Limitless mind, Limitless Heart

This diary will focus as always on my growth, this time the objectives change. For the next few months my goal will be to improve in various fields (study, work, personal growth, relationships) using only one sub (Quantum Limitless) and a lot of action to achieve this growth. I’m excited because QL was the first sub I’ve used and I’m really curious to see what it will be like this time. So here’s what I expect from this journal:

  • Constance
  • Progress in my job and earn more
  • Better management of stress and difficulties
  • Stimulate my curiosity and learn every day
  • Become stronger (physically and mentally)
  • Become a source of inspiration and support for other people
  • Learn to express my thoughts better
  • Overcoming my limits

And now the most important question, why only Quantum Limitless?

I decided to use only one sub to focus 100% on my growth, I want to get the best out of this sub and using it alone is the best way, also I want to see if this method helps me to be more consistent. I hope you enjoy this diary.:grin:


Good luck! Do you have a time frame for each stage? Or are you going to use Stage 4 directly?

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Thank you! I decided to do a cycle for each stage, I think it is useful to go through the phases in order as I have done in the past


Day 4 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

I’m happy to have started again from the first stage, I noticed some differences in my thinking. Before using stage 1 I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to do a certain thing, but now that I have significantly more commitments and stress I have never once thought about not being able to do it (I’m preparing the last 3 exams and I can only study after work). My approach to study and work is different and certainly makes a difference


Day 6 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

  • My typing speed with the keyboard has definitely increased, it was certainly useful for my work and for writing my thesis.
  • Reading is improving, I’ve been reading fast for a couple of years but it’s different with QL, I prefer to be slightly slower but maintaining the understanding of what I read.

Day 7 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

Today I trained in the gym after a week and I noticed that despite eating a lot every day due to stress I didn’t gain weight at all, it seems that my metabolism has improved in a week of QL ST1.


Day 11 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

One thing I’ve been noticing lately is that I don’t feel stress while working or studying, I feel able to manage everything and this is helping me a lot.
Obviously at the end of the day I fall asleep very early and give myself the right rest to be able to give my best the next day too.

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Day 12 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

The thing that I regret most about all the changes I’ve had in my life is the lack of social life. Until I manage to complete something that still takes up a lot of my time like university, it’s difficult for me to use that time for friendships. I can’t wait until after these exams I can free up some time to do other things.


Day 15 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

I’ve been completely off social media for about 6 months now, and it’s one of the best choices I could have made along with quitting smoking. Around me I see many people with their phones who spend a lot of time scrolling through videos/photos, comparing themselves to the people they see, seeing content that they don’t need. I’m realizing that many of the things we have are useless, I’m less materialistic, I want to assimilate valuable content and information that I decide to see, I’m more in the present and in the reality that surrounds me. I feel like I’m gradually giving my mind what it really needs, I feel lighter-headed (free from intrusive thoughts, negative thought and visualization loops, less useful content and information each day) and this is changing the my way of interacting in study, work and also in relationships.

It’s interesting to return to Stage 1 after 10 months and notice the differences in terms of experience with subs and the changes I have achieved over these months, I see my starting point from a different perspective and I think it can be useful to me.

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Day 18 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

  • Today I feel particularly tired, I felt good all day and worked without problems but the stress has accumulated until this evening, I should start studying but I’m really tired, I think I’ll just read to avoid doing nothing at all. It’s the first day since I started QL that I feel this way. Poor nutrition and sleep have certainly had their effect, furthermore there hasn’t been a peaceful atmosphere in my family and at work, but luckily I always manage to maintain a good mood and focus on my goal.

  • I can better identify useful information from unnecessary information, so I have less information to memorize and I can create better and easier to remember connections.

  • I feel like I’m making the best use of my mental energy by finding a way to simplify whatever I’m doing, which allows me to have more time to be more productive.

Day 19 ~ Quantum Limitless Stage 1

Today wasn’t a very productive day, work went well but studying became difficult, I read passively and got easily distracted, and it’s right that there are ups and downs, I can’t always be productive and give 100% every day . I think I’ll take a break since this is the third time in a year that I’ve listened to stage 1.