Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


How about the results?


Just run Q until you go do 4 loops minimum daily with no issues, 5 days a week before going to Terminus.
If you need to add Terminus replace your final day before two day break with one loop of Terminus instead.


Does StarkQ contain any scripting similar to Minds Eye Q?


MEQ was released after StarkQ, so I believe it does not.


Depends on what you mean by similar.

Does StarkQ contain any scripting related to manifestation, creativity, and spirituality?

YES. Lots of it. :yum:


@Simon to be more specific I was referring to visualization abilities


Specific skills/abilities probably not. But it will spark your imagination leading to you doing visualization more often. You’ll develop the skill more organically.


Does StarkQ contain PCC does anyone know?


Not the full script, no.


Inner Circle also helps ward off those who would sabotage or otherwise undermine your efforts to fulfill your dreams. It won’t make the choice for you, but it will make you aware of toxic people that’s already in your life, and subtly urge you to cut ties with them.

With StarkQ, … (Inner Circle).

Manipulation … Coworkers, friends, family, all can have toxic effects on our well beings by being manipulative. By using this module, you will become instantly aware of any manipulation attempts that try to play on your feelings, while also disconnecting and destroying all these attempts of manipulating you.


Just wanted to add some speculation. I suspect stark has mastermind as well from reading this…

“Mastermind will help you plan grand plans that will help you achieve your goals with utmost creativity and rapid efficiency.”

Even though this module came out later with HOM, the studies for the sub preceded stark.