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Tl;dr: op wants to know about your experience with telling people in your life about subs, and their reaction, negative or positive.

When I first discovered subliminals like 5 or 6 years ago, they were a very much underground thing. Nobody I knew had heard of them, certain religious groups called them devil’s work, and I saw lots of things online with people claiming they were bogus or pLaCeBo, as I think I’ve seen Saint say more than once facetiously. I think some people were even saying anything having to do with affirmations was satanism. Crazy, crazy

Now, in the last two or three years, I’ve noticed a huge growth particularly in the YouTube, Reddit and other online channels in the subliminal community. Unfortunately for us more… mature users, some of that same community has put a bad spin on subliminals

I’m sure many of us have seen and/or tried the ones I’m referring to that I will not name at this time. Maybe even gotten a few results, had the occasional nightmare, etc etc.

My question to you guys is, do you talk with friends or family about subs? How were you received initially?

Myself, I’ve only told my girlfriend. I am very secretive of any personal development tools outside of conventional, ‘normal’ sources as I prefer to avoid being ostracized, ridiculed or questioned (I hate explaining myself to people). I’ve had that happen already in life just studying the Law of Attraction a few years back, and I shan’t be burnt again.

Actually, now that I wrote that out, I just realized that I actually have pretty much overcome that fear and block. Thank you either RegenerationQ or RebirthQ/Qv2! :heart:


I just noticed that in the context of this paragraph, this is a very funny statement to those with a dark sense of humor.

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Most of my family knows me to be a crazy scientist, so if there’s meaningless noise on my speakers, they don’t even ask what it is. I imagine they think they’re too stupid to understand anyway. :smile:

I may bring up subs with friends who have a background with Hypnosis, Silva Method, Magick, or some life glitches of their own. These are usually men over 40 though. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yoga, Meditation, LOA – are too mainstream. Those people are just sheep. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
They’ll buy subliminals when Oprah tells them to.


Mmm, yes. Those people fit within a certain category that I think overlaps with the subliminal community, for sure.

This is the third time I’ve seen this method mentioned on this forum this week and I’m not going to ignore that.

Oh yes. The mainstream LOA community is full of toxic positivity (I think that’s a thing), faulty, incomplete teachings, and a bunch of experts that regurgitate the same tenets in different ways.

I do like Abraham Hicks but that’s just because I’m always amazed by the absolute shift I witness during Ester’s shift.

Studying that led me to the Kyballion though, so in a way I’m glad I wasted so much time practicing the law of attraction philosophy.

This is so great. At least you established your brand early, it seems.

I can’t speak on yoga as I’m too impatient to try it (though I don’t know a single woman that wears yoga pants for yoga), and I’m sure you were being at least a bit facetious, but meditation is too much of a dedicated discipline to truly become mainstream without a serious shift in the mass consciousness :sweat_smile:

I forgot to meditate today, thanks for the reminder Simon.

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@Simon before I go meditate, I’ve been meaning to ask you. When did you start with subs?

After thirty seconds of breathwork, I was distracted by the compulsion to expand on my Law of Attraction comments.

My views on the law of attraction are just opinion, and yours are welcome too :slight_smile: let’s avoid labels like “New Agers” and “idiots” as I know some of you think about that community :wink:

Just like in nearly every system in the human world, there are definitely some nuggets of gold contained in the flawed system of mainstream LoA.

For example, you will hear the importance of gratitude thrown around often if you browse YouTube long enough, or read some of the books out there.

This is actually sound.

However, the WAY you are recommended to conjure gratitude within yourself is (usually) what I consider toxic.

Also, the focus on manifesting a Specific Other. Again, not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not for me to determine what is right or wrong for others.

But I’ve witnessed many, many people trying to ruin relationships through manifesting their desired partner to break up with their current S.O, ‘force’ someone to like them by changing their Perception of them completely and so on.

Something about that makes my stomach twist.

I personally believe in manifesting things, yes. I guess not even believe, it’s just life for me now (though it does still have that sense of wonder for me a bit at times). But I also don’t personally subscribe to ‘acting as if’ you’re such wealthy when you’re broke with no food in the fridge, no income and rent is due next week.

Most LoA gurus would have people believe that all they have to do is imagine it, feel it, and let it go and the Universe will bring it about.

That’s a part of the formula, but a part, does not the Krabby Patty make.

I expect sooner or later a Neville Goddard fan may come in and completely discredit the second half of this post, or at least make me want to recant some statements so let me just say, the Goddard method, though similar in ways is definitely NOT the same thing as what most LOA guys put out there for people to practice.

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You don’t have to, though.

Something I discovered a while ago. First of all I never tell people things directly. And if they ask me about something, I tell them, but there is no need for explanation.

Completely off topic but here are 10 important rules to live by:

  • 1: You have the right to judge your own behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and to take responsibility for their initiation and consequences upon yourself.
  • 2: You have the right to offer no reasons or excuses to justify your behavior.
  • 3: You have the right to judge whether you are responsible for finding solutions to other people’s problems.
  • 4: You have the right to change your mind.
  • 5: You have the right to make mistakes – and be responsible for them.
  • 6: You have the right to say, “I don’t know.”
  • 7: You have the right to be independent of the goodwill of others before coping with them.
  • 8: You have the right to be illogical in making decisions.
  • 9: You have the right to say, “I don’t understand.”
  • 10: You have the right to say, “I don’t care.”

Okay, this was VERY offtopic haha

To your question. Nobody knows about it except my wife which was so intrigued she now runs Seductress herself.

Other than that, nobody and I don’t plan to tell them because they would call me a hippie I am sure. While I don’t care about that I also don’t need it in my life.


Why is that? Mystery? Saying what needs to be said and not a word more? Self-worth (on the healthy side of the spectrum)?

Responsibility: response-ability

Twenty year old Ninji could have used this. I hope someone stumbles across this that also finds this useful.

  1. Is definitely something I had to teach myself. I had the belief that I couldn’t change my mind about something cuz people might get mad, or think I’m wishy washy.

5 and 8 are powerful. Being a perfectionist, I need to remember some of those other ones as well.

I hope people quote your list here to their Journal like @Simon’s journalling method.

My girlfriend inconsistently listens to it, too. She has to get into the habit of it more. For me, listening to subs is a part of my lifestyle now, if I don’t it’s similar to when a gym junkie misses a day for reasons.

I forgot this in my original post (I’m forgetting a lot. I should probably sleep…)

I also will not be broadcasting the fact that I listen to these for one simple reason:


I like having a tool like this that no one I know besides my girl has a clue about. I like being able to develop myself like this quietly and let others witness my growth and be proud without knowing what the reason for the changes are. And…I daresay I don’t think I want everyone playing these, bro :joy: I’m selfish, damnit.

I wanna be the 10%.

I feel like if everyone played these, just like when an artist I discovered and love becomes well known or becomes mainstream, they lose a chunk of appeal to me :no_good_man:t4:🥷🏽:no_good_man:t4:

I also think that like magickal pursuits, it’s not really everybody’s business lol.

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Through my business practice I have learned that most people don’t like unsolicited advice.
You can phrase it like something you truly enjoy doing. I.e. you’r excited about it.
But it comes off “advice-ly” they are usually turned off quickly.

These are actually from the book “When I say no, I feel guilty” also neatly abbreviated “wisnifg”

FANTASTIC book about being assertive and getting what you want.

Key thing also is that you do have all these rights above and it’s actually nobody’s business what you do.
They CAN judge you because you cannot stop people from doing anything. But this doesn’t bother you. Your life, your decisions.

Personally, I actually think changing your mind is a sign of maturity instead of stubbornly persist on something although you internally know it’s wrong.

I actually haven’t told my wife yet what I exactly do. And I don’t think I will, simply because women don’t want to know what you do to be the man you are. They just want the result. I like the dissected boobs metaphor for this.

“A woman’s breasts are perfect as they are. Round, soft, you like to touch them. But you don’t want to know how it looks underneath. The veins, the fat and water pockets. A dissection of them isn’t nice.
Women feel exactly the same about your masculinity. They don’t want to know what you do to be the man you are. They just want the result.”


This is your ego speaking.

First of all, most people will rarely achieve what you achieve anyway, regardless of them knowing about it. There is LITERALLY all the information out there to become rich. People KNOW it. They might even read a book about it, but only the 10% (or less) will truly take action towards it.

And, yes, your ego wants the easy route. “I don’t want people to have this knowledge because then I am not special anymore.”

I was the same for the longest time until I discovered that helping people to success yields a much better feeling.
But I also learned that not everyone wants to put in the effort.

Don’t think too much about others. Carve your own path!

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If my mother finds out I’m listening to something that has the word ‘Dragon’ in it she’s calling the pastor on me; lay hands; holy water the works.

I tried more than once to get my family and friends to listen or read about LoA, I gave up. Subliminals are a waste of time to them, just sad how we’ve been programmed.:disappointed:


It’s a persistent one, I’ll tell ya :smiley:

This is so true it’s kinda painful and I’m glad you said it. You can give someone the tools but you can’t make them use it. Leading a cow to water, and that stuff.

You and my ego are on speaking terms.

Eh, for the most part I don’t. The shadow aspects of myself that I haven’t integrated or indeed even begun to face that do cause me to worry about other’s opinions are definitely on my watchlist, though.

Imagine her alarm when the holy water trickles to the ground without incident and no demon jettisoned from an orifice! It may be better for her sanity if you hold that info close to ya :wink:

Mostly joking, but you’re right about programming. Some people are quite literally not equipped to handle the knowledge of these things within their paradigm.


Oh man, I’m even crazier in my parents ’ eyes and friends who know about me more than should know. I am the one adolescent who is spiritually developed, listen to the sounds of waves for hours and listen to some energetic fields. Who knows psychology and is engaged in self-development. Who meditates and chants some mantras. Who knows more about life than peers. I hide it from other eyes to avoid judgment. I look like a crazy and misguided teenager to be honest. But I like it :Солнцезащитные очки:


I wanna know what that Russian says, but I’m too lazy to Google translate xD

What titles are you listening to? What brought you to SubClub, how did you find it?

Do you find that the title(s) works for you rather quickly and well? I ask the last cuz I often wonder if teens are more susceptible to the suggestions.

You said you’re an adolescent so, I assume that means a teenager

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Our brains are different. I am in the alpha state and will be in it for about a year, which gives me an advantage (I believe) and I am still closer to the subconscious.

What brought me here? Pure chance. I’d say that if it wasn’t a series of happenstances. Including this and my past experience, I can say that this is my Higher Self or anything else.

I found a SubClub about 7 months ago and showed it to my brother. He bought a couple of audios, and I forgot about SC until some time ago

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StarkQv2 and LimitlessQv2 for now. Used Emperor and Khan


I’d offer this knowledge to those that I may have an iota of care towards - family, friends and extended friends of family, or someone that crosses my path who seems to be struggling . The general consensus is it is received with fear, cynicism rejection. I wish I had access to this technology when I was much younger; such is not the case with the majority.

They’d be afraid of change, even if it is their right to realize their true potential. Some people rather live in their illusions and their victim mentality; and I understand that that is comforting. Saddening.


I would like my mother to listen to PARAGON to help her back issues, but the last time I set her up to listen to subs, she did it like once and next time I asked her, ‘she forgot’. I doubt she’s touched the one I got her since. And I refuse to let her have my Sennheiser’s if she isn’t going to use them xD I need em too!

You are right on the money with people not being able to change until they are truly ready. I think it’s a beautiful thing for protecting our sense of identity and beliefs.

It’s frustrating though to help people that are stuck in their ways that seemingly want help but refuse to help themselves at the end of day


If SubClub were to offer shirts, I would buy them. I’m not the kind of man that wears branded shirts often as I like what I’m displaying to mean something to me.

In this case though, advertising these guys would be helping not only them in a small way but anyone that decided to look them up out of curiosity.

@SaintSovereign is this something you see happening in the future, Subliminal Club offering Tees?

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I have found in discussing subs with others I have been nearly universally met with indifference.