Is there a ranking of human subconscious?

So I’ve noticed that despite us all coming from different walks of life, some of us have more stubborn subconscious minds more than others while different individuals may possess a more fertile land for their beliefs to grow from. Some people can manifest great opportunities in life and wake up on a villa or beach while others wake up in a war zone every day, fighting to make it to tomorrow.

Made me wonder in terms of all humanity is there a ranking of human subconscious? Is there a way to get a more co-operative or more easier to navigate subconscious mind that isn’t refusing to change itself with tools e.g subs, hypnosis, affirmations etc. Are people just born this way? Does age compound and harden the subconscious mind or is it malleable no matter how many years old we get?

I’ve always felt my subconscious mind is receptive to new and cool things but prefers keeping me safe and doesn’t execute a lot when it comes to drastic change. Prefers me to navigate small hills rather than take on huge mountains.

Anyone got any insight into how we can better adapt our subconscious to receptivity so we can truly break out of our slump and into a better tomorrow?


Taking action toward the sub/stack goals goes a long way toward that.

This is usually THE ideal way to do it. Kaizen for the win.

Kaizen isn’t actually about the SMALLEST action one can take. It’s about the LARGEST actions one can take without triggering overwhelm/fight/flight responses.



Climb this and everything gets easier


In my view, here is the more valuable question:

This is useful and is going to lead to a sharing of resources, encouragement, and helpful ideas; so I’m going to focus on this.

Actually, the overall question reminds me of RPG video games. There are different character “types”, and each one has its own particular strengths, limitations, and specializations/special abilities. Each type also has its own particular training, development, and evolutionary possibilities.

Here’s a good point:

Hmm…in a way, the image shared by @Prioritas gets to the heart of the matter.

Remember: Those levels of consciousness are equally available to all minds. Everyone has their own versions and pathways of Apathy, Pride, Love, and so on. The specific details of someone else’s winning strategy may not be what will work best for you. So, in general, we’re going to look for Principles of Success, and then we’re going to translate them into the terms that are most appropriate for who we are.

Also, by placing these states of consciousness into a simple ladder configuration and referring to them as “Levels”, Hawkins plays into our insecurities and our simplistic notions of “Better versus Worse”. Obviously you want to be at the “top” of the ladder, right? But it’s not that simple. The “enlightenment” and transcendence at the top of the chart, can INCLUDE grief, anger, and so on. In fact, it’s the capacity to access and INCLUDE various states without being trapped in them that is one of the jewels of so-called enlightenment.

Alright, so it’s “answer a question with a question” time.

You (beautifully) write:

Here are a few questions:

  • What ideas do you find most inspiring to you?

  • What experiences do you find inspiring?

  • What music, people, friendships, art, geographical locations seem to reach into you, connect to you, and evoke feeling (and meaning)?

Approach these as Experiential Questions more than as Analytical questions. In other words, ask these questions with your actions, and find the responses to the questions through what you feel and experience.

If you do this, then responding to them will take 10 to 30 years. And those will be 10 to 30 awesome years. (In contrast, “Answering” them analytically may take less than 10 minutes. Possibly 10 impatient, rushed, and frustrated minutes. :wink: )

In the process of responding to them experientially, we find many things that we are seeking. And we find ourselves in many interesting places.


I think what I’ve come to understand is that things have a perceived simplicity to them, but the actual execution is the hard part. This makes it all the more frustrating because sometimes your mind wants to spin off elaborate explanations and excuses for why that super simple thing is not possible. You’ll see this sometimes in people’s journals when recon gets the best of them and start writing rationalizations. I’m guilty of this.

The more research I’ve done and the more brickwalls I’ve run head first into, I really believe receptivity of the subconscious mind is based in both trust and a previous foundation of safety or expectation of things going well. When you don’t have that combination you’re basically going up against a part of you trying to keep you safe. It seems negative or counterintuitive on a conscious level, but it’s not.

I hope this doesn’t get excessively long, but I think it was a huge disservice to the human mind in general how the subconscious was sort of sectioned off as this untouchable powerful “thing” in most self help or manifestation tools. The most important thing to build receptivity in the subconscious is learn to communicate with it because it’s you. The larger the gap in your relationship with it, the less likely change will be possible. If the subconscious is afraid of change, you’re afraid of change. And it’s most likely due to previous life experiences that shaped how you navigate the world. To the subconscious it’s doing the smart thing and your consciousness trying to override it seems more irrational than anything. I think a lot of claims of “irrational beliefs” aren’t that irrational if you take the perspective of the subconscious and what its been through.

Ultimately I think some people just have a poor relationship with their subconscious that needs to be strengthened. It needs to be more of a cooperative effort, not a fight for power. I’ve also noticed those with more receptivity have greater emotional expression and validation of themselves. Which I do believe the subconscious signals to your conscious through emotion and intuition. If you’re closed off from that you won’t get the messages.


I get what you’re saying but I want it to be less like 2 steps forward 1 step back and more

I’d rather 3 steps forward and a small glance back to see if you need to bring anything forward

I’ve seen charts like this and always wondered how to get the most out of it.

Would you suggest aiming to do things that bring you up to the courage line and try go up from there?

E.g instead of being angry over how you might have been mistreated by someone, take the courage to cut that person out of your life and have more courage to stand up for yourself.

Not quite sure what neutrality is as an emotion. Just normal state?

For example gratitude is up high in the list, and can move you up if mainteined over a long period :wink:

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I think similarly with @Malkuth on the image shared by @Prioritas, with me adding that not only those at the “top” of the ladder include/access whatever is “lower” on the scale but that one is also at multiples stages at once, to varying degrees. To me it doesn’t make sense that one is always and only in a state of Love all the time, for example. One may be mostly in a state of Love, with some amount of Reason and Acceptance and it decreases as one goes down the scale.


That was explained in the book indeed…
In whatever moment of life one has a prevalent state, he/she usually tend to gravitate to such level after a long period of experiencing that part of consciousness.
The “lower” states are more stagnant (less with truth), while the “higher” ones are flowing (more aligned with truth).

The “enlightened one”, can temporarly and willfully go “lower” to help someone ascend (eg. if you are damn angry, and I come to you saying “all is one, life is good” you know it would not be very useful lol).

When one gets beyond, have a direct experience that ultimately there are no levels, and indeed Hawkins then wrote “Beyond the levels of consciousness”.

This is a model of course, “the map is not the territory”

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Being higher in this scale doesn’t seem to equate to any success in real life. Source: picking any public character praised as a example on subclub forum.

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Indeed one can be “successful” even in anger, pride for example… Source: nations under dictatorship :sweat_smile:

But the OP was about “better receptivity” as far as I understand

Also, the concept of “success” vary throughout the scale


These are some good insightful questions to contemplate

I guess it’s the journey to find the answers that we all must embark to truly find our life’s meaning

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this does not resemble reality in any shape or form

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How do you climb it though lol, that’s the question.

Because if you tell someone to climb that, like what’s the practical application

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@Nemesis @Luther24

You can read books by the author who made this map, David R Hawkins

But I recommend reading Frederick Dodson’s Levels of Energy, which includes in it detailed descriptions of each level and a ton of exercises to help you move up the ladder. He also has his own levels of energy chart, which is very similar to this one, but the images for it online suck lol. Google it/him.

Studying his material changed my life at a time when I was at the lowest of my lows.


Exactly, the way I see it, as you climb the ladder, you can feel the emotions and states of the lower rungs without getting stuck in them or habitually/chronically moving there. You are able to accept the fullness of experience without judgement or rejection.

Also agreed here, and something that Frederick Dodson touches on in his book Levels of Energy, that these levels correspond to our habitual state in the day to day, week to week existence. Obviously while making love to your girlfriend, even if you are depressed normally, you can achieve states of Joy, Love, and Peace. But because your habitual level is much lower, you will get pulled back there sooner rather than later.




Interesting thanks for the response

And all these videos/resources on Dodson can be found online/youtube?

Any specific sites you can recommend?

I recommend Dodson’s youtube channel and his website (google it, since I don’t want to link to outside creators).

He has a ton of free videos and he’s always pulling awesome content from his paid member’s area and making it free. The blog on his website is also very cool, make sure you read the articles because every year or so he decommissions them, puts them in a book of essays, and writes new articles!