Main Disc. Thread - The NEW Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)

@James how have you found memory recall ? the capacity to absorb information ? getting familiar with concepts ?. As i said might hop on the QL train with you, I currently have stark/indexgate with a few shots of BL.

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Still working on things clicking faster in terms of grasping and understanding but I am recalling names noticeably quicker. I spend way more time reading than watching television. I’m having so much fun experiencing new things and situations.


This is a sub I was always intrigued by but with the update I might just start running it got nothing else to run anyway but my manifestation sub atm.

Ok now I have joined the bandwagon XD


@SaintSovereign Will the New QL help me become more introspective?


My mind feels sharper like a scalpel knife

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Quantum Limitless Stage 1 Review:


Me and my brother started playing chess everyday, we will see each one of us improves faster :smiling_imp:

Spoiler: it’s going to be me because i use QL

Im starting to learn new languages, i want to speak every language

Im going to take a QA course


Have you run things like LE and Limitless in the past? Wondering how different they are compared to QL.


I have not

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I ran LE and Beyond Limitless in two different cycles last year. And I believe that, as of now, LE = Beyond Limitless + Executive. So basically I’ve run BL twice but not Limitless.

I just finished QL stage 1 today (2-sub stack, full loops).

No comparison. I can’t believe I slept on QL this whole time. Even QL stage 1, the healing/prep stage, is clearing and powering up my mind in ways I never expected

  • I’m drawing connections and reaching some very interesting conclusions about my life and my perspective on life and society in general.
  • I’ve cleared up some trauma related to learning that I didn’t know I was still holding on to.
  • My executive function is way stronger – it’s much easier to make a decision and stick to it or make myself do it. I feel like I’m finally gaining control over my mind. It’s a glorious feeling.
  • My productivity is better but not in the way I expected. I’m doing less but picking the right things to do and doing them efficiently. And I have confidence that what I’m doing is the “right” way.
  • Mental speed has undoubtedly increased.
  • Kanji practice has become easier and I’m finding it easier to understand them, intuit them, and see how they work together. This is backed up by my review scores and time tracking per session.

I think big big big changes are coming in the next stage, but I can already feel the quality of my mind going back to pre-university days. I had an unbelievable memory, was an avid reader, top scores in a curriculum of mostly advanced/college-level courses across all subjects – the works. Fucked it all up in college in various ways, and the damage from drinking was undeniable. I stopped drinking in 2020 and it’s definitely helped my brain recover, but this sub is making me believe I can get close to what I once was… or maybe better :eyes:

Beyond Limitless is said to be a booster, but I mainly felt the time dilation effect (which in itself is fantastic fwiw). In my current state, I think my mind was already performing close to the best that it could so that could be why I didn’t see much of a boost from it. Maybe Limitless would have helped a bit more with raising my ceiling.

LE helped me focus more when I ran it for very specific purposes. But my overall procrastination and ability to switch on were barely impacted. And the (Beyond) Limitless in it didn’t do much for me.

I find the productivity gains from QL much better and suitable for how I want to approach work/study. Identify the key things, switch on, focus and kill them, switch off and go about my life.

This sub is the truth.


Started Stage 2… holy recon. Time for the anti-recon defense: big sandwich, milk, chocolate cake and a decent nap. Thankfully I don’t have to work again until later tonight.



What was your loop duration for New QL Stage 2? Recon as in headache recon, anger recon?

I started stage 2 last week with a 3 min loop to ease into it.

@shinyobjects 15 minutes QL2 stacked with 15 minutes KB2 (2nd run). Yep – huge energy drain, irritability because I then didn’t have the energy to control my short temper anymore, and what I call processing interference. I.e slightly clumsy, making uncommon mental mistakes, etc.

Idk if that’s really recon, I just tend to use the word to mean “noticeable, non-positive impact from sub.”

But now that I know how to recognize and handle it, it doesn’t bug me anymore. Just part of the process. I ended up eating high calorie & napping → work → try to sleep → HUGE ENERGY SPIKE → somehow going to sleep → got up today ~5AM with full energy and feeling mentally sharp AF :muscle:t5:


The clumsiness and mental mistakes would be recon symptoms.

I think I will try the high calorie eating or eat more dark chocolate or something. The napping thing would take away my productivity though. That is good you found your anti recon solutions.

Anyone run this for a cycle or three yet?


I am currently using New QL. Currently on Stage 2 (cycle 1), did Stage 1 for about 45 days.


Oh cool. Notice any changes?

Went to stage 2 like 3 days ago. I’m not sure waht it is but all senses seem enhanced especially taste