motivated to the point where I went gym twice, and gave it my 110% both times.

  7. My erections feel stronger.

All this from EF st3.