Light programs vs. heavy programs

To my understanding light programs like Mogul, Limitless and Primal need less time, action taking and paths of manifestations to have them fulfill their objectives than heavy programs like EoG, QL and Khan. Their scripting is less complex and they’re oriented to less goals and that’s the reason of that, I think. On the other hand, heavy programs offer deeper changes and more advanced goals.

So for example. Mogul helps you start generating wealth faster than EoG and you don’t need to take as much action as on EoG to attain its goals, also it requires less paths of manifestation to achieve its objectives. But EoG offers more profound changes and attaining more advanced goals. The same if it comes to Limitless vs. QL and Primal vs. Khan.

How do you think, guys?


For me Ascended Mogul feels noticeably lighter than Emperor in QV2. Two loops Emperor QV2 gave me some recon rage. With two loops AM QV2 in my listening days, not so much recon.


I don’t think of them in terms of light or heavy. I think of them in terms of which is best suited to my goals.

That’s the main criterion for me. Hold a sub up against your goals and ask if the juice is worth the squeeze.


Emperor seems to have always been difficult. Even on the Khan page, it says, as difficult as Emperor.

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I would consider Emperor one of the heavy program too even with one loop a week. Limitless is definitely more light and gives less recon.


I always found Emperor to be the best sub for me. There’s some resistance there but it pales in comparison to other subs like daredevil that I found impossible to run. It could be a personality thing too because I’m more an INTJ type, who’s happy to do my own thing. So perhaps certain subs work on our strengths and others attempt to work on our weaknesses which can be a rougher ride. Just a theory…


I agree with you .
Running Quantum limitless for year was a blessing for me awesome sub . And that’s because I was literally seeing my self a great learner . This my self image . So running Quantum limitless almost without reconciliation . While gaining great advancement in my creativity intellectual abilities .not mentioning the productivity at this year was my most productive year in my lifetime .
On the contrary running stark or emperor and I am in hell regarding reconciliation and facing the fears that comes up. Stark and emperor is not my self image. So I approach them easily 1 loop per week or every 2 weeks . They require big steps to reach their goals . While on Mogul I am grounded firm in my reality expanding at a pace that fits me to reach Mogul goals requires from me small steps that I can afford (socially, monetary,my time , my energy) to take.


Have you tried Ascended mogul? I think it could be useful for you

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I have ascended Mogul but I didn’t use it much till now just 2 to 5 loops I guess .
My main Focus is

Alchemist 4 loops per day
Rich 2 loos per day

I compared using subs to weightlifting and maybe I should have divided them into more and less demanding or complex subs.

Taking into account your goals only (if that’s all you do basing on your post) is erroneous in my view since we have to take into account the current paths of manifestation, some time frame (which is not crucial but worthy of including) and the amount of action involved. Say one cannot get up from bed in the morning so one is running a sub to deal with it. Here we have a really light sub that doesn’t require lots of action and has only one path of manifestation. On the other hand, there’s that lazy guy having no job and many issues running EoG. In his case there are almost nonexistent paths of manifestation and the amount of action he would have to take to attain the objectives offered by EoG is enormous, let alone any reasonable time frame.


Good point

Other than the fact it’s works for me, but thanks for playing :wink:

It would work much better if you put it into a design of your goals, who you want to “become” and plan your actions.

It already works fine for me. I really can’t say much more on it :grinning:


Are you sure that limitless is a light sub? Like mind’s eye type of light sub?

Yup, its focus is pretty narrow but it does not mean it’s not a demanding sub.


I think this is extremely valid. Beyond Limitless Ultima gave me little-to-no recon because it was all about learning, which I LOVE to do, but The Executive gave me INSANE amounts of recon because my work ethic is not strong.