Joining the caravan of Love 💖

Hey all awesome community members,

Ever since I started playing around with building customs I had an idea for a love subliminal that combined both inner and outer manifestations of love.

After the recent mod pack I sprung into action and created this:

Love Bomb
Inner Circle
Depths of Love
Chosen of Venus
Love Without Attachment
Transcendental Connection
Soul Connection
Blue Skies
Gratitude Embodiment
Way of Understanding
Mercy Protocol
Light of Humility
Path of Forgiveness
Strenght of Gentleness
Emotions Unfettered

Some of my most profound experiences I’ve had in life are moments of immense and overwhelming emotions of the love for life and everything in it.

What I’ve also noticed is that I’m not the greatest at coming up with suitable names for subliminals, and I know and have read a bunch of great names that other user have come up with :slight_smile:

Would appreciate suggestions for this subliminal.

Had some thoughts about names in the likes of Lovesong (which sounds mayby to similar to the standalone program) or something with the word Symphony or similar, or mayby some word dealing with surrendering to love.

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I share my strategy, if its useful for you…

How do you feel when you read the modules of your custom? how do you feel when you imagine that everything that you want to acheive with it, its already happening… Its your reality now…

That feeling as it gets stronger… does it evokes a certaint song… or a movie… or a color… or a symbol… maybe a character from a book… or seemingly random images in your mind… memories…
Fully go into that experience and let it fill your body… and the name will become obvious for you.

Thats how I come with the names for my customs… if it helps you create your own. I think its better you create your own name, but thats just me.



Love Magnet

Lighthouse of Love

Programmed for Passion


Trysts with Toby (Journal Name)

These are good ideas.

Symphony of Love (Custom Name)
Surrendering to the Symphony of Love (Journal Name)



Heart of All
The Way
Love Unleashed
Avatar of Agape
Toby or not Toby :purple_heart:


Love’s Reign or the Rise of Love.

Aphrodite’s Vessel.

AllLove (cuz ze custom is stacked)

Pepe La Pew


Ooo, or the “Song of le French” or “Le French Song”.

Thoughts sound cool in Spanish to me so I would consider something like “Cancion de Amante” for Lover’s Song.


Love Gong because it will sound throughout the cosmos.
Love Bong because it will be intoxicating.


@Joa93 very helpful tips and a good strategy to come up with a new name. When it arrives I’m thinking of listening to it and applying this method :pray:

@Simon something with magnet or similar I like. To me emotions and especially love is a magnetic quality that attracts, while thoughts are electric in nature. Will use this thread probably to document my experience with this custom. Thank you :+1:

@Azriel2.0 mayby Tobyone 2.0 :wink: Thank you for the suggestions. Let’s unleash some more love into the world.

@Ninjistic isn’t Pepe La Pew like a disney character? Now I remeber hes the love dove character that tries to snuggle up the female counterpart :smile: Like the thought of naming it in a more romantic language than english or for my case swedish.

@RVconsultant Lovebong haha, those are the best boners for sure :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Appreciate your input.


Would recommend LoveMagnet (ah, I see @Simon got there first)


  • KingOfHearts
  • LoveNuke :smiley:
  • LoveEmbodiment
  • JamesBomb (the name is BOMB. James BOMB lol)

A Heartale or LoveTale
This is your story, the love you want to live

You guess it I love the word tale


@raphael I like LoveMagnet and also KingOfHearts (I’m also on a Khan’s journey). JamesBomb could be interpreted in different ways lol. Thanks brother :pray:

@ItsSymphonie Hm, LoveTale sounds interesting :slight_smile: :pray:

  1. Happily Ever After

  2. Happy Ending

  3. Magnetism


@NewLease So the first one is marriage, and the second on is after the divorce when you feel lonely and visit the local massage parlour. And the third one is after you discovered SubClub and ordered this sub and realize that all you need is self-love :smile:

Just kidding, thanks for the suggestions :pray:


Lmfao no problem :blush:


Just received my custom and listened to the first loop today.

Me and a friend were going to the beach to have a swim. On the way there I felt the subliminal kicking in. I become very relaxed and I was giggling like a school girl, a sense of appreciation and being humble towards the world and those around me.

This aura diminished after a couple of hours, which is not strange because it’s so warm in Sweden at the moment, so I felt drained. But overall it felt very natural. I talked to people left and right and just starting random conversations as they arose in the moment, like it should be IMO.

This definately feels a lot softer than the Khan aura I’m used to. Mostly on Khan I feel a very strong grounding sensation combined with sexual tension and intent. On this one it feels very flowy and childlike, I found myself often just looking for something nice about people.

As I was walking home random people said hello to me and it just felt natural and something that people do all the time towards me. All social interactions during the day had people hooked as I was speaking and it felt mutually nice and loving.

This might be interesting…

Onwards I go on the journey of surrendering to love :innocent: :heart:


Anyone remember this old goodie :wink:

Just had an insane Metta Meditation. I do these everyday and it takes about 15-30 minutes depending on which one I choose to do.

When I focused on my heart I had a vision of energy flowing from all body parts into this big sphere that stretched way outside my physical body centered around the heart space. When focusing this love energy to other people it felt as they were right there with me.

Lost track of time and entered into a trance state of love that I can only relate to taking MDMA. Also appearing was an old mentor of mine that now a days focus on teaching self-love. With him it felt as he was litterally inside my heart. I know he does astro travelling and sits most days just plunging into the depths of love.

This makes me certain that he thought of me recently because he also appeared in a dream of mine in a shape of saintly being full of unconditional love.

This feeling still lasts as I’m writing this. But hey its only the first day of listening, imagine one month from now :star_struck:

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I decided what I will call this subliminal. I will call it Sacred Heart after reading about the meaning which is a symbol of “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind”.


It rurns out that Dragon Reborn St4 and Sacred Heart is a pretty good combination, I’m flowing on the currents of love atm giggling like a little schoolgirl again lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok this is nuts. I’ve had mystic states appear before but this is just pure love. I walk on the street and is overwhelmed with the energy flowing from my chest upwards into my head. People everywhere smile and say hello, not common here among strangers. I get the feeling of not getting anywhere when I walk but totally fine with it. It’s like I have a thick layer of red loving energy all around my body.

This is fun :smiley: