KHAN + WANTED. Foxdie's Journal

Hi everyone. I am here with a new journal. As the title says I stacked Khan and Wanted.

I have already begin this journal 1 week ago in an offline mode.
So now I want to list my objectives for this stack and write down my first results I got.

Let’s begin.


My objectives with this stack are primaly women. I noticed I have a lack of inner confidence in this context and a lot of traumas regarding the dating world, so Khan ST1 will help here. Then I stacked Wanted too because the idea of being wanted, as the sub name says, it’s really appealing to me.

In conclusion I want to be free, natural and seductive with women, remaining myself without the use of PUA material or other stuff. At the same time I want to be wanted and followed by women.


After a week of Khan and 4 days of Wanted I got the following results:

  1. My obsession and neediness for a girl I liked is completely gone. Now I see her as just any other girl. Normal

  2. I generally feel better and happier as if I have detoxified from something.
    My passion for some old things is returned.

  3. I started a PMO diet and I’m aiming to quit it forever.

That’s all for now.

See you in the next post.


Khan ST1 – Rest Day 1 - (Days done10)
Wanted – Rest Day1 - (Days done 7)

These days I have been swinging from feeling at peace with myself and not needing a girlfriend (with zero sexual drive), to feeling the strong need to have one and feeling desperate. Neediness has return.
The need that I feel for a girl is not sexual is emotional because I still feel low sexual drive.

Khan ST1 – Rest Day 2 - (Days done10)
Wanted – Rest Day 2 - (Days done 7)

I had a bad reconciliation today and a panic attack. It’s the first time for me and it’s a really bad sensation.
I’ll get one more rest day.


Just remember you’re doing QV2, you may need a lot more rest days as you progress.


Khan ST1 – Day 11
Wanted – Day 8

I feel a lot better from the other days.

I had a lot of reflections on myself and on how to behave around women.

Do I have to do something consciously and actively when I meet reconciliation or do I leave it passively resolve by itself?

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just rest and ride the wave… like when surfing

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Khan ST1 - Rest Day 1 - ( done Day 14 )
Wanted - Rest Day 1 - ( done Day 10 )

My neediness and desperation have increased. If people don’t pay attention to me or respond to my texts I feel my need and despair grow.


One thing to keep in mind is that powerful healing subs like Khan stage 1, might over power something like Wanted. Saint Sovereign spoke about that once. That’s why I’m running stage 1 solo.


Then it’s better for me too wait for Khan Stage 2 and run ST1 solo like you.
How many loops you run?

yeah, try Khan stage 1 solo. I’m currently using QV1 and QV2. So my loops will be different than most people. I run 4 loops of QV1 then I run one loop of QV2 and take three days off. That’s one loop a day.

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I was thinking about doing one loop, one day on and one day off alternatively, for a total of 4 days of listening and 3 of rest in one week.

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Talk to @pacman he’s a veteran of Khan. He can give you great advice on running QV2 for Khan TB


Khan ST1 – Day 15

  1. From today I will only do Khan ST1. It is for healing and need to be used alone.

  2. I am experiencing a slight headache while listening to the only run of the day.

That what I mean when I say it’s super dense!


Khan ST1 – Rest Day 1 - (done 15 Days)

  1. I am irritated. I’ve already started arguing with my female friend about her childish behavior.

  2. I have this strong curiosity about how certain men have managed to sleep with lots of women (100+)

  3. I feel more relaxed when I think of women and slowly begin to see them more and more as human beings instead of just women to be seduced.

  4. I recognize the bad programming that many PUAs have conveyed, which is the “pickup” mentality whenever you are with a woman. It is quite toxic. The problem with PUA teachings is that one loses human contact with women and begins to no longer enjoy interactions on a human level and begins to see everything as a set of tactics to be performed and this has created in me a sense of incoherence and of non-belonging.



I want to add something happened the other night to serve as example or as interpretation to anyone is reading this journal. The description below is taken from my offline journal from friday:

I went to a disco party the other night. Lots of pussy. I felt apathetic, despite the avalanche of pussy and opportunity I was apathetic, I had no impulse to do or try with anyone but at the same time I wanted to get some.

I also had opportunities to do something but I didn’t know what I had to do. In the dating world I feel lost, for me it’s chaos.

I guess I’m not the type to get random girls because it would make me uncomfortable making out with someone I don’t know. I need time to feel the attraction and kiss a girl. I feel am sexually limited.

I think you should go for it. Start some conversation even if you don’t feel in the zone.
Khan is there to help you after you initiate.

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I will force myself. From that day I feel better and more motivated to socialize. I had a lot of tought where I questioned my self. The apathy is gone for now.

Force yourself? It maybe that you’re picking up something about some of those women that doesn’t sit well with you. If you’re not in the mood, don’t force it.


I remember one time I was walking along, not really paying attention to the people around me, when I suddenly started to feel angry. When I looked straight ahead, there was a guy glaring at me. Even though I hadn’t noticed him consciously, a deeper part of my saw him…
This kind of thing has happened to me before. If you’re not in the mood to approach women in a certain venue or time, respect that…