King's Wealth Subliminal

I’ve just ordered my custom wealth ZP subliminal. This is focused on wealth generation through investment, business and part-time work. Will be updating this journal when I start running the custom.

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Secrets of Akasha
Information Releaser
Submodel Alpha
The Streams
Single Point
Way of ROI
Wisdom Personified
I.Q and Cognitive Booster
Instant Business Tactician
The Lines
Transcendental Connections
Organisation Perfected


I like the custom you built

Ran 1 loop of my custom in the morning of today. Nothing yet to report, but I’ve decided to focus more on what I see in my dreams.

The meeting with the company went well. There is some interest in getting me to help with the management of a certain project that is supposed to come up next month, just to see how well we could work together.

I don’t want to confirm to anyone anything about this project as nothing is set yet, but if there is something like this coming up in the horizon, it’s a good thing and will represent a big turnaround in my life.

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By next week, my company’s cash balance would have tremendously recovered to a level I have not seen for three years.

For a long time, I couldn’t imagine that amount given the very difficult financial situation I had been facing. My business won’t be out of the woods yet, but at least it can finally breathe for a while.



What does your company do?

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Some commercial due diligence and business planning work.

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Today marks the last day of my 21 day cycle on my wealth custom.

I shall take a 3 day washout as I haven’t run my wealth custom since last Tuesday.

In terms of income, I’ve more in my company bank account than I ever had for the past 2 years, though my business has been struggling for a long time and I have those cash reserves that I have right now because I reinvested my meagre monthly salary into my business.

I’ll plan to run another cycle of my mogul custom for another 21 days as I’m a slow-gainer and things take longer for me to kick in, ZP or not.


I see. Thank you.

Did two loops of Dragon Reborn ZP ST1 with my bone-conduction headphones. (Just writing this down for record purposes.)

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Skimmed through the thread on Big Money with Rich ZP, and the one on Insane Results and decided it would be detrimental to my mental health to continue looking at those threads as I feel that I can’t really contribute much on those threads. I feel like I am in a different universe.

I probably need Dragon Reborn ZP ST1 to help with me with a lot of inner processing before I go back to addressing my issues, which clearly are not just money-related.

Inside me, there’s a lot of resentment, envy, jealousy, anxiety, depression and desperation. For most of my life I’ve been living inside an invisible cage, being a forced to be an observer of the world rather than being a participant of the world. Ok perhaps the participation part is there too, but it is participation as a follower not as a leader. It is participation on other people’s terms.

If there’s one word that represents what I want now, I realise that it’s not money, it’s not sex, it’s not intellectual fulfilment, but it’s freedom. That freedom to live my life on my own terms, to be the master of my own reality, and to know the truth.

After living with so much dogma forced into me and with my energetic structure being tied by some other external force - I can no longer deny that I don’t believe that there is no external force binding me I just don’t now what it is - I have become very drained.

I think at the very least, DR ZP ST1 would help in targetting my energetic structures and recreate some deep inner changes that will help me with my journey forward, so it’s going to be DR ZP ST1 for the next 21 days.


2 loops of Dragon Reborn ZP ST1 today.

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3 minutes of DR ST1 ZP today.

I’m wondering if some modules from my Mogul/RICH custom have been kicking in recently even though it has been more than a week since I stopped running the custom.

  • I seem to be able to understand better certain basic accounting concepts, and yesterday I was using visualization to calculate a solution for a certain accounting question. In a way I was able to picture in my mind’s eye how a balance sheet would be affected by changes in certain payment mechanisms.
  • Over the past few days, I have been collecting from the Internet a lot of information about getting wealthy from the personal, corporate and national level and putting a lot of the information into one single ebook that would answer a lot of questions that I wanted to know about in terms of wealth-building at all those three levels.
  • Throughout my working life, I have learnt about a lot of rarely covered historical events, business practices and economic concepts that I have found unique, interesting and groundbreaking from the wealth development point of view - I personally don’t go for get-rich stories that are easily picked up and shared around by mainstream media or the self-help community - and have been spending a lot of my time in the past few days putting these ideas together to form my own narratives.
  • Of course, there are limitations to how much information about any topic one can find on the Internet using the Google search engine. When I realized that I had exhausted what I could find on the Internet, and not knowing anyone who might help me answer my questions, I decided to crowdsource for that information on Quora, and I think there will be some people to help me out.

I can only guess a few modules so far that are kicking off and my guess is perhaps they are operating at maybe 5% of their total potential?
Secrets of Akasha
Information Releaser
Organization Perfected


How did you make that estimate?

Just a guess.

I see. Thank you.

1 loop of DRST1 ZP today.

I’ve been in a very depressed mood yesterday and today, and have been wondering why my life is structured in a certain way with so many things that are outside my control.

I have been focusing a lot on the question “Why are things like that?”.

Is it karmic debt?

Bad luck?

God punishing me for sins?

God punishing me for other people’s sins?

Not grabbing the opportunities when I was younger?

Chose this life before I was born?

Or am I just ungrateful?

I’ve become reclusive and hardly interested in talking to anyone, even my family.
Maybe it’s because I fear being judged for not being able to take on certain responsibilities and meet certain expectations from my family, my professional circle, the wider society while I land up bearing the burden and clearing the debts of other people.

It’s been a very emotional experience so far, and I have yet to see a way out. I’ve been having my groundhog day moments for so long, and even when I decided to take the Red Pill, I just end up waking up and knowing that I am trapped in the Matrix but am unable to get out of it.

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A bit of money being refunded from a telco that I cancelled my contract with last year landed up in my mailbox as a cheque. Not a lot of money, but maybe RICH decided to tell me it is working.

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1 loop of DRST1 ZP today (7 minutes)

Feeling a bit better

I should just focus on my end-goal and stop wallowing in self-pity.

I’ve realised that a lot of anxiety that I bear is due to the fear of being judged, as well as unwarrented concerns about other people’s perceptions of me.

The reason why I am stuck in the Matrix is due to that concern that other people will perceive me in a certain way - why should that be so? It smacks of deep insecurity.

Need to work on climbing out of the deep hole that I am in and rebuild myself. I have to forget about those limitations.


1 loop of DRST1 ZP today. (15 minutes).

I’ve been busy compiling a big body of knowledge that I’ve mentioned a few posts ago, and somehow it has taken up a lot of time. It’s become an obsession, but I’ve been more aware of that deep desire to understand that truth, those “Secrets of Akasha”. I’ve been digging into so many rabbit holes, and have given up lots conventional narratives in terms of the way I see wealth and wealth-building.

My worldview in this regard has expanded a lot and since the outbreak of that conflict , I’ve been trying to look for angles on how to profit from what I see will be the future.

I’ve never had the typical life path expected of people like me in my society like getting a well-paid and stable job straight after university and moving up the corporate ladder, marrying someone I like, owning property and a car together, and having a kid or two to carry on the family line as well as make my parents proud of me.

In a way, because I didn’t follow this path in life, I feel that I tend to perceive lot of things differently than a lot of my peers, and feel less invested in maintaining certain narratives.