Is Stark Now Controlling Me?

What i noticed is that whilst i was on the Stark custom my technical discussions with the client were fluid. I would come up with solutions right off the bat. Since i took a break from Stark and moved to the ascension custom. Now I am loosing that ability i now crave Stark again !!.

Its almost like the custom is now having control over me ? any thoughts.


If the Stark Custom was still controlling you, then you’d still be having those fluid discussions.

Maybe the Ascension Custom wants you to listen to Stark.


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What now?

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LOL you crack me up @Simon perhaps i am not explaining myself correctly. On Stark i am fluid with my technical conversations in the absence of Stark after a few days. I get blocks in what to say ?. Then a craving to listen to Stark comes back to me hence me asking is it controlling me ?

Chaps please stop it i am laughing too much :blush:

Just hope SC have not installed addiction modules in the custom so i cannot live without Stark.

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I run a custom with both Ascension and Stark. Works great!

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Thanks @Gemstone i will now combine the power of stark and ascension !.

Please share your results and finds bruv.

Think its normal.Everytime i stop or remove stark.The fame part and people being nice part dissapears so its pretty easy to get addicted to having it in a stack,lol :rofl:


So interesting that we all crave something different from a sub; I don’t want the fame and people being nice, I just want the mental clarity that @blackadder mentioned in the post. For me, it’s amazing that a sub can get you that. I would love the option to take out some stuff from Stark, and just keep the mental enhancements.

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Wonder if limitless would manage that?

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I tried it, but not even close. The closest I get is with BLU - Emperor, but still not close.

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Hmm,thats harder then.Dont think theres many other brain focused programs other than ql

Nope limitless and stark are 2 different species

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2 doses of terminal stark is like taking the drug limitless.

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Haha,sounds interesting.Ive never tried the limitless major cause its in most of the other programs.Unfortuntately never got good results from stark terminus though but might have not been enough processing/rest days,lol

@lovage perhaps Fire can do this.

@Fire can you please run an export of the creative limitless module of the script. ?.

Then recompile as standalone product or module ?.

@SaintSovereign copying Saint so this can be
tracked in the repository.




its just been 2 weeks!! im happy yall :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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is that what they call acute results? which still not the deep stuff yet?

I would buy that no questions asked. Can you imagine the smart part of Stark with no social stuff and Emperor? oh my god!


@Budewr please share your findings