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Everything you learn is learning so yes


I have not read that book. I have heard of Scott Young from Cal Newport several years back.

Now that you mention it I will take a look into his website. Thank you.

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Deep Work by cal newport is the book that can change any student’s life if they adopt it.


Stage 2 mentions improved respiratory functions

I used to have difficult breathing especially when lying down, now it feels as my nose and breathing path ways have been opened, my breathing is easier and i feel much healthier

My problem solving abilities are much greater, I’m thinking of solutions and then i think about the solution i just thought about and i think to myself “how the hell did i not think of it before, it’s so obvious”

Well now it’s so obvious because im smarter

Recon: forgetting customer names literally 5 seconds after they said it


Definitely recon. Very common side effect.


Yes it is.

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Ah, ok ok. Good to know!

@RagnarLothbrok Dude! The breathing stuff started happening to me too over the last few days of my cycle (last loop of QL2 was 2/18) and I had no clue what was going on until I remembered the effect. For me it feels weeeeeird. My heart feels like it’s pumping stronger – not in a dangerous way, just that I can feel it and I can feel my pulse throughout my body. My breathing is definitely deeper and I’m even starting to catch myself breathing through my diaphragm. And like you said, I can feel it in my nose too… like the air feels a bit… fresher? and smoother? TBH it’s a little freaky and I’m hoping my body is just going through changes and will settle down. I may also do another cycle of QL2 instead of moving forward to 3.

And yeah I had to orchestrate a complete re-structuring of my schedule to balance two FT jobs, involving persuading both bosses and addressing customer needs, and I got idea after idea, overcame obstacle after obstacle, and ended up with the perfect solution at the end… QL (+ SB) man… powerful stuff.


Yes it’s amazing, my nose is more open and i can take in air more easily, i notice that i breath deeper throughout the day and like you said, it feels as if my heart is stronger and the blood circulation has improved

The physical shifting in QL is amazing because it contains both healing and enhancement, i even feel it more than Paragon and Legacy of The Spartan

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Can anyone recommend a good speed reading course/method, that works well with academic material? I’ve tried IRIS and 7 Speed Reading. Both were fine for blazing through magazines, but I didn’t find it super helpful for more difficult material.

@SaintSovereign - As far as I remember, you mentioned at some point in the KB thread that you had been speed reading through a couple of books a user had recommended.


Here you go:


Thanks for the recommendation.

Tried his course a few years ago when it first came out and actually found it to be the worst out there (and very expensive). He might have updated it since, but it was very basic for the price.

Did you get good results with it?

What’s your words per minute rate right now and what mark do you wanna hit?
Just out of pure interest…

You don’t speak German btw, I took a course 15 years ago that brought me from 270 to about 800 words per minute in two days (and I had severe muscle soreness in my eyes).
I even improved to about 1100 words in the weeks after. But studying philosophy reading Heidegger with sentences over a few pages made me drop it :rofl:

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Speedreading academic materials? I’d say that speedreading is suitable for all media, except for academic books. You’re not gonna speedread Kant or Abhinavagupta. I often remind myself that a professor probably spent the majority of his life distilling his knowledge into a few good and thick books, and it is often the subtle details in each sentence that matter. If you’re enrolled in a course at university, just make sure that you don’t read things at the very last minute, and you should be fine.


That’s exactly why I stopped speedreading.
If I had run QL for a year, perhaps it would have worked out, but sentence structure was so complicated, that I needed colors to decode which pronouns refer to which sentence or word.
I remeber it worked pretty well on historical texts and fiction. But the whole point of fiction is to enjoy the voice of the inner reader. The world’s he creates.
But on every other subject (I studied theology) where you need to understand concepts, speedreading wasn’t to helpfull.
Like with subs, it’s not about getting the most input into your mind as fast as possible but rather get the right amount of input into your mind so it can be processed correctly and you get the possibly best result.


Well said.


anyone noticed excessive sleeping time on stage 1?

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Tiredness and sleepiness are common reconciliation symptoms. Side effect of processing Cut back on exposure and it’ll resolve quickly.


I thought 3 minutes for a loop was little enough. what would you recommend then - micro loops? worth to mention I listen to the stack once per week.

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One minute

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