Main Disc. Thread - Daredevil ZP

Available now! As usual, if you’ve purchased it in the past, the download is available in your account:


alright quickly, just wanna know a couple of things;

does it have a similar wits/social attitude as Stark ZP?
does it also have a celebrity/fame aura/effect?


Ok, this is real tempting to run. Wonder how it would compare to Stark zp?


ditching my Qv2s


This is already a more interesting title because of ZP. The notion of running this for just 45 days and getting what I need with ZP is much better than running it for (?) time in older tech.

What would also help, however, is an objectives list. I can’t properly build a stack around this title until that gets released.


Yeah, I’m thinking of adding Daredevil to my collection to eventually run it.

It has probably a more powerful focus on being social, which would be good for any occasion.

Anytime I see a new ZP title release:


More testing needs to be done to prepare the proper description. I like the approach SC has to describing their titles.

This title caught my eye too but on the other hand, I guess Stark paired up with Chosen cover up improving social prowess nicely although in another manner.


Are you going to release True Social too? Or will Daredevil ZP replace it?


@friday, this is something they are still, reflecting on, there are a couple of titles that are similar.

True social and Daredevil has different goal, I think true social is more of a state conditionning (like libertine, but geared more toward social rather than attraction).

Regarding PS, PS Iron Throne and PS Iron Throne Ultima, or even SM Ultima and SM X, the decision is not yet taken :+1:

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If they release true social, stack that baby with Daredevil and Stark. Go full social.

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@friday we can expect SC to consider stuff like this for a lot of ZP upgrades.

I donMt think so
Because as far as I know they have different purposes. True social is milder in courage in social interactions. But daredevil is more risk-taking

I like how @Dragon-Lesson put it for Daredevil vs True Social. Daredevil is for life of the party and True Social is 1 on 1


True social in ZP would be amazing. Like the sales page says, like drinking a few shots, relaxes you and makes it easier to connect with people without social anxiety.

Kinda like love bomb but with the focus on relaxation, reducing inhibitions, wit and deep connection during social interactions.

Would love to stack with stark Zp


Keep in mind dare devil is not just about being the life of the party. It really does help with public speaking, presentations as well as eveyday interactions.


With one to one intetactions ascension is your best option. It seems to give you that skill to listen and not just talk.

Can you detail ehy do you believe that is the case, please?

I really should have emphasized what I am saying is based on my personal experiences. Despite the fact I am extremely talented in my role there were always doubts that hindered me such as “saying the right thing” or “perhaps i should say this or I will offend”. My confidence in my abilities were always undermined by my doubts.

Then comes Daredevil it removed those doubts and obstacles allowing me to just speak whether i am speaking the "truth"or whether that truth only applies to a certain minority of people. It doesnt matter anymore because i have said what I have had to say. Rather then stressing what i am about to say and not saying a word.


Thanks man. Feeling free to speak what you think… did you run Emperor and if so, did you see a difference in this area between Emp and Daredevil?

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