Main Dev. Thread - The Ecstasy of Gold (NOW AVAILABLE)



Can you please address my query ?


Honestly, I don’t have enough information to accurately give you what you need, so I was hoping for @SaintSovereign to answer. Since you asked right during his vacation, your message must have gotten lost among the many he needed to catch up on upon his return. I’m sure he’ll see it now that he’s been mentioned again.

Keeping in mind that like you, I know only what has been shared with us, this is what I think:

  • If you’re happy with the results you are getting with your current stack and these results are what you want/need, you could consider running it until you need something with a bigger punch. If nothing else, your current stack is laying a foundation that might make EoG’s work easier, leading to even bigger gains or allowing you to advance through the stages faster than if you started on it now.

  • EoG will guide you towards developing the skills you need, but in a more targeted way compared to Limitless, since it is focused solely on making you a 1-percenter. In other words, Limitless will help you learn everything better while letting you choose what to learn, while EoG will show you exactly what you need to learn and then help you learn that. If your goal is truly to focus on your professional life, then I expect EoG will do what you need it to do in the learning department.

  • If you feel that Rebirth and Limit Destroyer are helping you a lot, be mindful to run EoG Stage 1 for a long enough time, since it serves a similar purpose. But they are stacking modules, so you could also consider starting EoG on its own and adding Rebirth and/or Limit Destroyer back in later if you feel they can help you. I think EoG stage 1 & 2 lend themselves for such a stack. It could be worth a try to see if it works for you.

I think the first point is the most important one to consider. As much as I would love to get everybody hooked on EoG and writing their journals in the name of science, if your current stack is working well for you, giving you what you need, you should consider sticking with it a bit longer at least.

I hope I’ve given you some clarity until Saint gets back to you.


If you want to tailor your EoG results toward being a business executive, you have the ability to do so with EoG – it helps whatever you focus on. Just keep in mind that it’s a much more expansive program that will help instill traits that may not be the perfect fit for the corporate world. You’ll naturally become much more entrepreneurial, which can often clash with the rigid, hierarchical nature of a corporation.


Interesting. I really do want to start my own business though. Ever since I worked with someone that bought a house in Italy and called it his retirement. I guess I’m a bit scared to start off on my own. So many risks involved, many that I’m not familiar with. That’s the worst, the unresolved variables.

Plus, there is the fact that if it would occupy a great deal of my time, limiting the time I could spend on working on the rest of my areas of responsibility.

But I have noticed what you state. As I become more my own person, I take a lot less crap from people in the company hierarchy. Last year, I was let go from a project because I worked too hard, making the others look bad. Another time, I flat-out informed a manager he was micro-managing and it was detrimental to a successful outcome. My colleagues thanked me in private, the manager sabotaged my prospects since I had endangered his. Crab mentality. I would likely do a lot better as a solo entrepreneur or working with like-minded individuals, as compared to a corporate rat race.


@DarkPhilosopher : Here is the thing with entrepreneurship. it’s not for everyone. It’s more of a calling than anything else. It’s not even about money. There are countless ways to make money. Entrepreneurship is just one of them. A typical entrepreneur is someone who is fed up with a certain aspect of the world and wants to build something to create a change. They happen to make money as a result of that. In entrepreneurial circles we always say that there are entrepreneurs and wantpreneurs. Those are people who see the lifestyle and the freedom an entrepreneur enjoys but they see none of the daunting challenges.
If you want to jump in entrepreneurship, make sure it’s something you deeply aspire to. If you don’t have that desire to make money by building things and solving problems, a sub won’t help you.


Thank you for the detailed response @DarkPhilosopher.
You have made some great points. I will continue with my current stack for a while and then switch to EoG.


Dear @Fire and @SaintSovereign,
I wonder if Limitless version 2 is compatible with the EoG stage 1? Perhaps is embedded on it?
At least I would like to know if it won’t be detrimental to combine these two subs.
If you could expand the answer about combining limitless with total breakdown ST1 of Khan, we all would be very thankful.
We are waiting anxiously your answer.


Would it be best to run Khan in it’s entirety before running EOG?


Two different programs, two different purposes. I suppose it depends on what you wish to achieve and the timeframe you have given yourself to achieve it.

I have previously stated that I can see a certain benefit in running Khan Stage 1 on its own before starting EoG, since I believe that it fixes some things that will make EoG easier to work through. After all, some of the Khan’s qualities are definitely helpful to the successful entrepreneur. Whether I’m right remains to be seen and/or confirmed.

Running the entirety of Khan, however, is more a personal preference. If you have the time and want the Khan personality first, then by all means go ahead. It will likely help, as you suspect. If all you desire right now is swimming in money then do EoG first. EoG will work either way, the script was designed to.

Isn’t the freedom of choice wonderful? :wink:


@SaintSovereign I have seen you mention doing this previously in your journal, if one were to decide to focus solely on EoG could they before a date, or an event, or a social gathering run a more tailored sub like primal, sex mastery, daredevil, etc. for a few hours before? Or is this not recommended with these multi stage products?


Theoretically, yes. But you can’t just run it a few hours before – you’d need quite a bit of exposure. When coming up with your stack, determine what your needs are so you can get the constant exposure you’d need to see results.


Happened to just get online now myself ha. I thought I read that you and your girlfriend would run specifically sex mastery for just a couple hours while out, and then see great results later. My question was assuming a prior run of that specific sub and then just inserting it when needed for a particular one off event when running EOG. Not just coming in cold to a sub and expecting results from a few hours.
Should have clarified.

Anyway, I have seen the best results from simply setting and forgetting one single sub for a month. I have done enough dating in my life, so I think when I hit 3 weeks of my current run of Ascended Mogul v2 - I will switch to solely EoG one month on each stage. I need to get my business sorted and money taken care of.



Yes, Sex Mastery is an outlier. It’s such a “light” script that you generally don’t need TOO much exposure to see results.


Hi , But is it ok to use non subs , like for example binural beats( Only ) with this


Short: Binaural beats are fine. If you think it will help, go ahead.

Long: The rule is you can not use anything that tries to program your subconscious. In most cases, that means subliminals from other sources (anything not SubClub). Binaural beats don’t program you, they just change your state. So they won’t interfere.


Hi @DarkPhilosopher,

I have been mulling these points over for some time.

I would like to switch to EoG from Emperor (Been running it for 3.5 months now), as EoG is perfectly suited to my entrepreneurial goals. I am making a move to achieve these goals in 3 months, and want to take this major step with EoG support. I can use these 2.5 months for EoG Stage 1.

However I do want to run Limitless with EoG as I benefit from it a lot.

What are your thoughts and recommendations ?

Please advise.


You may run Limitless with EoG, just note that the results will be a bit muted from both due to EoG’s exceptionally large script.

When building your stack, keep in mind that EoG is going to overpower everything else. I’d start with an equal ratio of EoG loops to Limitless and go from there.


Thanks for stepping in @SaintSovereign.
I think I will go with just EoG then.


Thank you for the insight :slight_smile: . I was wondering since there are 4 sessions to the EoG , Will it be effective only for example if I play ST 1 continiously for 1 week and then the others also followed by 1 week or can I run all 4 of them in one session while I sleep ? ( From before I have been using only the masked session because I found that its a bit hard for me to use the ultrasonic since I sometimes have headaches with it and slight hearing issues ---- Though the ultrasonic subs have worked for me very well sometimes with a single session - I had been using Limitless and rerstoration subs. )


I would stick with EoG 1 for 1 or 2 months then move over to the next. The scripts are pretty big just by themselves. And listening to all 4 is not advised, it would be too much info on the subconscious at one time.