Listening to hypnosis tracks


What do you guys think would it be okay to listen to hypnosis tracks? Ofcourse not while listening the sub but after or before that.


I do it several times a week. And sometimes I forget to turn the subs off. I think it’s worth experimenting with and without subs in the background.


My bad it’s actually binaural beats I miss read some information.


In that case…


Thank you very much!

From what I have read it seems it shouldn’t pose much of a problem.
Anyway I will experiment with it.


I listen to at least one hypnosis track every night.


Well it seems it’s quite a powerful track I only listen to it once before bed but I can still feel knocked out by it even when I wake up.


When you say something like “it’s powerful”, people will want to know what you’re listening to, obviously.