Le Journal de Palpatine™ (2023)

Starting new. 27 mins left for 2022. Opening this now because I’m about to go start up a hypnosis recording (Glauberman) which will carry me into the new year by the time it’s over.



I hope this year you will integrate the earth into a galactic empire.


I enjoy listening to Glauberman also

Started off this day with a cup of black coffee and a stack of Khan and Ascension.

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I just ran microloops (masked) during meditation of:

Da Microloops

Khan (all 4 stages)
EoG (all 4 stages)
True Social
True Sell
Sex and Seduction
Primal Seduction
Sex Mastery
BILLionaire V3 ZP
Ecstatic Emperor ZP
Master Moneyfestor
Emperor Black

As I was running it, I meditated by hanging out on my mental beach, taking in the ocean waves, as per the usual.

I then decided to turn and see Future Palpatine on the beach off in the distance. I figured I’ll go talk to him and get “guidance” on how to move forward in life. He had throngs and throngs of women on the back just standing there hoping he’d pick them to be with.

He told me they’re all ones he’d been with at some point, and they just keep coming back for more, so he’s never without the ability to have someone any given day.

I said “Wanted?” He grinned slyly “You know it”

Here’s a blurb of convo from when I told a friend about it today:

Da Blurb of Convo

I just had a long convo with “Future Palpatine” on my mental beach.

The ultimate version of me. Rich af. Nonchalant af

Has throngs of women on the beach. His pick as to who to fuck. Or not fuck.

He’s been giving me advice as I run subs.

His biggest advice to me was to stop trying to be too narrow in focus.

“Embrace the chaos. Become larger than the chaos. Be flexible enough to tame the chaos”

Apparently by becoming more flexible and agile than the chaos, I can channel it into whatever I want.

At “his” urging, I’m now running full loop of stark and 3 mins each of RoM and Wanted right now.


Now that’s a jacked stack :muscle: :eyes: I sense a new superhero incoming :sunglasses:


I run microloops of my full catalog every few days.
Takes about 35 minutes.

Just keeps my sub “toolbox” ready to execute scripting as needed.

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Kinda funny to think that it takes half of the time than just one single sub back in Qv2 :laughing:


I wonder if shorter loops would have worked with Q/QV2. Not gon go back to find out though.

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Smart choice lol :+1:




Future me was getting a blow from a hot Latina chick on the beach.

She looked over at me and he moved her head back. “He isn’t ready for you yet”

Guess I got some growing to do still.

Future me is savage and nonchalant as fuck apparently.

Which one?

(PS happy new year!)

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I have 3 which I’m doing in this order:

Personal Ecology
Money, Wealth and Prosperity
Sales Mastery


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I did a stack in bed of 5 mins each of:

Khan 1
30 mins silence

6x of that for a total of 3 hours to coincide with sleep cycles.

Dream 1. Emma Stone

Had a dream I was talking to Emma Stone about her role on the movie “The Menu”.

I was excited because we were at a dinner which was a sort of reunion of the cast. I mainly wanted to meet Ralph Fiennes.

Of course, it was Anya Taylor-Joy, not Emma stone, who was actually in the movie.

Not sure what led my dream to make that substitution. I won’t complain, though.

Dream Emma is beautiful.

At one point, she was sitting at her seat with her eyes closed. Lost in thought apparently. I was just staring because her face is yum.

She opened her eyes, saw me looking, smiled and said “what?”

I said “You’re just beautiful to me and your face is so gorgeous.”

It was announced Ralph Fiennes wasn’t going to be able to attend. He’d gotten hung up on set for whatever he’s working on now. Reshoots or some such thing.

She could tell I was disappointed, but I said “I am. But that’s why I admire the guy, though. Giving up this because the job demands it to get done on time.”

Dream 2. The white stuff

Dreamed I’m at my dad and stepmom’s house. (Stepmom is deceased IRL)
I’m working on my car still. At some point, I ask dad and stepmom if they still have the tube of “white stuff”.
It’s apparently some substance that looks like viscous chalk.

Its purpose is to where when the engine is running you can squirt a little into the radiator fill hole and it’ll show you if coolant is actually moving or not.

By the movement of it. With the goal being to see it get pulled into the coolant flow.

No idea what this even means, as my car’s coolant system is fine.


Cool quote: “An excuse is simply a challenge that you’ve decided has power over you.” - Jen Sincero, “You are a Badass Every Day”


RoM coming through more?

Wordle 565 5/6


@SaintSovereign @Fire

What should happen with stacking Chosen with Khan?
Would it turn the user into a Dom?
I’ve been running them together, amongst other things of course.

Noticing that Sandy (noodz girl from the restaurant) is way more submissive in our chats now. Usually she’s kinda more dominant/assertive.

But as of late, she’s deferential to me. Almost begging for attention.

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I imagine that Chosen with Khan would definitely suit someone with a more dominant/assertive dynamic in sexual interplay.

I think you and I have debated Chosen in relationships before but I had not considered Chosen with Khan before :thinking:

Probably cause I haven’t gotten to using Khan, yet.

Ooo… What a nice follow up to when I complete EOG!

Anyways. I wonder if Khan would ‘clash’ with Chosen.

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Khan is digging in.


Has me realizing that sometimes all I want is a cum receptacle.

Somewhere to put my load.