Khan vs StarkQ Comparison


Question: Does Khan address physical traits shifting the way StarkQ does?

How about things like wealth making, and increasing one’s ability to learn for the goals, etc. Productivity, and that sort of thing.

It’s not really advertised in the sales copy, but I read about that here and there and seems like a very large program that may include those too. Does it? I mean to the extent that StarkQ does, if one takes action and guides it?


  • I want to attract one woman only, a lot, since I’m in a committed relationship
  • no interest in fame at all, in fact I rather do without it
  • I am interested in empire building

Would Khan take care of all this, to the extent Stark Does?

Also would appreciate a response from the guys making this @SaintSovereign @Fire

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I think the physical shifting happened after Khan was released. Several users (myself included) did notice a drive to exercise and faster recovery from exercise though.

Khan also leans towards sexual freedom, so it’s not the best one for the admirable goal of keeping your current girl. It can, but it’s more comfortable showing you more options.

Stark should definitely have the fame in there.

Opening up the floor for suggestions. Aside from a custom sub, maybe something along the lines of Medici combined with a sexual sub (maybe also Libertine)?


That moment when your requirement is Emperor, but you are distracted by other shiny objects. :smile:

EmperorQ really could use a new sales copy. It has come so much farther than it’s birthday back in 2018.
(Interestingly, it is just a few days older than 2 years today.) :wink:


Sorta off topic, but what kind of physical shifting is in Stark?

I would have suggested Emperor were it not for the fact it may not be the most beneficial for relationships. Since Medici was more social, I picked that shiny object instead.

No clue, I didn’t know there was, I figured the original poster got it from the product page, so I’d answer only for Khan.

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I understand, but…

EQ is way better at relationships than the previous versions.

And, if/when there are anger/stress issues, it’d be better to manage them with Sanguine than to suggest a sub with completely different goals/pathway.

Medici is NOT a Social Emperor. When you use it solo, you recognize that it is purely a wealth & opportunities sub. Sure there may be family leadership to it, but it does not come with Masculinity, Sexuality/Polarity, Spirituality, Fitness, and other things we would expect of an Emperor.

Think of it as designed-to-be-stacked, like PCC or Inner Circle;
not something comparable to EQ or SQ. Not even EOG.

And it is GREAT at what it’s designed to do. :+1:t2:


@Simon Are you running Medici?

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Current Stack = Stark, Medici, Ascension, Survival Instinct.


Did you test them one at a time? And then decided to stack them?
How would you describe the effects of ascension on you?

@MaMan - between Khan and StarkQ, I would agree with @DarkPhilosopher and recommend StarkQ. I have used both and StarkQ with helps creativity and being a more relaxed alpha.

Between those two and Emperor though, @Simon is right in saying that Emperor will fit your goals more closely. Personally, I haven’t used Emperor since am more of “more than one woman” kind of guy. But Emperor focuses on Empire building (duh) with recent additions to help you keep your relationships running smoothly.

In terms of physical trait shifting, I don’t see the 3 mentioned subs doing much (although there might be) other than Emperor having a Fat Burner module in it.

I would recommend running Emperor to focus on your Wealth and Long Term Relationship. In some time, SubClub will release “The Seducer” subliminal (name and release date not yet finalised) which will have physical shifting in it (including male enhancement!)


I’ve run all while being in a open relationship, and my vote goes to khan.

  1. Emperor: while I absolutely saw women around being more atracted to me, it was not the same in the relationship. Because I was masculine, not interested in the relationship or her. Communication wise - very very very direct and ruthless. The last thing I cared about were her feelings or her. I know much changed with the Q version.
  2. Stark: this would be my second choice. She reacted better to my stark version, but nothing to write home about. I did run this the least though.
  3. Khan: ah, the one where sometimes I feel she exists just to meet my needs. Honestly, she was very very attentive to my needs, more feminine around me, more horny, submissive. In love with me.

My current stack is Khan/Emperor/Primal with a dab of Libertine. While I’m yearning sometimes for more women(never enough ahah), she is mesmerized every day.


Cool I also suspected this. Tried it out. Emperor was really shit for my relationship. I feel no desire to connect whatsoever. With Khan I actually liked it and enjoyed it.

Stark still not my type.

Khan it shall be :smiley:


I keep on hearing my name. :wink:


Great comparison! I’ve read the Khan sales page numerous times, and while it sounds impressive it’s never felt like it’s the one for me. Emperor made me feel amazing, but I also didn’t care what I said about people or if I pushed them too far to get what I want. (Ev4, not EQ)

Stark is where I fit best, I love this sub. Avatar jokes aside, a la @khan :rofl:

@BLACKICE They are all useful. What sub do you gravitate to when you read the product page? On another note, have you tried Khan ?

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For the standalone programs on the main shop, Stark shines bright as an arc reactor to me. :nerd_face::rofl:

I haven’t tried Khan, were I single and out dating, I might be intrigued enough to try running Khan + Libertine + True Social + Iron Throne etc… but even back when I was dating, my goal was to find the one girl who is right for me. I can probably explain it best with a TV reference… Mash up a bit of Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen for personality, and the scheming ambitions of Barney Stinson, and that’s me. lol.

Back to Stark… of all the instances that he was portrayed in the movies, Stark from Infinity War is probably the closest to my ideal, actually. Nice house in the country, loving wife and daughter, and enough money and resources to live comfortably and build anything I want. Hopefully without the Thanos issue though. :wink:

Khan just doesn’t fit that vision, as far as I understand it.


@BLACKICE Thank you for sharing.

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Is this all in Q ? What’s your number loops per sub/ratio if I may ask?

That is impressive that you’re staying committed to one woman on that stack :slight_smile:

Hey there, I appreciate your response.

Khan was amazing… and is. I know it leans towards sexual freedom but it adapts to our own values and so on. I have noticed it presenting many opportunities and immense desire from women of all sorts, but I have no interest in that. I actually dislike that it makes me think about such things for a moment, and this is why at some point I almost left it. But anyways… I think I’m in control and the more I do this and learn to redirect the energy the better it gets.

Stark wasn’t so nice. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m gonna stick with Khan because it’s just so great. Also getting a custom with Khan in it =)

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I’m in an open relationship, so there is no “commitment to one woman”. MaMan is in committed relationship, that’s why I thought the comment is relevant:I don’t want to oversell khan for his objectives. I’m pretty sure he’ll start to at least consider other women. I don’t think any stack in itself will drive someone to fuck other women(especially if you get want from your relationship), but it will raise a bunch of what ifs :smiley:

I started my own journal finally here: All q: khan | emperor | primal | sm | libertine

@MaMan good luck with your journey man, you can only get more things that you want from it :smiley:

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