Libertine Ultima and Emporer - A Review

I purchased Libertine and want to give it a try, maybe I’ll be using it with Emporer. I’m curious. I’ll be updating everyday.

1. Day:

First, I have to mention the amazing effects of Emporer that obivously take place in my brain. I feel very motivated, gained a normal sleep rythm, and a lot of mental energy. Further, I feel motivated and can focus on my studies better than ever. However, when it comes to the effects of Libertine’s Ultima version, I’m quite impressed how fast and amazing the results are [one time loop a day]. I notice more individuals I see when I’m walking the streets starring at me - without me feeling any kind of nervosity or scareness. Thus, the effect of both subliminals combinied will make you confident, more intelligent, motivated, and productive. Still, I should also mention that none of these effects took place after listening to these at the first day.

2. Day:

Feeling more confident towards others in general. People have more respect and I feel like an invincible Emporer.

3. Day:

People in general started showing more respect.

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remember to take a day of for processing and full effect.