Main Dev. Thread - The Ecstasy of Gold (NOW AVAILABLE)


The ultimate pure wealth multi-stage subliminal is coming VERY soon. Introducing: The Ecstasy of Gold. For the person who desires to be a financial god amongst all with boundless wealth and productivity. As there are no romantic elements, EoG can be run by ANYONE, men and women alike.

No romance. No seduction. Just pure acquisition of wealth and complete financial independence. EoG has been in development since early February, and we’ve spent a few thousand dollars to develop it. Why? To develop EoG, we interviewed and consulted with fifteen millionaires each with different backgrounds. Some built their financial empires from scratch, others were born into money, but achieved amazing things. We did this so we’d get an ENTIRE 360 view of wealth acquisition.

EoG follows the same concept as Khan – multiple stages that can be run in any order, allowing you to customize your experience. And yes, you CAN stack it with other subs if you like, but EoG is designed to put an incredible focus on wealth acquisition and is best used for that purpose.

Now available:


As I mentioned in other threads, I have a huge exam coming up which is deciding my FUTURE and also my future WEALTH. Would EoG help with studying more effectively and manifesting this?


Not as much as LIMITLESS and BEYOND LIMITLESS would.


Can we expect the first stage to be also about healing/total breakdown, just as in case with Khan?

I might want to switch because of my focus on wealth, and since I’m running the first stage, the transition could be pretty easy that way.


OMG and I guess this EoG is fully stackable with Khan?


I’m curious myself if EoG will have something similar to Stage 1 of Khan. I can’t wait to see a complete description. As my financial life or lack of has caused me more stress, anxiety, & lost sleep , this would be of far greater value and importance to me than Khan


So what’s the difference between this and Ascended Mogul? Could they be used together?


Great! I felt there wasn’t enough products focused on wealth in the Subliminal Club catalogue.

@SaintSovereign are you going to use a custom version of EoG instead of Khan or are you going to keep Khan in your stack?

I will keep running Khan for a while personally. But I know since you have a girlfriend, your goals are more money oriented right now.


I’m planning on going back and forth between the two, depending on what my current needs are. I keep a very extensive journal with goals and current issues I want to work on, then base my subliminal use on that.


When the possibility of a multi-stage Ultimate Artist was mentioned, I found myself wondering if Total Breakdown would be Stage 1 of all the multi-stage products. I see I’m not the only one.

Of course, if the answer is yes, expect certain Khan owners to ask for a 24.99 USD discount. You know who you are… :slight_smile:

I am very curious, however, what the difference between this and the Mogul script is. Can it be considered an updated Mogul, or are the two meant to have different goals?

Also, I trust you interviewed people that took different paths to their fortune. After all, starting one’s own business is not the only way. Although we can’t all be Warren Buffet fortuitous.


The “Total Breakdown” type stage in EoG isn’t the same as the one in Khan. Different target goal, different purpose, different subliminal. No discounts.

Good question. When it comes to a very broad goal like “wealth acquisition,” there’s only so much you can fit into one file. While Mogul is an exceptionally good subliminal, it’s limited in scope by nature the nature of a single stage subliminal. EoG doesn’t have that restriction – we can take things as far as possible, while allowing you to customize your experience. Again, that’s something that can’t be done with a single stage – at least not yet. :wink:

From the first post:

Which Q module corresponds to EoGs Total Breakdown
Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness

Whoops, you caught me skimming. I’m adequately embarrassed now. Sorry. :blush:

scrolls back up to read every word

PS To continue with your construction analogy. Khan’s breakdown tears the place down and build a beach-side bachelor pad (I was tempted to say luxury yurt just for giggles) and EoG tears it down and gives you a Manhattan apartment instead.


Now this is the sub I’ve been waiting for. Please @SaintSovereign tell me this can be stacked with Emperor!!!


Haha, no problem – I’m actually happy that you asked that question. Kinda helps confirm what @Fire and I were thinking when choosing people to interview. At one point, we did focus only on the creme de la creme and neglected other types of people – those born into wealth for example. These types of people have a very unique viewpoint on life and wealth. They’re not ALL just spoiled and entitled, like we see with celebrities / socialites. The biggest insight is that they don’t have the weird hang ups on money that many people do, nor the internal wealth ceilings. It was enlightening to see how that affected things like decision making, etc.


Interviewing wealthy and successful people. You do realize Napoleon Hill got there first, right? :wink:


Will EoG also allow for wealth manifestation by
means such as lottery winners and gamblers? Did you interview these people? Such people may be lousy at maintaining wealth but in terms of manifesting wins they have something we can learn from. Think people like Helen Hadsell and Cynthia Stafford. They were good users of the mind to generate wealth.


Isnt it a medical exam? As you mentioned in another thread.


Believe me, medical school generates more debts than profits. Your better years you spent only studying. I’m 40, I did not stop.


It’s like 8 years on top of High School or something, right? Possibly more if you’re going for surgery. Costs in the tens of thousands. And then come the years of high stress and long hours before you can finally settle down somewhere and calm down a bit. Fortunately, it pays well enough that those debts shouldn’t be that much of an issue (provided you survived this far), after which the luxury lifestyle can finally commence, although you may still not have a lot of time to enjoy it unless you go into private practice. So you may end up retiring early. Or teaching. Or writing. Or all of the above.

Ah, the glamorous life of the medical professional. Hey, at least you get priority if you ever want to migrate to Canada, eh? :smile:


The truth is that really you could live decently, but you could do it with much less. Achieve an balanced life is the problem. The private practice almost does not exist in the specialty that I’m pursuing. Immigration to North America is Hell! Mecidine is only a business there. I know friend that unfortunately did not get into medical residency in Canada neither USA.They spend all their saves and more.

Thanks G-d! Ecstasy of Gold will solve our problems!:slight_smile: