Main Disc. Thread - Affiliate Program and Affiliate Manager

We’re pleased to announce that we are officially launching our affiliate program, with our very own @AlexSQ as our Affiliate Manager. Alex has been an affiliate with us for quite awhile now, and based off his stellar past performance, his drive and dedication to positivity and helping others reach their maximum potential, we decided to bring him on to help us expand the program. We’re very much looking forward to working with him, as his personal mission and ours completely align. He will be the main point of contact for all affiliate program related questions, and will be largely in control regarding who is accepted into the program, as well as shaping the future of the program. Let’s all please take a moment to congratulate him. Welcome to the SubClub team, @AlexSQ!

As for the affiliate program, we are still going to be a reserved regarding who is accepted. We prefer those who already have an established brand or following. We have a specific image we want to uphold, not to mention protecting ourselves from those who would try and cheat us. Anyone caught trying to purchase programs through their own link will be not only be removed from the affiliate program, but will no longer be able to purchase titles and customs from us in the future.

@AlexSQ will soon be coming up with concrete guidelines and preferences in regards to the type of content we’ll allow in marketing our products, but if you’d like to get your application in now, please fill out the application at:

More information coming soon, in the mean time, you can post questions and comments here.


Sounds incredible and like a great opportunity!
Congratulations @AlexSQ


Congratulations bro!! @AlexSQ

I still have no idea what an affiliate program is :rofl:

Ok I think I got it now.


The Spanish market is waiting for this great experience. Form submission OK.


Nice, @AlexSQ.

You are indeed the right man for the job.



bravo @AlexSQ !!


I wonder if for marketing purposes we could use the word “affirmations”? People are much more familiar with that term than “subliminal/mind/subconscious programming”. Naturally, informing what kind of affirmations those offered are, although, it seems to me that on YouTube they mix up both terms without any hesitation.

@SaintSovereign @Fire


We’ll discuss that with @AlexSQ, will get back with you.


SC affiliates, please, do remember that you’re going to deal with people that may know something about affirmations or even mind programming but most of them may have a little clue that’s why I would refrain from using our lingo and the manner of thinking at all and try to educate them in the simplest manner possible. I suppose that the easiest way to get by would be comparing what YouTube offers with what SC offers showing why SC offer is much more superior.


I wouldn’t use the word “affirmations” to describe the tech here. Since that’s not what it is. That would be disingenuous marketing.

We all learned the lingo around here, so can new people.


It’s more like using that term as an anchor to start with since lots of people know the term.

Why should they? People are lazy. Only when they see/experience the real benefits they will get motivated to learn that. And to get to that point we need to make it for them as simple and easy as possible.

Congratulations @AlexSQ !!

Great your adding more value to such an awesome endeavor


You know a certain Content Creator subliminal would be pretty killer for this… As they say in almost every affiliate/copywriting book or podcast I have consumed (that is in the hundreds or thousands) content is king.

Full Disclaimer: I just want this sub to build my podcast but it would be very benifical for reasons listed above for this affiliate program. Unfortunately I don’t think a history podcast would be a good match.

Also Congrats @AlexSQ !! I remember when I started here, your business was pretty small (if I recall correctly) but through action and the subs you have definently earned this. I thought your content and Subclub would go hand in hand.

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First of all I wanted to thank @SaintSovereign and @Fire for the opportunity!
Also funny story how this came about :smiley:

Also, thanks guys for the kind words and the welcome!

Now to topic:

I understand the basic idea. Subs are difficult to understand for newcomers and/or they’re like “is this satanic rituals?” I had these questions before. Also because we don’t know the script, people are sometimes hesitant.

HOWEVER, I agree with @Palpatine there. It would basically be lying. And I’ve tried these tactics in the past, it leaves a foul smell in people’s mouths. See, there are SO MANY scammers out there. People are fed up with snake oil marketing and these lambos and mansions claims (even though, SC subs are the closest to TRULY get you there fast :smiley: )

So what I’ve been doing is just calling them what they are “subliminal programs” and then go on to say, “MP3 Files that reshape your mindset and beliefs”
You can also use phrases like quantum science and stuff, which is not exactly lying, but sounds cool lol

Either way, you are representing SubliminalClub by affiliating for them, so be careful of shady tactics.

In my opinion, honesty works best. You might get less customers, but you get customers that buy MORE/trust you. This is worth MUCH MORE.

The lingo is of course, an issue. Then again, you usually need 5-9 touch points (i.e. videos, links, posts) before someone buys from you. At this point, they generally got a basic idea of what you’re talking about.

I’m sure this is in the works :smiley:

Thank you!

I actually went so far to pretty much streamline my entire business and products with subliminal use by SC. They became part of my life, so why not add them to the business?
I guess this also explains my success with affiliating for SC.

If you guys have more questions, send em over.

I have a lot planned for this affiliate program as well :slight_smile:

Let’s bring this magnificent tool to the masses in a positive light (and reshape the somewhat bad image of the subliminal industry in the process!)


Congrats to you @AlexSQ :tada:

I will def sign up in the near future. Please update us on platforms like YouTube channels and podcasts etc to give us an idea of how it’s done.

Also, the products are already dead cheap for the amazing changes and what you get back in return, will we get promotion codes as a selling method to bring more subconscious minds to this platform?


Congrats to AlexSQ!

I think calling them affirmations brings other problems too. If all the subs here did was repeat affirmations on an unconscious level, I would really demand to see the script with the affirmations. The reason why it is fair not to hand us the script is precisely that it is a proprietary technology different from that.


ROS Manifestation?



Yes, there will be an onboarding with videos on how I do it, how to grow traffic, how to get it going, these kinds of things :wink:

You really don’t need that. I already made thousands affiliating for SC products. Considering the low price point, discounts don’t really do anything for most, and it can even stop sales.
As in, if you constantly do discounts, people will wait for the next discount before buying anything. You might lose sales this way.
From my own experience, coupon codes lower the value of online products (or can do). Exception of course is the Arch Alchemist discount, because you worked for it :wink:

No, I’ve been affiliating for SC for about a year I think. This happened way before RoS :smiley:


So it would be rather about showing why and how much Zero Point is superior to even the most effective affirmations, based on the testimonials.

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