Khan Stage 1 vs Regeneration


I was initially going to PM the mods with this question, but I think it’ll benefit everyone if we can all see their response.

Is it necessary to stack Regeneration for someone already running Khan Stage 1?

How about Limit Destroyer, Rebirth and Beyond Limitless (with Khan Stage 1)?

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Regeneration questions

Interested to know too. I think Khan st1 and rebirth would be a perfect stack for healing.


I can’t answer this question. It’s totally up to you and your needs. If you’re asking whether Rengeration will give any additional benefits, the answer is yes — if you need deeper healing.


That’s basically what I’m asking. Could you explain some of the unique benefits of Regeneration?


So its possible to run these two for one loop each a day? (I understand that it might delay results for both but what I am asking is about getting overwhelmed or not)


I don’t think it is one or the other. I say why not have both. It will not delay results. Think more positive. :wink: