Building My Character

No no I removed QL from my stack, now I only listen to LB and LBFH

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Interesting. Would not be better to just use one Love title and QL st2 maybe?

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I had thought about it, but I have already run QL in the past and I achieved excellent results (especially with the NSE, Stage 1 helped me a lot), at the moment I don’t think I need further results in this field, rather I prefer to focus mainly on love (towards myself and others) and creating balance in my life since I’ve had so many changes quickly. I will definitely re-evaluate my stack again after I get settled and I will be clear about the objectives I want to pursue.

Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 2)

Last night I went out and saw a friend of mine after some time, he wanted to open up to me about something that had happened to him recently and he said that he sees me as different, stronger and more confident. I also saw my other friends and they were all happy to see me and I was very at ease, I smiled a lot and even the other people laughed more than usual when they were with me.


Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 4)

  • It seems that the effects occur even from a distance, in the last two days I have been making video calls with my girlfriend and has started telling me more often how beautiful I am and giving me lots of compliments (she did all this before but since I started this stack does this much more frequently)

  • In general I feel more relaxed, this is helping me with writing my thesis because I don’t feel the pressure of having to do everything immediately (despite having short-term deadlines). This calm helps me do everything better and faster than before


This got me thinking and I tried to analyze it in my offline journal. On QL I achieved excellent results both at work and at university, but LB gave me what I needed to best express my results.
Since I started this stack I feel lighter, the days are less heavy (recently I always felt agitated, and I noticed it especially at night), I have the calm necessary to think clearly and to organize everything as best as possible.
I’m happy that I’m finally getting my head in order, I just needed calm and writing to connect everything, I feel ready to start again.

Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 5)

I’m glad my stack is safe, can’t wait to read everyone’s results on the new titles. For the moment I will continue on my journey with LB and LBFH, I am curious to see what they have to offer me in the long term.

I feel like there are so many things I would like, like finding my dream job, making more money, but at the same time I’m really grateful for everything I have and I want to keep working on myself. I will understand everything better when I have strengthened everything I have built up to now: my relationship, my work, my mind and my body, I have achieved so many changes in all of this and it is right that I express my gratitude by continuing to work about all this and stopping asking again. When I feel the time is right I will take the next step.

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Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 7)

  • Today is my birthday and I had a wonderful day. I was with my girlfriend until this morning and I left to spend the day with my family too.

  • With my girlfriend I feel that I am creating an even stronger bond since I started this stack, the amount of compliments I receive, the way she looks at me and desires me, the love and happiness we feel when we are together, everything became deeper. Sex has become more beautiful and is not just about pleasure, it has become a connection between two people that I never imagined I would experience.

  • I feel like I’m going deep with my feelings too. I went through a reconciliation where I started having a series of thoughts centered around my need for money, for what I would like to do I need to earn more and I realized that I’m putting pressure on myself, I feel like I’m trying to get everything right away. At the end of the reconciliation I decided that if I don’t know where to start then I have to focus on my happiness, I was so caught up in everything that I forgot that the goal of all of us is before all this. I will do everything that makes me feel free, light and happy.


Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 9)

I’m realizing how much easier I made everything last year, all I need is to listen, take action and journal. I didn’t feel like I had a need or a lack to fill and I saw everything through the eyes of gratitude and abundance.
I don’t know what happened and why my “selfish” side suddenly appeared, but this means I have to go back to doing some work on myself. Yet I have much more than I had last year, I finally found a girl so perfect for me that in my 24 years I never imagined meeting in my life, I have a job and finally finished my studies, but it seems that there it is still a side of me that continues to want and demand without dwelling on the present and looking at everything around me.

I feel that I can and that I deserve a raise in my job because I earn little compared to what I do, I feel that I can find a job that I love and at the same time earn good money, that I can start to be more independent and go to live wherever I want. These are the thoughts that struck me the most, they imply a lack that I want to fill, my useless rush to do everything at once, my need to leave home with an excellent economic base, and no, I don’t think I should carry out a sub based on wealth because that’s not what I need to work on right now.

I have already projected myself into the future with the fear of not being and not having enough, because I want to be an excellent husband, an exceptional father who does not want his children to lack anything and who is the pillar of the family. It takes a person who is capable of giving a lot of love, and who is able to love himself and above all have faith that everything will be fine.


Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 10)

Today wasn’t a pleasant enough day, I had a bad argument which I won’t talk about here and which I resolved after a short time, but I was left with a lot of anger and after a while a lot of sadness for having been treated in a certain way that I didn’t deserve. As usual, I decided to live these feelings without repressing them, I talked about it with my family and tonight on a video call with my girlfriend, and I felt much better.

I am happy that love has helped me deal with this situation more quickly and that it is helping me to understand that I have to be stronger and more resilient, in these moments it is more difficult to give and receive love because it is too clouded by other feelings and other thoughts, and it is normal for this to be the case, it depends on how long it takes us to get back on the right path.

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Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 11)

I’m starting to think that the thoughts I’ve had and am still having are due to the fact that deep down I really feel like I deserve more.
The treatment I received, the salary I receive for my work, the disparities at work and in the family, are many things that I am constantly thinking about. Every time I think that this is not what I deserve, and perhaps this is the reason for my “inner struggle” in the last few days (especially in the last 2).

I feel this enormous need to rebel that I’m repressing and that I only face in my head, I don’t know if this means that I’m loving myself more and therefore I’m realizing that there are injustices that need to be resolved or if it’s just a reconciliation.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m simply facing a part of me that I’ve always repressed, the one that would like to rebel and take everything it deserves, the one that hates injustice.

I have always faced many discussions in my mind that were repeated in a loop because I didn’t have the strength to do it in reality, the desire was so strong that I always vented it in this way and only now do I realize it. I have always loved and wanted peace, tranquility, and not getting angry at an injustice towards me was an easy way to have it, but there have been too many of them.
I must always be ready to fight, above all to protect what I have, I cannot continue to think that with a passive and sweet attitude I will never find myself in an uncomfortable situation and that everything will always be fine.

I never thought I would face these thoughts on this stack,
I expected it to be lighter but I was wrong. It’s digging deep and revealing what I want and need to love myself more.

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LBfH was bad for me too, especially at the beginning where it manifested bad situations similar to yours related to injustice/bad luck/conflicts.

Also, repression is never a good thing & life has its very persuasive ways to teach you that.

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Absolutely, it hadn’t happened to me in a while and yet I did it again even though it hurt me a lot in the past. Currently instead of repressing I’m writing a lot and I’m talking about it with the people who are always close to me, it’s helping me a lot.

It’s not an easy ride at first but I’m curious to see where it takes me. When it’s not easy it means you have to work on that thing, and the work always pays off.

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Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 12)

  • Today I feel more optimistic, the anger is fading, my internal dialogue is slowly changing and I am sure that great things await me, I know that I will get what I deserve and I will fight to get it. I just have to wait and continue working as I always have.

  • I have decided that I will take a slightly longer break (3 days) and go back to listening on Monday, now that I am recovering I think it is right to take a break.

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It’s incredible what happened today

  • The person who had made me angry for the unfair treatment I received called me today to apologize to me, I honestly never expected it

  • My best friend was helping me find a house for this summer, he found a better offer (probably the best I could ever find) and I will save €500


Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 13)

I feel very calm, today was a tough day at work but I was very productive. Now I just think about resting and enjoying the weekend with my girlfriend.

Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 15)

  • I feel the need to become stronger to protect, this period on the two LBs has shown me what I am missing to fully love myself. Feeling strong enough (not just physically) and knowing that the people I love are safe with me. These two subs are giving me a lot of clarity on where to work and how, I feel like I finally have a path to follow.

  • Next week I will meet my girlfriend’s mother, I hope they can help me to make everything go well.

Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 16)

After a series of experiences with these titles I opened my eyes and understood what I needed. The dreams are different, for example a couple of days ago I dreamed of being in my room and there were insects, but in my dream I faced them even though they disgusted me, the most important thing however is that in a state in which I had no control I saw that I faced a fear.
Until a month ago I had many strange and very bad dreams, but now I’m more optimistic.

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Love Bomb ~ Love Bomb For Humanity (Day 18)

I got a raise at work, it’s very useful to me and I’m happy that I’m finally earning what I deserve. I definitely want to increase my sources of income in the future, I have always thought in recent years that my second income would be with stock market investments.

For the moment I’m focusing on building my capital.:muscle:t2: