Life advice from all the older peeps

I am utterly confused at this point. I am unable to prioritise dating and money making for now. I am 19 yrs old. What should I prioritise out of these 2? All of you more experienced people in life, could you help me with this decision? I am lacking the eagle’s vision for my life.


What decision? Above you made a statement. I am not sure what you’re asking.

If you’re unskilled, find/develop a marketable skill. Don’t chase women, chase succes and women will chase you. Work on your body and social skills. Develop discipline and a positive attitude, these will accelerate success. Do not hang with or around people who are not successful or choose to waste their time.


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Education and money, always. Women are a byproduct of success.


Date casually until you are at least 30 or 35. A man needs time to mature before he is ready to be committed. He also needs time to understand and be in frame when it comes to dealing with women. Also, it takes a certain level of wealth for investing in marriage and family. For all this you need time.

Of course am assuming you desire a long term relationship.
Either way, focus on wealth and date casually for the time being.


Your so young and I wish i could be your age again. Focus on making money at the same time evolve your social skills when it comes to meeting new people. Dating will come organically.


You’re probably not quite so confused as it feels.

The body, heart, and mind are like a raging river flowing with sensations. At the bottom of the river, there is abundant gold. But the speed of the water makes it challenging to sink down to the bottom.

The river is you. The gold is your wisdom. It’s already in you now. But as you learn to focus and become calm, it will get easier for you to access your own wisdom and judgment.

How to focus?

Keep bringing yourself back to good questions.

So, let’s try it now.

Let’s take this question:

This is a good question.

Now ask it to yourself and allow yourself to respond.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the final answer. (Spoiler alert: There is no final answer.)

The point is to keep walking with the question.

Let yourself take your time with it.

Okay, so here we go:

Tell us more about what you think these days.

When you think about prioritising dating, what comes to mind?

When you think about prioritising money-making, what comes to mind?

Reflecting on the question is more important than getting the “right” answer to it. The reflection is your gym. It will build your wisdom muscles.

The rest of us have opinions and we’ll share them with you of course. But your opinions matter too.

So, let’s hear it, bruh.


While I do agree with the advice that concentrate on wealth first, it still might not apply to you.

For example, I was extremely introverted and shy in my early years. I had to overcome that before I was able to concentrate on wealth.

IF that is not your case, mainly focus on wealth :wink:


I still seem a bit confused but as you said it should come with time. Ideally, I would have gone with money but currently I am single and I am a virgin which really makes me insecure sometimes. So, in order to end that I wanted to focus on dating first. That’s my problem. To add on to dating problem, I am quite choosy with my partners. But currently I don’t have a lot of options in that area.

Main problem is the insecurity of not having women comes in my way of making money.

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@Tejas : You’ll run out of money chasing women. You’ll never run out of women chasing money!


If I were you, my highest priority would be to become financially independent as soon as possible (if you aren’t already).

I’d use one of the well-rounded Alpha titles like Ascended Mogul for a long time. It will also enhance your romance life.

I don’t know though, that’s just what I would do lol.

Yeah, this type of insecurity sounds like it’s based off of comparing your romantic life to society’s norms or comparing it with other men and then basing your perceived value/self-esteem in relation to that. Fuck all of em, lol you’re Tejas. It’s your reality and the norms around here are decided by you. Once your confidence and sense of self transcends menial things like society… especially of a society that is sick, then you just win and do whatever the hell you want lmao. Nothing can control you as you tap into “unconditional confidence” hahaha.

Don’t sweat it about being a virgin… it actually makes you extremely deadly LOL. Shit man, you’re kinda dangerous with that attribute… Like if you became a snack on WANTED and had a woman head over heels for you and also told her that you’re her first (so basically she has you and your innocence all to herself)… of course expressed in a seductive WANTED manner so coquettishly with the emotional aspects and whatnot… then boy, it’s over. It can be some powerful shit. A lot of fun :star_struck:. Man I wish I can reset and become a virgin… I envy you.

Yeah you see here… it all depends on you perceive things. It’s all really just perceptions, it just so happens that the ones society tends to enforce on us is always that same shit trying to make us feel inadequate, inferior, unvalued or whatever the fuck… which doesn’t make sense anyways since we’re all just consciousness.

But anyways, yeah that insecurity stuff seems like a clear indicator that you need to level up your internal framework.

Other than that, the new Emperor Black also seems pretty kickass. You can also throw in WANTED for more attraction/romance.

What do you think? :grin:


Whoa I never looked it that way :grin: !

I really can’t leave this one lol, I just feel me on this one.


LOL, yeah you’re already insanely badass since you have such powerful tools at a young age. Something to be proud of… you’re already in the top 0.001%. Just a different level of Alpha, honestly.

You might actually be the only person or a few in your entire country who is 19 and using the most powerful subs on the planet. You technically beat everyone already, it’s over lololol

You’re equivalent to a young prodigy in some sense lol, I mean look at all these older gentleman in the forum wishing that they could be your age.

There’s nothing to be insecure about, if I were you I’d wake up with a smile everyday lol

Got the ultra powerful high-tech subs in the back pocket, getting those subconscious gainz and level ups, taking action, certified badass, hitting all goals, easy.

I actually mutter a prayer for a few seconds everyday, in hopes that more people will find these powerful tools… LMAO.


Yeah lol WANTED is a beast. Try not to break marriages with your good looks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Tejas, Mister @Luther24 described it perfectly.

You can go from invaluable and insecure to valuable and secure by shifting your perception of things.

In fact, once you feel confident you will naturally see things differently.

To see yourself being a virgin as something that makes you inadequate in comparison to others is a dark spell you cast on yourself, it’s a frame you hold and a frame that degrades your energies which’ll repel others, especially women.

Attraction or magnetism is dictated by your mind and it’s perception, because what you perceive is how you resonate with yourself and the world, and therefore how and what you attract.


When you have a goal so big that women don’t matter… women will flock to you. It’s not necessarily about money, but that goal can be money if that’s what you’re interested in.

But women love a man that’s competing against himself, first and foremost. If that means you compete with others in business, or something else, that’s great too, but a real sexy man in her eyes is a man that is competing against himself to be better and better every day and accomplish some big hairy goal that only he sees, only he knows, only he cares about even, but he cares about VERY much.

That push in life will pull in women. And if it doesn’t, that’s fine, gives you more time to focus on your goal.

And if it doesn’t pull in women and then you get stressed out that you’re not pulling in women, you’re obviously not obsessed enough about your goal, so, of course it’s not working.


At your age the answer is neither. Not directly. I’m not saying don’t make money or date right now, but what you can get immediately in either category isn’t the important thing right now.
First, thank whatever you believe in that you had the wherewithal to get serious about self improvement at a very young age, and the good luck to find these resources. This gives you the enviable chance to really play long game.
What you should be focusing on right now is setting yourself up for the life that you want to live. Think about doing things that will pay dividends down the line.

  • Establish a career plan. What do you want to do, and make sure that it is something that will pay enough money that you can have the lifestyle you want and something that you find interesting enough that you can at least tolerate being in that field for the next twenty or thirty years.
    Then select the education and or training that will get you your first job in that field. Now keep your nose to the grindstone and excel at it. That should be where the majority of your energy is spent until you graduate wether you want to be a neurologist or an industrial welder. (Both of these are awesome things to be.)
    While you are doing this, bear in mind that you are also building the work ethic and habits that will lead to success in any field.

  • Work on building the Call physique you want to have. Get on an organized workout program that has clear goals instructions and progression. That’ll give you a sense of immediate accomplishment, do more to get you into good habits, and it helps with attracting women.

  • I don’t know about your living situation, but if you’re still with your family, don’t be too eager to get out on your own before you really have yourself set up unless it’s a really harmful situation.
    If you have no real living expenses while you finish your education and get yourself set up with your first real job, that is a blessing and will make it a lot easier to focus.

  • As far as dating goes, for now date for fun and practice. There is no need to be looking for a partner right now. Maybe be a bit less particular about who you date since it is just for fun so you can get some varied experience.

  • As far as subs go, do a long run of ascension. Maybe combined with a DR run of a year or so. That should get you a nice fresh start to begin your adult years.


@Luther24 @Tejas I’m 19, too! I get attention from girls, but I’m still a virgin. At times it’s really hard because I feel I won’t get a girl as young anymore, or feel new experiences. But at the same time, I’m building myself and learning new responsibilities.

I don’t drink or smoke. I diet pretty well and maintain a good physique. I am working on reading 1 chapter a day from books and I am trying to get consistent with Wim Hof. Today I held my breathe for 2:30 minutes! I felt I could go to 3 easily and maybe 3:30! Also cold showering, trying to get consistent at it!:slight_smile:

One insecurity for me is that im 5’7’’, I wish I was taller, more built, etc. Smarter, idk.

What are kids my age doing? I see them smoking and partying but im really not in that scene deep enough to understand the intricacies and dynamics. I still feel im missing out, because when I don’t say I vape or smoke, or party, I get treated differently

I also have around $8600 saved up, but I still don’t feel that’s enough. I feel insecure because I don’t feel my financial situation is enough to make a girl respect me and provide for her. I wonder sometimes because some guys look to have no savings, but still find no issues getting multiple women. I may just be taking things to seriously at my age

What is your advice on casual dating? how do u deal with her knowing other guys, or her history?


lol what do you mean

How many friends would you say you have, and how deep are those friendships? They don’t need to be a bunch of shallow friends, but do you have a couple of good friends with people that aren’t total losers?

Bro you are 19. NO 19 year olds have that much money saved up. You sound like a Glow Up waiting to happen.

Some people just aren’t meant for the petty immaturity of high school and don’t shine until they have more mature environments to thrive in.

Don’t worry about it if it’s just a couple. If she’s a slut, that’s different. Don’t worry about her relationship with other guys. Just look at her and determine if she’s a good person. If she’s a “recovering” wreck, she’s still a wreck, so, take that into consideration. But someone being with a couple of guys doesn’t say anything bad about them in the slightest. If it still bothers you after accepting that, there’s just an insecurity that you’re not as good at them, or not as experienced in bed as them, which would be congruent with the fear of not being good enough for women because you don’t have enough money (even though you have more money than every kid in your high school)