Kalimero's Ultima stage 3 test


Just got the Ultima stage 3 test from @SaintSovereign, I will document my results in this thread.

I have been using PrimalQ x1 and SMX2Q x1 about 4-5 days of the week (2 rest days spread over the week usually). On some days if I felt like I needed more focus on fitness I sometime used EmpFit2Q if needed instead. Since using SmX2Q+Primal, I’ve had really good results in the sack, with actually needing to really work at it to orgasm. This is a new development as I previously got the high horniness from SMX2, but SMX2Q works differently for me. Seeing that U3 (Ultima stage 3) is active in this field I jumped in the moment I saw the post. Thanks for having me!

Stopped my regular stack yesterday and ran my first round of U3 this evening at 21:00. I’m using MPOW H10 headphones because apparently my brother broke my Sennheiser HD280 last week… Will try to get a new pair although the feeling from this first run didn’t make me feel as if I’m missing something.

During the run I felt a bit like when taking a microdose of acid… Everything feels a bit more fluid, feel a lot of energy in my body and mind as if someone is massaging my brain, and I even felt a bit of tension in my jaw. This subsided about 30-60 minutes after the run.

I had to drive afterwards, I don’t recommend it. Felt very carefree and almost a bit drunk. My eyes also wanted to “unfocus” as if I suddenly got tired, but not physically, just mentally. I think this happened also once it twice while playing the file.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet the girl I’m sleeping with (I’m relevant to option 2), will listen to the track in the morning and update tomorrow if I notice something out of the ordinary.

Cheers :grin:


woohoo!! best of luck bro!


Update from day 2:
Yesterday night got a surge of horniness around 11pm. I’m not sure if it’s because of my expectation having read about other people’s reactions to previous Ultima tests or not, but I liked it.

Ran U3 once this morning at 11am while reading some news. I felt a bit less than yesterday during the run but about an hour after finishing my mind feels tired and a bit “drunk” again. Not really drunk but maybe giddy and out of focus…

I feel like taking a nap, but I’m meeting the girl later on at the beach and I will update if I notice anything else.


Next time, try running it a bit closer to when you go out with her, but this will be helpful too. How many hours will be it from the time you ran it to the time you see her.


Ahh, this makes sense, I ran U3 at 11am and met the girl at the beach around 6pm, with alone time in her apartment ~10pm until around 1am… I’ll try to set it up closer next time.


OK, so some updates about yesterday…

Thank god it was a Saturday :slight_smile: After listening to the U3 in the late morning, I was originally planning for a day of fixing up stuff in the apartment before meeting some friends + the girl at the beach. I couldn’t concentrate at all on work in the first few hours. About an hour or two after listening I felt again the same kind of feeling I’ve had on Day 1, where it feels like a microdose of acid.

Specifically, a permeating giddyness, feeling a bit spaced-out. Listening to music was very powerful and I felt a lot of emotions being stirred up. I’m usually very stoic and logic-minded, some people even go as far as to call me a robot, but the music and accompanying thoughts were really emotionally strong. To the point where I wouldn’t have wanted more of the “dose”, as it was right on the edge between really good and too much of a good thing. I felt energy/heat in my whole body and I remember certain tingling in the groin area. I tried going for a nap as from physical aspect I was tired, but the nervous and emotional energy was so high that it took a long while to fall asleep. Woke up refreshed but still a bit drunk/giddy.

That’s when I finally started cleaning and ordering the house… Finally. But time was short and I headed to the beach to meet the friends. Things were clicking very nicely, I had a ton of fun with the friends, and even though the girl met my friends for the first time everything was really smooth socially and all were wearing big smiles.

After the friends left, the girl and I stayed listened to some music alone with the sun coming down - there was a really strong moment of connection. I really connect to her anyway, but it’s possible this was a bit more than usual.

We then headed up to her apartment. Ordered some food and while waiting headed for the shower. At first she went down on me in the shower and I thought I felt pre-“SMX2Q+PrimalQ”, as in it was very pleasureable and I felt myself get close, but I was saved by the bell, literally, as the food arrived so we stopped the shower session early. After the food, heavy petting quickly escalated to a long, powerful and enjoyable sex session. She came hard while we were just touching (she mentioned she was amazed at how I knew how/where to touch, not sure if it’s a subliminal thing or my natural skill ;)), and later again during sex. Thankfully, I felt like 3/4 of the effect of SMX2Q+PrimalQ regarding retention time and could continue as much as I wanted without the fear of prematurely ending the session and once again had to work at it towards the end to actually get off.

All in all, a great end to the day :wink:

Today, Day 3 - Not planning on meeting her today so I ran U3 in the morning (~09:45) while reading some news again. Felt less intense than on Day1 or 2, we’ll see about the rest of the day :slight_smile:


Both. You had the knowledge, the subliminal brought it to the forefront and helped you with the confidence to trust your instincts. Glad you had fun.

Did she seem particularly more attracted to you this time (I’m assuming you have slept with her before)?


Indeed, it was a lot of fun :wink:

Hard to say regarding the attraction, as she was really attracted to me already before. But (excuse me for the frankness) she was literally dripping onto the bedsheets during sex and I’m not sure I remember that from previous episodes…


Damn, I am going to buy Sex Mastery right now with the hope that Ultima Stage 3 is SM Ultima.

I can really relate to that when I had a glimpse of the Sex Mastery scripting in StarkQ Ultima.

But damn, amazing results Kalimero!


It sounds a lot like SM to me, nice results!!


Regarding yesterday (day 3) - I felt less effects during the run, and also afterwards. Something I noticed today that is also relevant to yesterday, is that even though I went to sleep around 2-3am and set my alarm to 10am, I woke up both times before 9am. Not sure why this happens, but in general I am less tired for some reason.

Other than that, didn’t notice anything special yesterday, but I didn’t have a lot of social interactions. Had some fun back-and-forth texting/sexting with the girl that almost ended in me taking a cab to her place, but in the end I felt like I needed some me time so I stayed at home. I did notice a bit less procrastination and in general a good mood though, also didn’t feel like smoking weed which is a sort of evening habit for me.

Today, Day 4, I ran U3 at 11am. Didn’t feel much during the run like on days 1&2, I’ll wait a few hours and if I feel like it I’ll run another loop in the afternoon to see the effects of more loops - my brain might be getting used to the sub?


So to finish Day 4 (yesterday), as it was a day at home I didn’t get to see too many results during the day, and didn’t feel to different compared to non U3 days. Something is happening under the surface though, as even 5-6 hours after the first run I couldn’t take a nap (tried because I was physically tired, but had too much energy to actually fall asleep).

Since I didn’t feel anything, I tried a second loop of U3 in the afternoon, around 5:30pm. Went by very smoothly. In the evening I went out to get myself something to drink/eat. Interactions with people were not really out of the ordinary. What I did notice though, was that I was very “in-my-head”, especially when I could have started talking with a cutie that was sitting at a table next to me. Instead, I was reserved and felt a bit awkward. I’m hoping this is because I ran too much of U3 and some kind of reconciliation as this contrasts really sharply with the smoothness I felt on Day 1&2.

Today, Day 5, I’ll be going back to 1 loop. The next two days I have a planned getaway with the girl mentioned in previous posts here, but today I’m meeting 3-4 friends to watch a sports game. So I’ll get to observe their reaction and my body/thoughts in the interaction with them.

Will update later today or tomorrow.


First, I need to finish the Day 5 log by stating that I didn’t notice anything special in my interactions with my friends… Maybe being a bit less guarded with what I say and more in the moment, but not very obvious.

Days 6-7:
These two days I was away with the girl on a short vacation. On Day 6 I did not get a chance to run the sublimal, while on Day 7 I only got the chance to run it in the evening after I got back home. This is because the whole trip was filled with sex, touchy-feelyness, eye gazing and smiles. I could definitely feel her attraction for me and we had a blast! She was a bit more forward on Day 6 than on Day 7, which could either be because of residual effects from running U3 on Day 5, or simply because we had been fooling around for hours on Day 6 and she was a bit more sated and tired like me on Day 7. I met up with a few friends in the evening but I don’t seem to see any effect on male subjects, for good and bad.

Coming back home on Day 7 I noticed that we are now allowed to run up to 3 loops of U3 per day. As I’m not feeling the same effects than when I started with this, I tried upping the dose, so yesterday (Day 8) and today (Day 9) I am running 3 loops of U3. I also noticed that other diaries mentioned Aura effects and attraction etc., I will make a point of looking also in this direction. I met my family yesterday for dinner and a birthday, but didn’t notice any obvious signs of a different behaviour even from the female cousins which are all ~25-35 years old. I did notice that kind of eye-glazing non focused feeling after running the 3 loops (Day 8) consecutively, and was tired afterwards. Had the option of going over to the girl for some more nighttime play, but I didn’t feel like it and was tired from our sejour, so I decided to stay and rest at home.

Today, I’m currently after 2 loops of U3, will meet up with the girl and another friend in a couple of hours and see if I can see any out of the ordinary reactions in them or myself.

This happened previously to me where I felt things happening at first, but then a few days forward the reaction was much more muted and less obvious. I’m hoping that this is just temporary reconciliation and that something will happen.

Also, if this is some kind of Aura effect, it might be some kind of stonewalling reaction on my side, as I do not currenly believe in such things as action-from-afar. I can understand how a subliminal could get me to change how I notice things around me which could certainly influence my subjective awareness, and I can imagine a subliminal causing certain pheromones to be produced more than before, but my subconscious will probably have a hard time accepting scripting that deals with attraction from afar and stuff like that. Time will tell.

Now that I’m back home I’ll try to give more steady updates over the next week at least.


:: Goes on trip full of sex and other results ::
:: Claims to not get the same results ::
:: Stonewalls themselves by being skeptical about results ::


I’ve had this on a lot of subs. I eventually figured out that’s more a matter of getting used to the results so they feel normal than them going away.


Totally agree with this. Been saying the same on my Emperor journal. Your baseline is set at a different point after a few weeks, so what used to be considered positive results now seems ordinary


So the testing of U3 = Libertine Ultima has ended. Let’s try to summarize.

I’ve actually looked at my notes etc. and my postings here, and compared them to what I was going through before the U3 test. This girl is highly sexed and I’ve known her for a few weeks before already. I previously mentioned this when I was asked if I noticed extra attraction - the high attraction existed already before U3. The trip was for an event that was set in the calendar ahead of time so it wasn’t caused by the sub either. Staying at a resort alone with a girl is a good setting for sex with or without a subliminal. We have passionate sex every time we spend time together, so it’s hard to gauge and answer what-if questions regarding what would have happened if I didn’t run U3 in that two day getaway. Coincidentally, I did not run U3 while I was with her at the resort, so even if U3 did something there, it’s due to previous usage and does not fit the booster/localized-in-time effect that we were taught to connect with Ultima titles. It could be that U3 influenced things, but to myself this is not obvious. In addition, I did not notice any aura like effect for me like others described, or a newfound easiness with my sexuality that I did not have before U3. Nor did I notice a change of behavior when interacting with women, and I did interact a lot. If any, the first time I ran two loops I was more awkward with single women around me than before, and more “stuck in my head”. I did have physical results that are comparable to what I had before with PrimalQ+SMX2Q, so are my results due to U3 or just a continuation of the PrimalQ+SMX2Q results? Due to these reasons I don’t have the conviction you have that the results I got were due to this sub.

I know something is happening, as I’ve had all kinds of self-effects from running this sub - high energy and giddiness at the start, a certain incompatibility between this sub and sleeping due to nervous energy/processing, feeling “drunk” or un-focused - these have been mostly manifested in the first 2-3 days of running the sub. In the remaining week though I’ve felt/noticed the effect wane. Going to 3 loops a day didn’t change much.

To be clear, this is not a remark on the effectiveness of this sub, this is a commentary on the effects of this sub on myself. I saw a lot of posts about the effects people got from running this test and it is indeed impressive.

I’ll be going back to my regular stack of PrimalQ+SMX2Q, but I’ll try to have days with U3/LibertineU in addition as a booster and see on the long run if I do notice more effect on days with compared to without. For the majority of testers it seems that U3/LibertineU had some great attraction results, for a small amount of people the results were not as clear, I think we can leave it at that. I had fun testing it either way, and I just think we shouldn’t expect the same strength of effects for all people. Obviously, the reward for running the test is the Libertine Ultima title - and I just bough Libertine a few weeks ago :man_facepalming: :slight_smile:

Unless something suddenly happens that relates to Libertine Ultima, I’ll probably stop posting to this thread in the near future.


We see this happening all the time, people attempting to “logic” away the effects a sub can have because society teaches us that “skepticism” equates to intelligence.

You ran a title, had passionate sex and adventures and immediately after, began to talk about all the ways the sub didn’t help and admitting not to believe in manifestations.

It’s fine that you lean toward wanting concrete evidence, but this attitude generally hurts a person’s results.


Is it because of what is stated in the sales page of the product?, their expectations is based on what is written in the description and dissapointment is a normal reaction if they didn’t capture what is promised.


Can’t capture what’s promised if you dismiss results. Results build up over time. When you have one success, others tend to follow and they grow in intensity. For example, the stuff happening behind the scenes at Subliminal Club is absolutely incredible, and they keep building and building because we don’t hand wave away results. That’s honestly the biggest secret to maximizing your subliminal use.

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